Birth Day Greetings to Com. C.K.Gundanna, President, BSNLEU Karnataka Circle and great theatre personality!

Today is the 69th Birth anniversary of Com. C.K.Gundanna, our beloved leader who built up BSNLEU in its present position in Karnataka. He has been  the Circle Secretary of P&T Administrative Offices Employees Union and after Com.M.Sadanand, Circle Secretary of BSNLEU till last term. He is respected by the entire BSNL workers as the veteran leader who have been office bearer at All India also.

Com.Gundanna from early days was closely connected with drama and theatre. He also appeared in cinemas also. In fact, he sacrificed his cultural activities to a certain extend to be full time in the union activities.

While being the General Secretary, President etc. I had the opportunity to visit Karnataka, Bengaluru especially, several times times and I experienced the great hospitality of Com. Gundanna and his comrades.

Today morning over telephone I conveyed him my Birthday Wishes and spoke for some time about the past and present activities.

Wish many happy returns of the Day, Comrade!