No payment of dues to workers – Nirav Modi. Real face of looters.

Nirav Modi, who looted Punjab National Bank and other PSU banks thousands of crores of rupees and left the country now says that he will not pay the dues to the workers, because the authorities have raided his companies! This is the real face of the corporates. Nirav Modi has looted and kept his loots in foreign banks and real estate there and says no money to pay wages for the workers who toiled for his companies. The vulgar face of crony capitalism!

Coal Nationalisation torpedoed.

The Central cabinet has decided to denationalise coal mining. Coal mining was the monopoly of PSU Coal India Limited, although private companies were allowed to mine for their own limited use.

According to the present decision the monopoly of CIL is taken away and private companies can mine for commercial use.

One more decision against the public sector and in favour of corporates.

Privatisation programmes go on aggressively. The loss is to the nation and the common people.

ILC Postponed After BMS Threatens To Boycott Prime Minister

Indian Labour Conference Postponed After RSS-Affiliated BMS Threatens To Boycott Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“BMS decided to boycott ILC due to the centre’s anti-labour policies,” RSS trade union President said.

The Centre has indefinitely postponed the Indian Labour Conference to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after RSS trade union BMS threatened to boycott it over the Union budget that was “unsympathetic to labour and workers”.

At the 47th ILC scheduled to be held on February 26 and 27, trade unions and employers were to discuss key issues over employment and security of workers.

The Union Labour and Employment Ministry, the host of the conference, has not explicitly explained the reasons for calling it off. “The ILC has been postponed. Inconvenience is regretted,” the ministry sent the message to trade unions, BMS president Saji Narayanan told Outlook.

Trade unions, including the RSS-affiliate Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, had earlier threatened to boycott the event, alleging their demands were not met in the Union Budget. To avoid embarrassment perhaps, the ILC now stands cancelled.

“BMS had decided in its national executive meeting in Ambaji in Gujarat, held from February 6 to 8, to boycott ILC due to the centre’s anti-labour policies. Two words were totally missing from this year’s budget- labour and worker,” Narayanan told Outlook.

THE BMS, however, demand the ILC to be convened soon, and the government should “do their homework.”

“ILC should not be a ritualistic or ceremonious event. The government has not done sufficient homework. We demand that ILC should be convened at the earliest with sufficient home work by the government,” the RSS trade union president said.

In an exclusive article for Outlookindia, Narayanan had said the BJP government at the Centre is nothing more than UPA III.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the nucleus of Sangh Parivar cosmos, had made it evident that it is upset with the Modi government’s economic policy decisions and, like a ventriloquist, has been lashing out through its affiliates like BMS and Swadeshi Jagran Manch.

Other central trade unions invited to the Conference had other reasons to boycott it. Upset with the government’s decision to not invite Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), the second biggest central trade union in the country, as many as 10 central trade unions described the move as “discriminatory” and “undermining the spirit of tripartism.”

The unions had also expressed displeasure over not taking action on the unanimous recommendations of the 43rd, 44th and 45th ILCs especially on formulation of minimum wages, same wages and benefit for same work as regular workers for contract labour. (Courtesy: Ms Vimala Vidya)

Protest these anti senior citizen decisions

The central government has now started attacks on the senior citizens by withdrawing the existing social benefits to them.

The Railway Minister has announced that henceforth the age for senior citizens for Railway concession will be 65 for all instead of 55 for women and 60 for men. In the same way, all senior citizens who had invested in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, to a maximum of Rs. 15 lakhs, earning interest at 9.3%, say Rs. 1,39,350 per year or Rs. 11,662 per month, to manage a respectful living will now get only Rs. 10,500 per month. (Probably the government wanted the senior citizen to equalised with the contract worker, whose minimum wage is Rs. 10,500).

We strongly protest against these anti-senior citizen decisions and demand the Central Government to restore them forthwith.

No Restrictions on Promotional Offers – TRAI

The TRAI has issued instructions ending the restrictions put on the promotional offers by the telecom companies. It is clear that this position is taken by the TRAI only to help Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio, which was offering several packages violating the then existing TRAI orders. Now free hand is given to Reliance Jio for its predatory tactics. The TRAI statement says:

“The authority is of the view that no restrictions need to be imposed on the number of promotional offers that can be simultaneously launched and time lag between same or similar promotional offers in a licensed service area. Restrictions may not be in the interest of consumers apart from possibly hindering competition.”

Mukesh Ambani seems to be the central point on which every decision is being taken by the TRAI. How absurd!

Congratulations to Pinarayi Government – KSRTC Pension Payment from tomorrow

Congratulations for the Kerala LDF government for taking the bold decision to pay the pension of the KSRTC pensioners, along with the arrears. The government has taken the decision which requires a lot of funds, despite the weak financial position of the government created by GST etc. due to its pro-worker policy and also due to the strong pressure from pensioners.

There are 39,045 KSRTC pensioners at present and the number will increase every month. Rs. 219 crore will be required to pay the pension this month which is being taken on loan from the cooperative Banks, which will make arrangements for the payments in the area where the pensioner lives.Pension Accounts will be opened in these co-operative banks and disbursed every month.

Rs.10,000 crore is allotted in the budget this year for the rejuvenation of the KSRTC and making it profitable. KSRTC workers are committed to fully co-operate and ensure the revival of the PSU, which is under severe strain  due to serious debt.

KSRTC should become the shining face of Kerala Government.

Crorepatis cheating the Nation, robbing the people and central government silent.

Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Vikram Kothari – the list is unending. They are  robbing the poor people’s money deposited in the banks, with the full connivance of the bank management and their political masters. It is not small amount. The three-four barons mentioned alone have captured more than Rs. one lakh crore of rupees from the PSU Banks and left the country, with the full knowledge of the government. In fact, it might have been some of the political leaders who might have arranged the escapade , because it is also their own necessity having close connection with these cheats.

During the UPA and  NDA governments, India has become one of the countries, where corruption, bribery, cheating, black market, money laundering and all after effects of implementation  of crony capitalism have flourished unchecked. The present Modi Government has topped in the game.

When crores of young people with out jobs, poor people with out food are somehow dragging their every day life, these barons treat themselves in posh hotels, build/purchase palatial building in India and abroad, spend their times with world celebrity models, and is show cased in all big functions, including that are participated by the Prime Minister and other ministers. These vulgar exhibitions of wealth and plunder are glorified by the print and other medias, of course which are owned by the same corporate class.

The general elections are going to take place next year. These ruling classes which supports the rich to rob the poor should be thrown out. This crony capitalism which has engulfed the country in to worst misery can not be allowed to continue.

Political freedom we got in 1947. The struggle for economic freedom has to continue.

Centre should hand over PSU, Instrumentation Limited to Kerala State

Kerala State has offered to take over the loss making PSU, Instrumentation Limited Palakkad, considering the large number of employees and their future. It asked the Centre to clear the arrears of salaries of the employees as it can not take the responsibility for the same. The central government has not agreed so far and the process of handover has not started.

The mother unit of the PSU at Kota has already been closed. BJP is making all  obstructions to the take over of the Kerala unit by the state government, since it will clearly show the difference between the pro-PSU policy of the LDF and the anti-PSU stand of NDA.

The question is of the employment of more than 300 employees of the PSU and also strengthening of the PSU. The central government should hand over the PSU to state government after clearing the dues.

Sex Ratio at birth comes down in India

The sex ratio at birth  between males and females are going down drastically as per the report of the NITI Ayog. Sex ratio is the number of female child at birth to male child. It is the lowest in Haryana, 831 female to 1000 male! Next come Uttarakhand (844) and Gujarat (854). The sex ratio in Gujarat has fallen sharply from 907 to 854 in 2015-16.

Kerala’s sex ratio is 967, the highest. But here also, it is below 1000.

Such low sex ratio is unusual and will probably the result of sex test of the unborn child and further consequences. Such sex tests are banned, but continues. The government should act and act strongly.