Com. Desraj Sharma cremated. Red Salute to Com. Desraj!



Comrade Desraj Sharma, former General Secretary of P-IV Union and Dy. Secretary General of NFPE, who passed away on 24th September 2016 was cremated today at the Nigambodh Ghat, Delhi in the presence of a large number of relatives and comrades. Earlier, Com. Prakash Karat, PBM CPI(M) along with Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri and K.G.Jayaraj paid last respects to the deceased at his residence.

On behalf of NFPE etc. wreaths were placed. On behalf of BSNLEU and AIBDPA, red shawl was placed. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri and K.G.Jayaraj along with comrades including Com. Diwas, former GS P.IV, were there at the cremation.

Com.Desraj was a close disciple and companion of Com.K.Adinarayana, former Secretary General of NFPE and legendary leader of the P and T Employees. Even after retirement in 2007, Com. Desraj continued to take active interest in the union activities.

I had close association with Com. Desraj for about 40 years, especially after I shifted to Delhi in 1991. In the fight against revisionist leaders in the P and T movement, he had contributed in a good way.

His death is a big loss to the P and T trade union movement. I pay my last respects and convey my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and friends!

Name Chandigarh Airport as Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport – CPI(M)

Chandigarh, September 23: The Punjab State Committee of Communist Party of India ( Marxist ) strongly feels that the Chandigarh International Airport should be named as Shaheed – E – Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh International Airport . Comrade Charan Singh Virdi, Secretary Punjab State Committee of CPI(M) in a written Press Note issued here today has suggested that it will be appropriate to make the declaration to this effect on 28th September, 2016 the day on which the nation will be celebrating his 109th Birth Day.

Comrade Virdi further said that Sardar Bhagat Singh is the most deserving freedom struggle martyr to be given this name as he happens to be the loved, respected and revered icon of the youth and student community of the country. At the present juncture when we are facing threats to our unity and integrity and communal harmony from fundamentalist , extremist and terrorist elements bent on disturbing peace in the country, it will motivate especially the youth along with all other citizens for inculcating patriotic and secular feelings.(Courtesy: Ganashakti)

Com. Desraj Sharma expired.

With deep shock and grief, it is intimated that Com. Desraj Sharma, senior P and T union leader and former General Secretary, All India Postal Employees Union, Postmen and Class IV,  passed away today 24th September at 09.00 PM. He was ailing  and had undergone angioplasty operation twice recently, the last a few days back.  Only a few days ago  I along with other comrades had visited him. Com. Desraj had contacted me day before yesterday and told that he was better. But now this shocking news of his passing away! It is a great loss to the union movement. My heartfelt condolences to his family, relatives and comrades!

Gratuity for casual / contract workers



BSNLCCWF has demanded that the casual and contract workers should be granted Gratuity as per the labour laws of the land. The Management Committee of BSNL has already approved the same, but it is pending with the BSNL Board, which sought further clarifications from the management on the financial implications. For the casual labour, all the information are available with the management since, the EPF with retrospective effect from 01-10-2000 was ordered for these workers.
We demand that the next meeting of the BSNL Board, which is expected to meet on 28th September 2016 take a definite decision in the matter so that the concerned workers are granted with gratuity. Delay in decision will deny the same to those who are already retiring after thirty-forty years of dedicated service.

Support the struggle by the BSNL Casual, Contract Workers – Dharna/Demonstration on 27th September, Demands Day

As per the decision of its Delhi CEC meeting, the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation has called upon the workers to organise Dharnas/Demonstrations on 27th September 2016 demanding the government and the BSNL Management to concede the demands made in the 10 Points Charter submitted to the government, BSNL Management etc. The demands include regularisation, payment of minimum wages, implement social security measures like EPF, ESI etc. pay bonus etc. BSNLCCWF demands retrenchment of workers in the name of union activities.

My request is to the BSNL Employees Union and other unions/associations to extend support and solidarity to the fully justified struggle of the brutally exploited workers.

Make payment of Bonus before Puja for BSNL Employees and Casual / Contract Workers



The Festival season is starting with Puja in the first week of October 2016. Other festivals follow for almost one month. Muharam is also coming. BSNL Employees, Casual and contract workers are waiting for the Bonus to be paid before the festival season.

The BSNL Management should take immediate action for the Bonus payment so that the employees, casual and contract workers get the same before the festival season.

The Rich become Richer, the Poor becomes Poorer, that is India



According to the latest Forbes List of Super Rich Indians, Mukesh Ambani has kept his first position as the richest Indian. He has also increased his wealth from $ 18.9 billion to $ 18.9 billion In the list of richest Indians, next comes Dilip Shanghvi ($ 16.9 billion), Hinduja Brothers ( $15.2 billion), Azim Premji ($15 billion)and others.

While thousands of such rich persons have increased their wealth substantially, crores of poor people have become poorer and more people have become in the poor category. The government is boasting of increasing the wealth of the country. Of course it is true that the wealth of the country has increased, but most of it has gone to the coffers of the rich and powerful. The ordinary and poor people are the losers. Can this be called democracy of the people?

All the people have got a right to live in this country and the government has got a duty to ensure it. But the actions of the government are only to help the corporates and the rich. Strong protest and retaliatory action are required to change the policy of the government.

8.4 crore children not attending school – Census 2011



It is authentic now. According to the Census 2011, 8.4 crores of children in the age group covered under the Right to Education Act (REA) are not attending school. It means that about 20% of the total eligible children in the age group are denied education, a fundamental right.

Even seven decades of Independence, India, claiming as the biggest democracy in the world, is far behind even many African countries with regard to elementary education. The central governments, both under the Congress (UPA) and the BJP (NDA), never took any serious interest in the education of the poor and the marginalised, since they probably felt that arming the poor with education is a threat to the present social order where the corporates, rich and feudal landlords rule the country. It is only in the two states of Kerala and Tripura, which have Left Party Governments for long periods that literacy is 100%. Education is one of the area which is given top priority by the Left parties.

According to the Census 2011, about 78 lakh school going children have to work for a living, for existence, in India which has banned child labour. The government preaches one thing and act entirely on the contrary. The present NDA government has announced hundreds of plans (yojanas), but what about their implementation? It is not different from what the earlier governments have been doing, including in the case of education. A shame on the Governments!

The Left Parties, progressive forces, trade unions and other similar forces should take up the issue in right earnest and ensure universal education to the children. It should be treated as a fast-track job.It is also necessary to remove the large scale poverty in the country to achieve the same.

The origin of humans was in Africa only



Further scientific proof of the origin of humans has once again cemented the fact that the humans in all parts of the world have come from the ‘dark continent’,Africa, only. It is stated that the modern humans evolved in Africa about 2,00,000 years ago and gradually migrated to other continents like Europe, Asia etc. This includes the sub-continent India also.

It clearly proves that the argument of certain people that the Aryans were the original humans and they are separate from others has no basis, either scientific or practically. It is an argument to falsify history to take advantage by certain sections.

We condemn the government move to privatise 22 Public Sector Units

The move of the central government to privatise 22 PSUs under strategic sale is strongly condemned. It is to be noted that more than 18 crore workers participated in the 2nd September strike called by the Central Trade Unions on the 12 point charter of demands out of which one demand was ‘ no privatisation of PSUs.’ The present decision of the government is not only anti-worker but also shows the arrogance of the government, when the entire working class is against such privatisation.

This attack on the working class and the economic independence of the country has got to be opposed and defeated with the support of the people.