Historic Victory!

At 1200 hours today, 4th January 2011, the results of the V Membership Verification for electing the representative union of non-executives in BSNL was declared by the Chief Returning Officer, Shri Neeraj Verma, GM (Trg), BSNL, in the packed conference hall on the 9th Floor of the Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi, in the presence of the applicant unions. Shri Narang, Sr.GM(SR) and Shri Satish Wadhwa, AGM(SR) were also present.

After welcoming all, the CRO thanked all for the peaceful verification process and declared the results by reading the total number of votes received by each of the unions and percentage. He declared BSNL Employees Union as having received the maximum number of votes  106971 with 46.57% of total votes.

I was present and as the Convener of the United Forum and President of BSNLEU thanked the CRO as well as SR for having conducted the verification smoothly. Sweets were also supplied to all present.

A procession was taken from outside the Corporate office to the offices in the NTR Circle after garlanding the leaders of the United Forum present on the occasion.

MOst of the workers, even belonging to other unions are happy that BSNLEU has won. They know that it is the BSNL Union alone which will fight to save BSNL and save the interest of the workers.

79 thoughts on “Historic Victory!”

  1. SANTHOSH, Dist. Tresurer, BSNLEU, CLT said:

    very good

  2. Sir, as iam working as a mazdoor (house keeping services) and our SDE only giving one day OFF in a month.He is telling that you wont have any holidays in your tender but iam givivng you with my interest. All of the officials torturing us in their duties to us(mazdoors). We are all fed up with their behaviours.What are the duties we have to do and not do in our serevice,they are taking us to work in their home and personal work and outside work also.if we did not obey the work they used to tell us that you have to quit the services and we dont want your need to work .Please take necessary action to mazdoors.We (mazdoors) wont have weekly OFF. Sir please mail me all the mazdoors rights.

  3. The actual tender rate is Rs.7,130.00 but the contractor is gining us by hand Rs.4,600/- and EPF Rs.1,265 if we ask him about weekly holidays simply he is telling that i dont know abut your holidays itsupon your incharge SDE’s if he gives you one month holiday i dont have any objection regarding your OFF’s, but our incharge SDE’s are playing with us.To whom we ask our rights.Please Please Please help us sir.We are all thankful to you with wholeheartedly.

    • Dear Comrade,
      We are trying to get justice for the casual & contract Workers in their wages, social security measures etc. The orders are already got issued by the management. It is the question of getting implemented. Struggles are taking in many places. BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are making all efforts.

  4. Dear Comrade.
    Contractual labour wages revived so casual r Tm stats or contract labour Group D scal pay..
    it is implement as on as date ..so help me..from west bengal cricle
    malda ssa..

  5. gundannack said:

    Dear Comrade-
    Thank you for a very timely and very good article on Com. KG.
    I intend to upload the same in the bsnleuktk web page. I need your permission for that.

    Similarly, why there is no article on Com. Moni bose? I am surprised. pl do it on the similar lines of com. KG Bose, so that we can introduce Com. Moni bose to our comrades and members.

  6. Pradeep Seth, Sr. T.O.A. said:

    Respected Comrade,
    Kindly arrange to intimate the present position in respect of:-
    1. Change of designation of Executives and Non-Executives.
    2. Calculation of Pay after Merger of 78.2% DA

    • Dear comrade,
      The Designation Committee has met twice and our suggestion has been given. The management will have to take decision on that matter. We are pressing for an early meeting.The Management has refused 78.2% at present on the plea of loss to the company. We are persuing the case.

  7. Respected Comrade,
    Kindly comment in respect of:-
    (A)Due to non fixation of pay after merger of 78.2% DA, the employee of BSNL are presently in much loss and will be in loss forever:-
    1. The employees of all type of PSUs (incliuding the employees of loss making PSUs) are getting the benifit of 78.2%. The employees of BSNL are in loss of approx Rs. 1500/- to 2500/- PM.(or more).
    2. It will effect at the time of pay fixation by next pay commission i.e. in year 2017.
    3. Loss to pensioners for forever/till last (i.e.loss of Pension, Commutation value, DCRG, Leave Encashment etc.)
    4. Loss of allowances and facilities.
    (B) All type of employees of Central/State Govt., PSUs (including employees of loss making/non earning Deptt./PSUs) are getting PLI.
    (C) The employees of other PSUs are getting benifits of Perks and allowances w.e.f. 01-01-2007 but the loss of BSNL Co. is being recovered by their employees.
    (D) What is the formula/base of DA calculation. During the last quarter the inflation of retail goods, education, transportation, fuel, House Rent, Medical etc. etc. was very high.

    With high regards.

    • Dear Comrade,
      All these issues have been taken up by BSNLEU and JAC and we have gone on oneday strike for settlement of these issues on 15th December. Assurances given by the management have not been implemented. JAC in its meeting yesterday has decided to agressively persue the issues.

  8. shylish said:

    what will be the effect of 78.2 DA merger for after 1.1.2007 DRTTAs

  9. kishore said:

    what will be the effect of 78.2 DA on present pay of post 2007 drttas

  10. what is the promotion policy for DRTTAs

    • As for every employee in BSNL, the DR TTAs are also eligible for 4 promotions (upgradation ) after every 8 years of service. Secondly they can appear for the competitive examination for JTO after 7 years of service.

      • what is the effect of 78.2% merger for DRTTAs(post 2007)
        on present pay scale?

      • The IDA fitment of 78.2% is connected with the wage fixation as on 01-01-2007. All those officials including DR TTAs who are in service as on 31-12-2006 will get this fitment benefit. All those officials have got 68.8% IDA fitment earlier. Since the government re-calculated and found that 78.2% is the correct fitment, the sqme is applied now. It is only a correction faction.

  11. ravi kreddy said:

    kindly analyse the benefit for the retired employees after 1-1-2007 with an example if possible-what about the arrears if any

    • Dear Comrade,
      Now the BSNL Board has approved the 78.2% IDA fitment. The order can be issued only after approval by DOT, for which it will be sent. The pensioners also should get the benefit of this fitment.

  12. sir,
    Now stay on JTO LICE is vacated.As you know many DRTTAS are supporting BSNLEU.Then,Why at present, BSNLEU is not demanding the management to conduct the JTO LICE exam at the earliest?BSNLEU should take immediate steps in this direction for the well being and futureof DR TTAs.

  13. Sir,
    Is it true that BSNLEU chq is planninig for fresh stay on JTO lice with new court case? Why BSNLEU is blocking the progress of DRTTAs?

    • Dear Comrade,
      BSNLEU has been continuously pressing for the JTO LICE. It was agreed also. BSNLEU got reduced the service period to 7 years also from 10 years to 7 years after sustained efforts. The examination was not conducted only because some TTAs, either DR TTAs or others who filed cases and got stay. BSNLEU has not gone to court and is not going to court. We are pressing for early examinations and the management has agreed that once the court cases/stays are over the examination will be conducted early. Your information is completely wrong and you have been misguided.

  14. Respected sir,
    What is the current status of JTO LICE. Is stay on JTO LICE vacated or not?

  15. natrajan.vvs said:

    Namboodiri ji,
    What a great job you are doing to protect the rights of casual mazdoor.Your ultimate aim is to regularise the casual mazdoor.You don’t care about the financial condition of BSNL. You only care how to increse your vote bank.
    Best wishes for your Demand DAY for casual LABOUR on Dt 1/11/10.

    • Dear Comrade,
      I saw your sarcastic remarks. The fact is that we become very narrow minded when the issue of other workers are taken by the union. These casual and contract workers are part of the work-force of BSNL. The entire infrastructure of DOT and BSNL has been installed with the efforts of the regular workers and casual/contract labour together. But while the union has been able to get a reasonable wage and service conditions for the regular employees, we could not achieve even the minimum wage and social security measures, which are the laws of the land, to the toiling casual/contract workers. While in most of the PSUs these are implemented, the BSNL management has failed to implement them. Compare the regular employee and the contract worker doing the same job, whether the clerical, computer or any job. While we have been able to get better wage for the regular worker with promotions, social security, allowances etc., not even the minimum wage for an unskilled worker notified by the government of India is paid to them. That is why the All India Conference of the BSNLEU held at Ludhiana, participated by more than 3000 comrades, unanimously decided to focus the issues of casual/contract workers and fight for them. And this is the correct line also.
      On the issue of the financial viability of BSNL, it is the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations, in which all unions and associations are parties, which has been continuously fighting for the same and many struggles have taken place. This is continuing and will continue.

  16. Respected Com.,
    Kindly comment.
    1. ALL absorbed or not absorbed employees/officers are Indian and have almost same type of nature and working. How anybody can say that ALL ITS are corrupt and do not think in favour of BSNL vice versa ALL absorbed employees/officers are honest, laborious, and courteous and think in favour of BSNL.
    2. Dusshera and Durga Pooja festival have gone. Deepawali will be celibrated on 13th but Bonus is still under consideration. I think we should hope in year 2013-14 or 2014-15.
    3. Change of designation- IN “COLD STORAGE”.
    4. It has come to know that file of 78.2% is still pending in BSNL HQ to reply.

    • Dear Comrade,
      The main question is who is responsible for the present condition of BSNL? The main reason is the wrong and anti-PSU policy of the government. Second is the inefficient management. Third is the dleay in change of the mindset of the workers. However, the management had a prominent role in strengthening the organisation in which they utterly failed. That doest not mean all the top management officers are responsible. There are many officers who have made all efforts for the development of the company. But generally the top management has utterly failed to utilise the money with the company, procure equipments, motivate the workers and run the company profitably.
      Your points on No.2,3 and 4 clearly shows the inefficiency of the management in taking decisions and implementing assurances and agreements. That is why we point out to the inefficiency of the management and the non-motivation of the workers.

  17. TRILOKY R.S. said:

    Respected Sir,
    Why there is delay in the notification of JTO LICE from MANAGEMENT side? I think ,Court order for vacating stay on JTO LICE should be received by the BSNL HQ.Please reply,Sir

    • We have already told the management that since the court case is not there, the examination for JTO be conducted as early possible. We are making all efforts for the same.

  18. JAI kumar. said:

    Respected sir,
    After a very long time gap BSNLEU has taken the stand in favour of DRTTAS by writing a letter on 1/11/12 to the MANAGEMENT for conducting the JTO LICE as soon as possible.
    We were waiting your favours for DRTTAS in case of JTO LICE very eagerly.
    We hope due to your sincere efforts, this time most of the DRTTAs will appear in JTO LICE and will fulfill their dream to become JTO.
    Many thanks to you.

  19. Sir,
    When BSNL HQ will announce the notification for so awaited JTO LICE?

  20. Respected Sir,
    Thanks for your kind reply about JTO LICE.We have very much hope from BSNLEU,the UNION which raises issues of all non executive cadre strongly.Hope, you will continue doing so.

  21. TRILOKY R.S. said:

    Order for conducting JTO LICE has been issued to the RECRUITMENT CELL on 20.11-2012.But still RECRUITMENT CELL has not issued the order for the CGMS of the circles to conduct the JTO LICE.
    On the other hand JTO (O)association has demanded to the management through AIBSNLEA to delay the JTO lice (Letter by AIBSNLEA dt 21/11/2012 given in KABEERDAS blog).

    Kindly look into the matter and please ensure early conduction of JTO LICE without any hinderance at this time.

  22. Respected Sir ,
    Why management is now delaying the order for the circles to coduct the JTO LICE? Ofiiciting JTO association has again demanded to delay the JTO LICE through AIBSNLEA vide letter dated 29-11-2012.
    Is BSNL CHQ is under the pressure of JTO (o) that order for JTO LICE is being delayed.Pl take the matter seriously as you know that we all are waiting for JTO LICE for more than 10 years.
    Waiting for your kind reply positively.

    • As already stated, the process for the JTO LICE has started. According to the management, the exam may be conductedd by june-July 2013. BSNLEU is making maximum efforts for the LICE to be held as early as possible.

  23. Sir,
    It is only due to BSNLEU that service condition for JTO lice has been reduced from 10 years to 7 years.Due to this many DR TTAS are now eligible to appear in the Forthcoming JTO LICE,provided JTO LICE is conducted as soon as possible.
    JTO(o) is continuously deamnding to delay the JTO LICE.It is against the court order.
    If this time JTO LICE is delayed then there is no use of reducing the service condition to 7 years at all.
    Pl put your best efforts to conduct JTO LICE soon.

  24. Namboodiriji,
    It seems that BSNLeU is giving sielent support for conducting the JTO LICE as delay as possible,due to its closeness with JTO(o) association.
    You have not resolved even a single issue of DR TTAs so far whether it is JET designation, JTO LICE or post 2007 TTA pay scale issue.
    If this time JTO lice is not conducted early(by Marh 2013),then BSNLEU will definately feel the impact of the anger of DR TTAs in the comming verification.
    If BSNLEU cannot resolve our issues then what is its in the comming verification? Option of other union is always open.

    • Dear Comrade,
      Since you have not mentioned your name, I am sorry that I am not able to address you by name as you have addressed me.
      As everybodyknows, BSNLEU has taken up all the issues of not only DR TTAs, but all the cadres. Whether it is the 30% fitment/or 5 increments, reducing the service condition of 10 years for appearing in the LICE or conducting the LICE early, workers are fully aware of the efforts made by BSNLEU. That is why it has been getting more and more support all these years despite some anti-propaganda by some of disgruntled elements.Their argument is that when an issue is settled, it is done by management. When something is not settled, then the attack is against the union. Whther there is verification or not, BSNLEU has been taking up the issues of workers and tried maximum to settle. In the case of LICE to JTO also, BSNLEU is making all efforts to get the examination conducted early. It is not because of the verification, but because it is beneficial to the worker.

  25. Rajnathan.k.r said:

    Respected Sir,
    After the notification of JTO LICE BY BSNL HQ ,it will be the matter of Circle to conduct the JTO LICE.Then,it will be up to the circles whether it takes the exam within three or more months.
    How CO office is saying that JTO LICE will be conducted by July 2013.Pl explain.

  26. sadanand sheker v. said:

    Respected sir,
    We DR TTAs are less in numbers among non executives employees.That’s why no UNIONs (including BSNLEU) persue our issues strongly and seriously.
    1. On JET designation: You never proposed JET designation.Inspite of our strong protest you proposed Telecom ASSOciate Engineer designation.You failed to change our designation even from TTA to TAE.What you say that we proposed but management rejected.

    2.ON Post 2007 DR TTAs fitment issues, you says we are trying our best but management is not ready for this.

    3. on JTO LICE issue- management has given its approval to recruitment cell on 20/11/12.Till now about one month has passed.what you are saying that we are trying our best for early conduction of JTO LICE,but till now recuitment cell has not issued notification.why notification is being delayed inspite of your efforts?

    In all of the above three issues you always says that we are trying our best but management is not agree or delaying.It is very strange that management does not hear you only in case of Dr TTAS issues, but all the issues of other non executive caders are easily resolved by management without any delay.

    • Dear Comrade,
      All the three issues we have taken seriously. In fact with regard to the designation, our first demand was for Junior Engineer for the cadre of TTA, which the official side outrightly rejected. Then only the second proposal was placed. It is not only for the TTA but for all non-executive cadres, new designation has not been given. In fact the union has to walk out from the committee because of the negative stand of the official side.

      As you can see, the management is taking very negative stand on all matters of non-executive issues. That is why continuous struggle is taking place. The anomaly of the 2000 wage revision, seniors getting less pay than juniors in the lower grade, has not been settled despite two committees have gone through it. It is not for the DR TTA alone, but all other cadres are suffering. Agitational programme on such demands have been started and the struggle will continue for the same. Even after agreement was signed for 78.2% IDA fixation in June 2w012, the order is yet to be issued eventhough six months have passed. Only the united strength of the working calss will be able to get the demands settled. The management has now got another argument to deny everything – that the company is in loss. But we shall continue our efforts.

  27. Respected Sir,
    As per BSNLEU website, BSNL HQ has given direction to CGMs to conduct THE JTO LICE on 2.06.2013.It means the notification to conduct the JTO LICE has been issued.
    Kindly upload the notification/letter on BSNLEU WEBSITE,as there is no such notiication/ letter available on BSNL INTRANET so far.

  28. Respected Sir,
    Thank you for your kind reply.Hope that notifications by circles will be informed through respective Bsnleu circle websites.

  29. jai kumar said:

    Resprcted Sir,
    JTO LICE paper will be common for all circles from BSNL HQ or it will be different for different circles?

  30. Riteshvarn.M said:

    It is learnt that some post 2007 DR TTAs have filed court case in PUNJAB to reduce the service condition for JTO LICE from 7 to 4 years for Btech/BE degree holders and BSNLEU is behind this court case.

    Why BSNLEU is trying to divide TTAs and trying his best to stop the JTO LICE which is to be held on 2-06-13 ?

  31. Asmitha Jain said:

    Dear Namboodiriji Sir,

    A person known to me has pased his TTA exam at Hyderabad and has been posted at a place about 120 kms from Hyderabad. Now this person wants his transfer reversed and is using recommendation letters brought from New Delhi from a Central Minister and also got it endorsed by the MoS for BSNL/MTNL Dr. Killi Kruparani instructing the PGM to reverse the orders with immediate effect.

    This person has to relieve an employee at that place who has been posted for the last 4 years and is rearing to come back to Hyderabad. Now because of his false and misleading statements addressed to the minister asking them to consider this issue on compassionate grounds, the ministry is also compelling the concerned authorities to consider his transfer. It is also learnt that he hardly attends to his office duties and is barely there in the office for a couple of hours everyday. He has an extremely bad reputation in the section where he last worked. Are his actions justified? What should be done to refrain him from using his political clout in depriving somebody of a genuine transfer back to Hyderabad after struggling for 4 long years at a place 120 kms away from Hyderabad? Kindly reply.

  32. Atendrajeet said:

    It is learnt that Punjab Bsnleu is trying to delay the result of JTO LICE unnecessarily.Kindly give the instrution to Punjab Bsnleu not to make any hurdle in the early result of JTO LICE.As you know that DR TTAs have given votes to BSNLEU with good majority this time.So pl do not break the hearts and dreams of DRTTAS to become JTOs

  33. satendrajeet said:

    Respected Sir,
    BSNL CO has given order to Punjab circle and NE-II circle for not delcaring the result of JTO LICE,as here R/R 2001 has been challenged by provisionally allowed candidates.
    It is very serprising when no court in India has given stay on JTO LICE result declaration for eligible cadidates in any circle at all,Why only these circle has been asked for not declaring the result.It is injustice.
    Due to the effort of BSNLEU jto LICE conducted in all circle on 2/06/13 successfully.But if result is delayrd in Punjab and NE-ii circle and are declared ater one or more year unnecessarily then there would not be meaning of conducting JTO LICE in thesse circle.
    We have kind request to you to look in to the matter personally.As you are the only hope for us.

    • Dear Comrade,
      The non-declaration is only due to court case. Once it is over, the results could be announced. The union is also very unhappy that a such a situation has arisen.

  34. alakshender said:

    Respected sir,
    As you know result in Punjab circle, AP circle and NE-II circle is pendining due to clarification by BSNL co dt 7/10/2013.When there is no stay over decaration of result of eligible candidates,there is no reason for not declaring result only just due to provisionally allowed candidates.
    Both NFTE (on 20/11/2013) and SNEA( on 19/11/13) persued this matter very strongly personally by meeting higher authorities, to declare the result of eligibile candidates early(as per news given in the respective unions website).Management has given posisitive response as per the snea website
    We also request Bsnleu to takeup the matter strongly with Co delhi for early declaration of result by meeting personally.

  35. alakshender said:

    Respected sir,
    In my above post result means JTO LICE result which was held on 02/06/13.

  36. alakshender said:

    Respected SIr,
    I went through Bsnleu CHQ website.I did not find any letter or meeting with Bsnl CO,Except a letter written to CO on dt 04/10/13.AS you know Co issued clarification on 07/10/13,due to which result is not being declared.
    After 07/10/13 clarification from CO,BSNLEU CHQ has not written even a single letter for declaring JTO LICE result to CO.WE hope early an immediate intervention from you.

  37. kumar puneet vashishth said:

    Sir.. good morning. How r u ?
    Sir maine aapko ek bar pehle bhi msg kiya tha k mere pitaji bsnl me sr toa(g) ki
    Post pae the jo ab nhi rhe aur maine unki jagah pe conpassionate ground ke liye apply kiya tha.but abhi tak kuch bhi nhi huwa..sir please aapse meri aur mere pariwar se request hai…aap plz me kuch bataiye jisse mera kuch ho sake. Please help

    • Dear Comrade,
      Kindly give a copy of your representation for compassionate Ground appointment with all the details.The same may please be sent to General secretary, BSNL Employees Union, 2151/1, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Delhi – 110008.

  38. Saurav kumar said:

    Hello Comrade. i am Saurav kumar a DYFI cadre from Jharkhand and i got the memorable oppurtunity to meet you in Coimbatore CPM district Committee office along with Com. P.R.Natarajan. I also handed over to yo an article written by me on Left’s defeat in recent lok sabha eletions. Fortunately you also gave me a small book of BSN Employees Association. Its my priviledge to visit your blog regarding Marx memorial library. Please give me your contact number Comrade or do make a call on this number 9994658005. Red Salute

  39. SAVITRI DEVI said:


  40. Rajsingh dadgas said:

    मेरे पिताजी की मृत्यु सितेम्बर2015 में टेलीफोन एक्सचेंज mdf रूम में कार्यालय समय में हुई थी। bsnl के स्थानीय अधिकारियों ने ऑन ड्यूटी मृत्यु होने की सूचना तत्काल उच्चाधिकारियों को भेज दी।
    अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति के आवेदन में sdot ने साफ साफ लिखा कि “मृत कार्मिक को फाल्ट चेक करने का काम दिया था और कार्मिक एमडीएफ रूम में फाल्ट चेक कर रहा था। तब जीसी उपभोक्ता के द्वारा मृत देखने पर मृत्यु की सूचना मिली और हम मोके पर पंहुंचे तो एमडीएफ रूम में लाश मिली।”
    Bsnl जे उच्चाधिकारियों ने ये कहते हुए आवेदन खारिज कर दिया कि जेवल फाल्ट चेक करने से करंट से मौत होना नही माना जा सकता। और नम्बरिंग सिस्टम को आधार मानकर आवेदन खारिज कर दिया.
    Sir meri sahayta kijiye plz

    • Dear Rajsingh, From your comment it is not clear in which exchange your father has died, what is his name, when you have submitted the representation, what is the exact reply given by the BSNL authorities. etc. If you inform your full address and telephone number, I can direct you to the Circle Secretary of BSNLEU for taking up the case.

  41. 7415298907 said:

    sir, My Father Lat. Ramtirath Tiwari was bsnl employee in sub division mahasamund cg circle . Expired ,21 days before retirement, on 10/03/2018.please tell me what was the rule and how to apply for compensation ground appointment and what is the time limit to apply before .please contact me at 7987292681

    • please do as I advised over telephone.

      • PARTAP CHAND said:

        Namaskar ji
        As you are well aware about the grievances of the absorbed BSNL retired employees as they are receiving notice from income tax department (CPC Bangaluru) under section 154 of income tax Act 1961.Regarding exemption of leave encashment of absorbed employees of BSNL under rule 10(10AA). All the association of the retired employees has taken this case as ministry level to settle the cases and
        to avoid to such harassment and justice to the retired absorbed employees of BSNL. sir kindly intimate the latest development or progress in this regard.
        With regards.
        Partap Chand (Retd OS )
        H. No. 150/4 Near Block Colony.
        Sarkaghat. Distt Mandi HP -175024.

      • Dear Comrade, the issue is continuously perused by AIBDPA. Even today thousands of pensioners organised demonstration in front of BSNL Offices raising their demands including the income tax issue. Thanks.

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