Red Salute to Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjit on his 12th Death Anniversary, 1st August 2020!

The life of Com. H.K.Surjit was eventful even from his school days. He was part of the Independence struggle, was arrested and jailed several times. He was in underground for many years to avoid arrest during the first decade after independence. He joined the Communist Party of India in 1934 and was one of the first PB members of the CPI(M) from 1964 since its inception. He was General Secretary of the CPI(M) from 1992 – 2005 . His life, activities and contribution to the nation and the working class are well known.

I would like to mention here about an instance when Com. Surjit helped the Union in its most critical situation. It was at the time of the Membership Verification of E.III Union in 1997 to find out which of the Unions was having the maximum member of membership to be recognised. The membership verification was being organised as per Delhi High Court direction in the case filed by E.III Union with me as GS.

All the unions applied for M/Ship verification. DOT was completely prejudiced and did not accept our application with out any reason, while accepting that of other unions. Our efforts to get our application accepted was ignored by DOT.

I met Com.Surjit and requested his intervention in the matter. Immediately he contacted the Communications Minister Shri Brijlal Verma over phone. The minister called us on the same day and directed the DOT to accept our application.
However, the verification did not take place due to so many court cases filed by FNTO and NFTE afraid of defeat. That is another story.

Red Salute to Com. Harkishan Singh Surjit on his 12th death anniversary!