Centre should provide relief of Rs. 7,500 pm to old ages / senior citizens.

The senior citizens is one section which is facing acute difficulties due to the covid. They are more vulnerable, many are alone, but no relief from the Central government. Senior Citizens Friends Welfare Association demands the Centre to provide relief of Rs. 7,500 to the old aged till the Covid situation is improved.

India leads in Covid with 2 lakh in a day

The Covid situation in India has become vey alarming with more than 2 lakh positive in a day. Hospitals are strained with no vacant beds in many states. Number of deaths are also increasing drastically. More Care, more vaccination, more tests and maximum propaganda and strictness for implementing covid protocol.

Covid situation serious – utmost care rquired

The Covid spread is increasing in India and is second only to US. More than one lakh new cases are coming every day. Further, Covid vaccine is in shortage. In many states, the number of dead are so many that even for the cremation of dead bodies, it takes a number of days. In some states, the patients are laid up on the floor due to lack of beds. In some hospitals two patients are put on the same bed. The situation is becoming increasingly critical.

On the one side the central government has to ensure sufficient vaccine to the states, instead of importing the same without any limit. Secondly the people have to take care and implement the protocols laid by the government.

The report that more than 10 lakh pilgrims are reaching Haridwar daily for the Kumbhamela and thousands are becoming positive are disturbing news, Government has to take necessary steps to ease the situation.

Rs.57 cr allotted to clear medical claims of BSNL retirees- says CMD,BSNL


AIBDPA has been pursuing the most burning issue of denial of medical benefits to BSNL pensioners at various levels and continuous struggles are also being waged, the latest being the Mass Dharna on 16-03-2021.

Com V A N Namboodiri, Advisor, had a discussion with Shri.P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL on non-payment of medical claims, including without voucher medical allowance on 15-04-2021. He pointed out the difficulties being faced by BSNL pensioners due to denial of medical claims for the last two years, and three years in respect of medical allowance. The CMD stated that he is doing whatever is possible and now Rs.57 crore has been allotted for payment of medical claims of the retirees.

Circle Secretaries/ District Secretaries are requested to get in touch with the concerned Circle/ SSA administration to have the details of the allotment to the respective Circle/ SSA and inform the members accordingly.

Medical Bills, Medical Allowance to BSNL Pensioners being unduly delayed

Though BSNL is stating that its finance is improving, its pensioners are still being denied the medical allowance and medical reimbursement. This is complete injustice to the senior people who have served the nation for long 35-40 years.

It is demanded that the BSNL management should reimburse the medical expenses / pay medical allowance urgently.

Central government is ignoring the unemployed. Fill up the vacant posts in government, PSUs.

There are more than 10 lakh unfilled vacancies in Railways, Posts and in other central government, central PSUs like Banks etc. On the other hand, crores of unemployed youth are wandering without getting any jobs. Central government is extending tax relief etc. of lakhs of crores of rupees to the big corporates, but is not prepared to give jobs to the unemployed. The resistance against the anti-worker policy of the Modi Government has got to be strengthened.

Covid Situation worsens – Utmost care required.

For the last one week, the covid spread all over India is more than one and half lakh almost every day. The death rate has also increased. The second covid spread is more dangerous according to health authorities.

Utmost care is required by all to reduce the covid spread. The covid protocol announced by the government has to be strictly followed. Elders are at more risk. May had taken vaccination, but still there are many who have not taken. Governments have to ensure sufficient supply as also arrangements for the vaccination. We will fight this pandemic with all sincerity.

Homage to Dr. B.R.Ambedkar on his 130th Birthday Anniversary.

Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, is one of the greatest Indians, whose field of activities include law, economy, politics as also social reforms. He is also the architect of the Constitution of India. His life was dedicated to the upliftment of the dalits and the untouchables. He was born on 14th April 1891 and passed away on 6th December 1956.

14th April 2021 is the 130th birth anniversary of the great reformer. Our respectful homage to Dr. Ambedkar on his 130th Birth Anniversary !