Maharashtra Circle Conference of AIBDPA

The spacious Recreation Club hall at Mahadji Sindhey Telephone Exchange ,Pune was jam packed with pensioners from all the districts of Maharashtra on 15-01-2017. The occasion was the Circle Conference of AIBDPA, Maharashtra. Com.Nagesh Nalawade, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and the main architect of the organising committee welcomed all and controlled the proceedings. Com.Subhas Bartakke, Circle President presided over the conference.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor inaugurated the conference with an elaborate and inspiring speech, covering almost all the issues of the pensioners. Com.K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary, in his address dealt the organisational issues and exhorted to strengthen the AIBDPA at all levels to meet the challenges. Coms. Appa Saheb Ghagre, Circle President, BSNLEU, Gulab Kale, Assistant Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and S.S.Amre also addressed the conference. Com.B.P.Petkar presented the report and accounts and were adopted after active discussion.

Office bearers were elected unanimously and the following are the important functionaries.

Advisors : Coms. B.P.Petkar, S.N.Barkulabi

Patrons : Coms. S.S.Amre, B.R.Hiwarkar

Circle President : Com. P.G.Suryavanshi

Circle Secretary : Com.R.N.Patil

Treasurer. : Com. A.S.Ingale.

Privatisation of 23 Railway Stations

It is reported that Indian Railways have decided to privatise 23 major Railway sta tions including Mumbai Central, Chennai Central, Howrah Junction and Bhopal.This is being done in the name of modernisation. Some crores of rupees will be spent by the private companies for modernisation and at the same time will get the land of Railways in which they can construct buildings etc.and reap profits.This is part of privatisation of entire Rail.ways.This privatisation move of Railways should be resisted and defeated

Remember Martyr Patrice Lumumba?


Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of Democratic Republic of Congo, was murdered on 17th January 1961 by the agents of the imperialists. Becoming the Prime Minister, he took decisions for the uplift of the common people which were not liked the capitalists and corporates. His voice was the voice of the new independent Africa rising from the slavery of the imperialists.  The popular leader was brutally murdered by Military junta and for many years Congo was under the rule of dictator Mobutu.

The entire word was shocked and angry at the cold-blooded murder. Many organisations were formed in memory of Lumumba, including the famous Lumumba University.

Red Salute to Patrice Lumumba who stood and fought for the people against the capitalists and imperialists!


A glimpse of old P and T journals



While going through the P&T Labour and other union journals for  for writing a short history of P&T Unions, certain interesting information are being noticed. One of them is about taking decisions by the Unions and Federation.

The entire discussion that has taken place is recorded and published in the journal. Opinion of each and every body who have spoken is recorded in brief with their names. The conclusion of the Secretary General /General Secretary and if necessary the final decision by voting is also recorded. The contribution of each and every delegate / committee member can be understood.

Such reporting enables the reader, the ordinary worker to understand the details of the discussion and how the decision is taken. It is an essential part of the democratic functioning of any organisation.

One of the aspect for the growth of NFPTE in to a mighty organisation is the internal democracy and the right of the worker to express his opinion.

1% Rich have grabbed 58% of India’s riches



According to the studies made by a research organisation, Right Group Oxfam, 1% rich in India owns 58% of the total wealth of the country. 57 billionaires in India have the same wealth of $216 billion, which is the total wealth owned by the bottom 70% of the people. The inequality has been  steadily increasing after the new-liberal policy has been introduced. The rich becomes richer and the poor the poorer.

It is not different the world over. After the collapse of the USSR and the unipolar policy of capitalist system, the inequality has increased pushing down the common people to below poverty line. Each and every action of the central government is  corporate-friendly and against the interest of the common people.


FCI Employees on Struggle Path against closure of its units.

I am furnishing below an e-mail received from Com. Samuel Joseoh, General Secretary of the FCI Employees Association. The Central Government is on the move to close the FCI  offices in W.Bengal.
Our full support and solidarity to the struggling workers of FCI.
Dear Comrade ,  your kind attention invited to the subject cited below

Closure of Food Corporation of India district offices in West Bengal Region

    Food Corporation of India (FCI)’s main objectives were to procure food grains directly from the farmers, supply them for PDS distribution and for maintaining price stability during scarcity. As we know so far, the recommendations of US-based consultancy firm M/s McKinsey & Co. with regards to FCI pose a serious threat to the very existence of the corporation and its workforce. It has made some retrograde recommendations for FCI like outsourcing its key operations including food grains procurement, handling, transportation and distribution; de-hiring and renting out of FCI godown; and targeted VRS to reduce the existing manpower. In the garb of FCI’s improvement, the firm has advocated for the privatization of the corporation. High Level Commitee(HLC) Report on FCI is a true copy of s McKinsey & Co Report.
    The proposal of reorganization/closure of west Bengal region was placed before FCI BOD in its 367th meeting on 19.12.2014. The FCI BOD has agreed to Reduce district offices from 19 to 12 and sent to Government for approval. After the closure of 7 district offices of West Bengal,  256 Employees will be transferred/redeployed from the region to North East Zone, Bihar, and Jharkhand.
    The Central committee of FCI Employees Association CITU strongly condemns the decision initiated by the FCI Management with respect to Closure of 07 district offices in West Bengal Region. Consonance with the observation of global consultants McKinsey & Company report, FCI management has made this decision. Now the government has also approved the decision of FCI Management. The government’s decision would destroy the public distribution system and will lead denial of food grains to poor people of west Bengal. The government and bureaucrats in FCI have a systematic plan to dismantle the Food Corporation of India (FCI) to attract “private investment in agricultural marketing channels. These steps will put the implementation food security act into disarray. The Central committee of FCI employees Association CITU, therefore, demands the Central government to put a stop to these new measures and urges upon the employees to oppose and protest these decisions.
    We also appeal to all political parties in this country to resolute and raise voice against the decision of Government to completely privatize FCI operation would lead adversely affect the living conditions of the entire people of the country. The central committee experienced that if the cost of rice and wheat enhance, the cost other food items would be Simultaneously increased. If the sufficient food grains are not available in Government godowns the Multi-National Companies (MNC)s would raise to the occasion, and will start to hoarding the food grains and they will decide the cost of the market.such situation has already established in pulses. The existence of FCI prevents these MNC s to hoarding the food grains. If HLC reports implemented in toto, then no FCI is there. it is not the matter of FCI employees alone. It is the concern of this country. it is a matter of food security of the country. Hence the political parties in the country should decide whether this freedom for food should surrender for MNC.

Comradely yours
Samuel Joseph
General Secretary

Government sells three PSUS

Central Government has decided to sell three PSUs viz. National Project Corporation, Project and Development India and Pawan Hans. Advertisement has been already issued calling for proposals for the strategic sale.

How many PSUs will be there by the time next election takes place? Modi government will make these ‘ Temples of Modern India’ in to cemeteries one after another.