NFPE decides to fight against anti-worker ‘Dak Mitra’ plan of Modi Govt.

NFPE in its meeting today strongly protested against the ‘Dak Mitra’ plan of the government which is only a plan for privatisation of the Postal Services. It is also decided to organise strong agitational programmes in discussion with FNPO. Struggle is inevitable to save Postal Services




7th June, 2022.

Dear Comrade,


       The first program of agitations decided for the settlement of the most important five demands, falls on 22nd June, 2022; Demands Day- demonstrations are to be held at all levels.

             The second program of Mass Dharna with maximum placards is to be organised at SSA/ BA levels on 20-07-2022. Let us mobilize maximum pensioners in these agitations and give wide publicity not only among the pensioners but also in the media both print and visual.

           Then the culminating program, March to Sanchar Bhawan is on 24-08-2022 which has to be held impressivily with good participation. CHQ has fixed some quota for each Circle as follows;

Tamil Nadu-200,

Chennai Telephones-50,


Andhra Pradesh-150,


Madhya Pradesh-100,


Bihar- 50






Jammu& Kashmir-05,


NE I-10,

NE II-10,

West Bengal-200,

Kolkata Telephones-150,


NTR, Delhi-200,

ALTTC, Gaziabad-10,

Uttar Pradesh (East)-150,

Uttar Pradesh ( West)-150.

                The Circle branches may distribute their quota of participation to the district branches according to the potential of each district. Care has to be taken to reserve the tickets for the to and fro journey well in advance. Circle Secretaries may kindly collect the names of the participants from each district with their arrival/ departure details and furnish to CHQ before 15-07-2022. Please take it as a serious task as CHQ has to arrange accommodation for those coming from far off Circles. CHQ will arrange accommodation for one day, those who reach on 23rd can stay the night and vacate on 24th morning and those reach on 24th morning can stay upto 25th morning. Those who need to stay beyond the above , have to make own arrangement.

           The March to Sanchar Bhawan will start at 10AM on 24-08-2022 from NTR, Eastern Court, Near BSNL Corporate Office. The participants should reach Eastern Court in time. The Circles/ Districts may kindly bring their banners and maximum flags.

Coordination Committee Extends Support.

            The meeting of the Coordination Committee of BSNLEU, AIBDPA & BSNL CCWF held on 04-06-2022 has extended full support to the AIBDPA agitational programmes. The meeting also decided to support the agitational programmes called by the BSNL CCWF demanding settlement of important issues of the casual and contract workers.

27-06-2022 Demonstration at GM level.
30-06-2022. Demonstration at CGM level.
AIBDPA units are requested to get in touch with CCWF units and see that it is held successfully.

           The COC meeting also decided to support the AUAB agitational programmes demanding Wage/ Pay revision and other important issues. Dharna will be held at SSA level on 21-06-2022 and March to Sanchar Bhawan for which date will be fixed in due course. AIBDPA has already extended Solidarity and our units are requested to make it a grand success.

Human Chain on 07-07-2022.

          The CoC meeting after reviewing the campaign against privatisation and National Monetisation Pipeline, decided to continue the campaign by holding Humanchain at District level on 07-07-2022. Details are contained in the CoC circular.

75th Independence Day.

Another decision of the CoC meeting is to celebrate the 75th Independence Day highlighting the role of the working class in the Independence movement. Seminars are to be conducted during 11th July to 15th August, 2022.

Dear Comrades, let us take up these important tasks in right earnest.
Victory shall be ours.!

With warm greetings,

K G Jayaraj
General Secretary.






WTD 2022 theme
This year’s theme for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is “Digital technologies for Older Persons and Healthy Ageing”.
The theme emphasises the importance of using telecommunications and information communication technologies (ICTs) for the elderly to stay healthy, connected and independent on a physical, emotional and financial level.
Ageing of the global population will be a defining demographic trend of the 21st century. However, societies still struggle to see the opportunities that this trend can bring. Telecommunications and ICTs have a great role to play in achieving healthier ageing, and help build smarter cities, combat age-based discrimination at the workplace, ensure financial inclusion of older persons and support caregivers.

Govt should implement Pension revision of BSNL pensioners.

It is more than 15 years since the last pension revision was implemented for BSNL pensioners with effect from 01-01-2007. Pension revision is due from 01-01-2017, but the government is silent on the issue. All the Pensioners’ Associations as well as employees’ Unions have placed the demand, but still nothing has been done by the central government. Full justification exists for Pension revision.

The government should take a decision and implement Pay Revision with 15% fitment wef 01.01.2017.

New Promotion Policy required for non-executives of BSNL.

BSNLEU has rightly demanded that a New Promotion Policy is required for the non-executives in BSNL. It is about 12 years that the last Non-Executive Promotion Policy was implemented.

While in DOT, most of the non-executives had only two time bound promotions, one after 16 years and the second after 26 years. These were implemented in the 1980-90s and then recognised union NFTE agreed for ban on recruitment as also surrender of posts for getting the 2 promotions accepted by the Government.

After recognition of BSNLEU in 2004, it placed the demand for 5 time bound promotions, after every 6 years, with out any surrender of posts or ban on recruitment. 4 promotions after every 8 years was agreed by the management without any surrender of posts or ban on recruitment. Those BSNL absorbed DOT officials were granted first promotion after 4 years and second promotion after 7 years considering their long service without promotions in DOT.

Those officials who have been recruited in BSNL are yet to get their third promotion. 8 years is a long period in the present period as also in discrimination with the Executive Promotion Policy. It is time for a New promotion Policy considering all aspects mentioned above. The government should consider the demand fvourably.

Issues of the working class cannot be settled by doing “chamchagiri” to the ministers.

Issues of the working class cannot be settled by doing “chamchagiri” to the ministers.
It is reported that, one of the Pensioners’ Associations has met Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, Hon’ble Minister of Communications, last month and has discussed about the pension revision issue. A message has belatedly been brought to our notice, wherein this meeting with the Minister has been described as a major break-through in the settlement of pension revision. It is also reported that, the pension revision file has now started moving in the Sanchar Bhawan, for which the Minister has been praised lavishly. In the same message, sarcastic remarks have been made about the AUAB, for demanding Wage Revision with zero percent fitment. We know who is behind this circular.

It is known to all that, the AUAB has organised at least 3 strikes and many other struggles, including two massive marches to the Sanchar Bhawan, wherein the pension revision has figured as a major demand. The AUAB has demanded that, pension revision should be delinked from pay revision. It is also important to mention that, in the meeting held with the AUAB on 03-12-2018, the then Minister of State for Communications, Shri Manoj Sinha, declared that, the government has decided to de-link Pension Revision from Pay Revision. However, this was not implemented.

Further, it is also important to mention that, it is the AUAB which broke the 60% ceiling set by the government, as it’s liability to pay pension to BSNL pensioners. This 60% ceiling was hanging as a sword on the heads of the pensioners. This was achieved by the AUAB, by going on a two-day strike in May 2016. Under the banner of the AUAB, the entire serving employees of BSNL have valiantly fought for the pension of their retired comrades.

The friends who have issued this message have hidden all these facts and have ridiculed the AUAB. Let these friends find pleasure in their newfound patronage with the Minister. At the same time, let them not belittle the AUAB and it’s valiant struggles, waged on the pension issue. Let them also understand that, issues of the working class cannot be settled by doing “chamchagiri” to the ministers.