The Circle Working Committee meeting of M.P. Circle BSNLEU was scheduled to be held on  28th of October 2006 at Khandwa and as GS, I was requested to attend. I had booked train tickets for myself  and wife Pankajam to Khandwa sufficiently in advance. She was coming with me, since it was the place of my daughter in-law, Sunila and we can visit her family there. We went to the Railway station to board the train at 15.00 hours on 27th, but unfortunately tickets was not confirmed. It was difficult to travel in the heavy crowded train with out reservation, especially when my wife was there. Tried for flight, but that also could not get. We returned home and informed Com.S.R.Nayak, Circle Secretary and Shri P.N.Hedawoo, my daughter-in-law’s father that we will not be able to come.

Next day at early 04.00 in the morning, the District Secretary Khandwa, Com.P.L.Sapre, called me and said that I have to come to Khandwa, whatever be the means of journey.  Membership verification was to take place within two months and workers wanted to hear GS. No excuse will be accepted, he said.

I had no other choice. I went to the Airport in the early morning to get a ticket for the  Jet flight starting at 06.30 hours. No ticket. But got a ticket for the Sahara Express flight at 10.00 hours. Returned home, had breakfast etc and came back and boarded the flight to Indore. From Indore, comrades have arranged car to Khandwa. The CEC meeting was in progress. Spoke in detail. Met parents of Sunila at their house and had dinner.

Our comrades tried for train reservation for return journey, but failed. I had to reach Delhi some how next day. District Secretary stated that we  can go to Indore by car in the night, stay in the IQ and catch the early flight at 07.30 to Delhi.

At about 23.00 hours we started to Indore by car. The driver was  very experienced and knew all the road routes well. It was heavily raining and the high way was having heavy traffic. It may take some time to reach Indore and I will not get any chance to sleep. The driver and the comrade who accompanied me discussed and decided to go by a short-cut road, instead of highway, stating that it will reduce the distance by 20 to 30 km and save much time. So, on the way, the driver turned to the short-cut road.

The decision seemed to be  very good. There was no traffic jam, the road was neat and passing through villages. We made good time. Rain continued incessantly. We must have passed about 30 kms when some vehicles from the opposite side started coming. Within a short time we reached a place where a number of vehicles were parked on the roads with many people standing. The train has almost stopped. We also got down.

We were near a bridge, which was overflowing with rain water in torrents. Only the railings of the bridge can be seen. The current was very strong and nobody dared to approach the bridge. Any moment it can collapse also. On the  other side also there were many vehicles. Some people told that since the rain has stopped, the water will come down by about one hour or so and then will be able to pass. By seeing the torrents of water, it was difficult believe it. I have to reach the Airport at least by 06.30 next morning to catch the flight. Much distance to go.

The correct decision was to go back and go through the highway. The bridge on the highway are much higher and will be safe. We stood there for about half an hour and then returned the same way we had come. It was more than 30 kms. We came to the place where we had diverted from the highway and started for Indore. We were in real fright whether we will be able to get the flight.

We reached Indore by about 05.00 hours, rushed to the IQ, woke up the watchman, took bath and reached the Airport. We were in time fortunately.

Started for Delhi by 07.30 flight and reached Delhi before 10.00 hours. Target achieved.