Com. M.P.Kunhanandan remembered

Kozhikode District Branch of AIBDPA, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF  oraganized a well participated meeting in connection with the 2nd death anniversary of Com.M.P.Kunhanandan, former CHQ Treasurer on 18-06-2018 at Saroj Bhawan, Kozhikode. The house paid homage to the memory of Com. MPK. Com. V,A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor AIBDPA delivered the commemorative address. Com. B.Suresh Babu (State Library Council) spoke on the subject , ” Left alternative against globalisation “. Com.M.Vijayakumar, National Organising Secretary, BSNLEU controlled the proceedings. Com.P.V.Chandrasekharan, District Secretary AIBDPA welcomed the participants and Com. P.P.Asokan, Secretary BSNLCCWF proposed vote of thinks. Com.P.K.Vineetha,wife of Com. Kunhanandan and family members were present.

Nirav Modi has 6 Passports – What about other Indian Corporate bosses

It is now revealed that Nirav Modi, the diamond merchant, who cheated the Punjab National Bank more than $ two billion and fled the country, is having at least six passports. As per rules, one is expected to have only one passport.  How Nirav Modi got six? who gave it? All these need to be enquired.

It may not be an exceptional case. What about Mallya? How many passports he is having? What about other Indian Corporate bosses? There is no doubt that such persons also will have illegal passports.

In India, money can buy many things, including passports.

Let the government order an inquiry, in the present known circumstances, about the passports of the corporates and the big business. The result will be interesting and will point to the rotten state of affairs in connection with the corporate bosses. It will also help stopping persons like Mallya and Nirav Modi escaping from the country after cheating the nation and the people.

90 years since birth of Che Guevara – WFTU statement

Athens, Greece – 14 June 2018
WFTU Statement on the 90 years since the birth of Che
“People may die but never do their ideas” Today, June 14, 2018, is the 90th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest
revolutionaries of the twentieth century, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known
throughout the Latin American continent as “Che”. For the big class-oriented family of the WFTU, the figure of Che remains a guide for
the struggles of the present and the future. Although the US imperialists managed to
kill him, they will never succeed, no matter how hard they try, to sully his pioneering
action, his immense contribution in the struggle against capitalism and its lackeys. For us, for all the simple and class-oriented unionists, the emblematic figure and the
ideas of Che will never lose their validity and vigor. Che was a revolutionary who
fought imperialism with the weapon at hand and never gave up; and this can not be
erased by the falsifiers of history. At this very moment when imperialists prepare new wars for the distribution of natural
resources, waves of refugees are uprooted by imperialist aggression and thousands
of workers are being sacrificed on the altar of capital gains, the path that Che traced
is an example to follow. Because imperialism has not died yet. Because there are
thousands of militants of the WFTU throughout the world who continue to fight
against the domination of capital and keep alive the spark and hope for a new world, without exploitation of man by man. For the WFTU, the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro are the wish that we
share with all our class brothers and sisters throughout the world: “If we want to express how we want our children to be, we must say: WE WANT

FCI Employees on Struggle – Appeal for solidarity by FCI Unions

The attack on the working class and Public Sector Employees, in particular, are mounting day by day. The entire working class and peasantry are on struggle path. The indefinite strike of GDS Employees is the latest mass struggle. The Long Pending Demands of FCI Employees are not settled yet. The assurance given by the Administrative Department and FCI Management to Staff unions regarding the commencement of wage revision process is in the paper even after a lapse of 18 months.

Food Corporation of India operations are under serious threat of privatisation. Subsidy received every year by FCI was lower than claimed for from the GoI. On an average only 67 per cent of subsidy claimed was released by the GoI over the last five years because of which FCI had to borrow from other costlier means of finance .FCI Employees are delayed and denied their rightful wage revision w.e.f 1-1-2017 and pension w.e.f 1-1-2007 due to the stringent conditions imposed by the Finance Ministry & lackadaisical attitude of Government missionaries respectively. Compassionate appointments have become a mirage in FCI. Trade Union rights are denied. Punishment and victimization of employees become a hobby of the management. Periodical meetings of Current Recognised unions in FCI has become mere talking shops without any positive results. Legitimate demands are inordinately delayed and denied. In FCI some posts have died due to no recruitment.

It is in this background the All India Coordination of FCI & WH Unions has decided to fight back these retrograde policies by mobilizing the entire FCI employees by unleashing intensive campaign throughout the country culminating in a strike. To declare the campaign programme and the strike, an “All India Coordination of FCI & WH Unions” under the leadership of Dr. A Sampath MP and Dr Asim Bala Ex- MP will be held at Lucknow on 26th June 2018 Tuesday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Eminent trade Union leaders will attend the Convention. Venue of the National Convention is Ravindralaya, Motilal Nehru Marg, Charbagh Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh). About 1000 delegates from all states will attend the Convention. (From FCI Union)

Kerala LDF Government Marches Ahead – Social Justice given priority

Pinarayi Government in Kerala has opened new roads for safeguarding social justice. SC/ST persons are appointed as priests in temples managed by the government. This is a great achievement for the dalits, which has been heartily welcomed by the progressive section of the society. At the same time, the economically poor section in the forward castes have been granted reservation in temple appointments. Welfare pension is granted to all above 60 years, which has been doubled this year from the last. Now it is Rs.1,100 and is expected to be increased next year.

Adivasis are allotted land in a time scheduled manner. Special appointment for adivasis in Police and Excise is ensured. 28,681 houses have been constructed for SC/ST and allotted.

Transgenders are brought to the mainstream through appointments in government services etc.

Rs. 2000 crore package approved for welfare of fishermen etc.

Yes, the LDF Government in Kerala is implementing welfare measures in a big way for socially backward people. More can be expected.

Gratuity for Contract Workers in BSNL – BSNL formed Committee

BSNLCCWF leaders met Sr. Ashotosh Gupta GM (Restructuring) BSNL on 15th June and demanded to take appropriate action for payment of gratuity to the Contract Labours. It was reported by the BSNL Management that complaints has been received from Labour commissioner in this regard and accordingly a committee has been formed to give proper guideline to the circles for gratuity payment by the contractors. Sr. GM (Restructuring), assured that the BSNL Management will not avoid any responsibility to make the payment of gratuity for the working period in BSNL only if Labour Commissioner will give such direction. He also assured that service union will also be consulted before taking any final decision. Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS, BSNLEU, and com. Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNLCCWF, were in the delegation team for discussion. (Courtesy: website BSNLCCWF)


Every year as per the call of the United Nations, 15th June is observed as ‘ World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ through out the world. This year also it is being observed at UN head Quarters and other places.

Elderly persons are increasing in every country and where health and social conditions are better, it is more. While in majority cases, they are looked after well or in an ordinary way, harassment also takes place in many cases. Elderly are vulnerable to abuse due to their age, infirmity, diseases, inability to react, family problems, financial matters etc. Social awareness is lacking.

Elderly people are expected treated with respect, compassion and love. This awareness has to be inculcated to the family members, friends, relatives and the society as a whole. ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ is being observed for this noble cause.

Kerala honours Sports Stars by offering government jobs.

Kerala LDF government respects and honours sports persons. During its two year stint, the Pinarayi Government appointed 157 sports persons. This includes sportsmen dismissed by central government for trade union activities.

(Now it came to my memory about a foot ball star terminated from service for participating in the 1968 Central government employees strike – Telegraphman Shri M.Prasannan. Prasannan was a good player and was the captain of the Calicut Telephones Football team which was several times champion in the A Teams tournament at Calicut. Probably, the termination was a blessing in disguise. He was selected to the Indian Football team and played for famous Indian teams.)

BSNLCCWF – Observe Anti-Retrenchment Day on 28th June 2018

BSNLCCWF calls upon the Casual Contract Labours to observe 28th June, as Anti Retrenchment Day.

It is reported that the retrenchment of Contract Workers is going on in BSNL at high speed in some circles during last few months. It happens due to instruction of Corporate Office to reduce 30% expenditure of repair maintenance and security guard. Management has taken a decision to reduce the staff strength of the security guards, and that’s why the Corporate Office is not allotting sufficient fund for the repair maintenance and security guards regularly. As a result the Contract Workers are not getting the wages in due time. The total episode was discussed in our last secretariat meeting held in Delhi on 29th May, 2018 and it has decided to observe “Anti Retrenchment Day” on 28th June through out the country by holding powerful demonstrationss at all level. We should raise our voice with the slogan “No retrenchment – ensure the payment of wages and Social Securities”. District and Circle secretaries are requested to make a good campaign on the issue. As a follow up action Dharna Programme will also be organised at SSA level before GM or DGM office on 10th July. We will review the total situation and then we may approach the Dy. CLC or RLC on the same subject in the month of August, 2018. (BSNLCCWF website)

Caste discrimination and Corruption – Two vices retarding progress and democracy

Two of the most virulent vices retarding the progress of the country is caste and corruption. Both are against humanity itself.

While there are corruption all over the world, it is mainly limited at the high or highest level in most of the other countries. But in India, it is from top to the bottom. Common people have to face the  problem at each and every level which makes their daily life miserable. British authors mentioned that their officers who worked in India became corrupt after they were here.

Caste discrimination has dehumanised the Indian Society. Despite continued efforts by governments, political leaders, social workers, religious heads and others this curse continues to exist.

Sustained and determined efforts along with strict enforcement of laws against these two vices are necessary to eliminate them.