TUI (P and R) Asia Pacific Conference at Kathmandu


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The First Asian Regional Conference of the Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) will be held on 3rd December 2016 at Kathmandu, Nepal. After the formation of the TUI(P&R) in the Congress held at Barcelona in 2014, this is the first Regional Conference of Asia-Pacific Region. It is expected that  delegates from about 20 countries will attend including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.

From India, Comrades K.K.N.Kutty (NCCPA), K,Raghavendran (AIPRPA) and V.A.N.Namboodiri (AIBDPA) will be participating.

In the entire capitalist countries not only the rights of the workers are being attacked, but the  pensionary benefits and other concessions granted to the pensioners are being withdrawn. In the name of austerity, attack on the toiling masses continues. It is in this context that the Regional Conference is being held. The Nepal Comrades under the leadership of Com. Mohan Bahadur, Vice-President, TUI(P&R) are making all arrangements for the comfortable stay and holding of the Conference. WFTU and TUI(P&R) leaders also will be attending.

Comrade A.V.Kuriakose, Circle President, BSNLEU retired from service

Com.A.V.Kuriakose, senior leader and President of BSNLEU, Kerala Circle, retired from service on superannuation on 30th November 2016. Earlier he has been functioning in various posts of the union at district and circle levels. A very good orator, friendly with all comrades, active in social activities – Com. Kuriakose is a great asset to the organisation.

My Warm Greetings and Best Wishes to Com. Kuriakose on his retirement from service!

Why Govt. is silent on growing NPAs?

Despite declaration of government that strict action will be taken to reduce NPAs (bad loans) of banks, which have reached to lakh of crore of rupees, no action is visible. Instead the bad loans are increasing.As on June 2016, NPA has reached Rs.6,30,323 crore.In the last three months alone, NPA increased by Rs. 80,000 crore.

Poor man’s hard earned savings are allowed to be grabbed by the rich and Corporates. Why no action MR. Prime Minister?

Strategic Sale of Subsidiary Companies of SAIL

Central Government will shortly hold auction for strategic sale of Bhadravati, Salem and Durgapur Subsidiary Companies of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

The government is bifurcating units in to subsidiary companies and then making strategic sale to private companies. This is another form of privatisation.

It is for this that Tower Subsidiary Company is being formed from BSNL. BSNL workers are going on strike against this move on 15 December 2016.

Make the strike 100% success and defeat the anti-PSU move of the Government.

Are we a Nation of Dishonest Tax Payers?

A write up published in ‘Business Line’ dated 30th November 2016 has concluded with the sentence that ‘We are a Nation of Dishonest Tax Payers (except where tax is deducted at source)’. The author has cited examples also to prove his argument. 

It seems that the rich have perfected their Strategy how to dodge and evade tax payment either by misinterpretation of rules or by paying bribes or completely violating the rules. It is mainly the workers, whose tax is deducted at source, the true and best tax payers.

Submission of Bank Accounts  of  BJP MPs from  8th November – Why not earlier?

Prime Minister has asked BJP  MPs and MLAs to submit Bank Accounts from November 8 to December 31 to find out whether there is any irregularity. This is only an eye wash. If the govt. sincerely wants to find out illegal transactions,  they should demand the transactions six months earlier from 8th November, including transactions by BJP. Will PM dare to ask the BJP and their MPs to submit the same?

When surgical strike against Illiteracy, Poverty, Unemployment?

Prime Minister Modi continues his speeches about surgical strike against black money and the need to educate the people about cashless transactions. No Comments, except that it is the poor and ordinary people who are suffering because of the demonetisation and not the  rich and corrupt persons with black money. None of the latter is standing for hours together in the unending queue before the ATMs to get some money for their day today expenditure. None of them is curtailing their expenditure on food and other necessities. The misery of demonetisation has maximum  hit the ordinary people and not the rich.

But what about surgical strikes against illiteracy, poverty and unemployment which are the main causes for the misery of large number of people in the country?


Senior Citizens in China provided with GPS bracelets to avoid missing

Communist China is providing its senior citizens, those who are above 60, with GPS enabled bracelets so that they can contact their family when they are lost or their family can track them down when they are missed. There is provision in the bracelet to make phone call to the family.

In China, there are about 22.2 crore senior citizens above 60 years, out of a total population of 138 crore. It is reported that on an average, 1,370 senior citizens are going missing every day. Hence this new method to find them is arranged, which will help lost people to be found.

In this connection, it will not be out of place to mention that in large metro cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc. a large number of senior citizens are lost every day. Some arrangements, as made in China, will be helpful in their cases.

Annual Conference of AIPRPA, Delhi


Today, 27th November 2016,  I was invited to inaugurate the All India Postal and RMS Pensioners Association Delhi Circle Conference, which was being held at R.K.Puram Sector 6, Community Hall, Delhi. About 150 pensioners were present. Com. Rajendra Prasad, Circle President presided. Com.Deep Chand,Circle Secretary welcomed all and garlanded and presented shawl to all the guests and speakers.

The house stood in silence for one minute paying homage to the Martyrs, Cuban Revolutionary leader Com. Fidel Castro who passed away yesterday and also Com. Des Raj, former General Secretary, P.IV Union, who left us a few weeks back.

In my inaugural speech, I mentioned about the great Cuban Revolution, the pivotal role played by Castro as also the priority given to the pensioners and children in the socialist  countries.  I also spoke about VII CPC recommendations,  15th December Parliament March by CG Employees, demonetisation and the misery to the people, the major demands of the pensioners etc.

Coms. Iswar Dabas, Laxmi Narayan, H.L.Siddhu and other leaders addressed the Conference. I returned before the conclusion of the conference since I had to attend some other urgent work.

It was a pleasure to meet many senior leaders of the Postal and RMS movement, who are now active in the Pensioners’ movement, AIPRPA. It was a pleasant day. Thanks to Comrades Rajender Prasad and Deep Chand.