A Struggle for the survival of BSNL – Workers on Indefinite Strike from 3rd December 2018

BSNL workers will start an Infefinite Strike from 3rd December demanding allotment of 4G Spectrum to BSNL, Wage Revision, Pension Revision, Pension Contribution on actual pay etc. This is a struggle for the existence of BSNL and a better service to the Nation.

Extend solidarity and suport to the fully justified strike.

Web of lies in Rafale deal _ Sitaram Yechury


New Delhi, Nov 13 : Left parties Tuesday alleged that the Modi government had spun a “web of lies” to hide “corruption” and its “wrong doings” in the Rafale jet fighter deal.

The political row over the deal escalated on Tuesday with the Congress dismissing as “manufactured lies” claims by Dassault CEO Eric Trappier that there was no wrong-doing.

In a media interview, Trappier claimed no wrong-doing in the Rs 58,000 crore deal, asserting it was a “clean deal” and that his company chose Reliance as an offset partner.

Taking a dig at the CEO’s claim, CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury said “cronies” of all kinds, from France to India, were trying to defend the Modi government on the issue and such efforts will go in vain.

“Modi government has resorted to a web of lies to hide the corruption in Rafale scam. Cronies of all kinds, from France to here in India, are out trying to defend the indefensible. But their lies have all been nailed,” the CPI(M) leader tweeted.

He alleged that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Centre had paid 40 per cent more for each aircraft to Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer of the Rafale fighter jet.

“This proves that Modi government paid 40 pc more for each Rafale aircraft. This is the amount of corruption in the scam where Rs 59,000 crore of our money is involved,” Yechury said on Twitter.

The government has denied allegations of corruption in the deal.

The CPI (M) general secretary said the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, the Supreme Court and the CBI should answer the alleged corruption in the Rafale deal and not the CEO of the company that was part of the deal.

“These are questions the CAG, Supreme Court and CBI should answer. Not the French CEO of a company making money on this deal or the PM – all of whom are complicit in the corruption”, said Yechury.

French aerospace major Dassault Aviation has partnered with Reliance Defence Ltd for delivering 36 Rafale fighter jets to the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Reliance in previous statements has said the Indian government, French government, Dassault and Reliance have clarified on multiple occasions there is no offset contract for Rs 30,000 crore to Reliance as alleged by the Congress.

D Raja, national secretary of the CPI alleged that the Dassault CEO’s comment in an interview does not prove that there was no scam in the Rafale deal.

“Dassault Aviation is one of the parties in the Rafale scam. It is quite obvious that CEO of the company will try to give a clean picture over the deal. That is not true,” said Raja.

He added that constitution of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the Rafale deal, which opposition political parties have been demanding, would unearth the “wrong doings” by the Modi government in the deal.

“It was Prime Minister Modi who had bypassed both the Defence and External Affairs ministry in signing the fighter aircraft deal with France’s Dassault Aviation is mainly responsible for the Rafale scam”, added Raja.

The Centre on Monday had informed the Supreme Court that the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP), as laid out by the UPA in 2013, was “completely followed” in the procurement of the 36 jets from France and the deal was subsequently approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security(CCS). (Courtesy: Ganashakti)

Successful Kerala Circle Conference of AIBDPA


Com.A.Sampath MP inaugurated the 5th biennial circle conference of Kerala at Com.S.Madanan nagar, (Sopanam Auditorium), Kollam on 11th November,2018 with an educative and inspiring speech. The two day conference started with flag hoisting by Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor followed with offering floral tributes to the martyrs . Com.R.A.Nair , Circle President presided. The inaugural session was addressed by Chief Guest Shri.D.Manoj, Controller of Communication Accounts, Coms.C.Santhoshkumar, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, T.Santhoshkumar, Circle Secretary, SNEA, Venkateswaran(CGPA), N.Chandrasekhara Pillai (AIPRPA), N.R.Somasekharan Nair(CCLU) and R.Padmanabhan Nair (BSNL Security Staff Union). Com.V.Rajendra Babu, Mayor and Chairman, Reception Committee welcomed and N.Sasidharan Nair, General Convenor, Reception Committee proposed vote of thanks.

The subject session held in the afternoon on 11-11-2018 was inaugurated by Com.K.G.jayaraj, General Secretary with a detailed speech covering all the issues of the pensioners. Com.N.Guruprasad, Circle Secretary presented the biennial report. Thereafter a very useful seminar was held with Com.P.V.Chandrasekharan , Patron as moderator. The seminar was inaugurated by Com.P.K.Gurudasan, veteran leader and former minister of Kerala. The subject , ” Social security of elders in the neo-liberal period” was presented by Shri.Alexander Jacob, Former DGP of Kerala in an effective and admirable manner. Coms.C.C.Pillai, former Secretary General,NFPE and P.K.Muraleedharan, Convenor,NFPE,Kerala. Com.K.Damodaran, Organising Secretary welcomed and Com.K.Mohanan Pillai, Joint Convenor, Reception Committee thanked.

When the session resumed on 12th morning, Com.K.J.Sanalkumar, Treasurer presented the biennial audited accounts. In the discussion that followed, 32 comrades participated which was replied by both the General Secretary and Circle Secretary.Then the report and accounts were adopted . 479 delegates from all districts participated.

Office bearers were elected unanmously with Com.R.A.Nair (President) Com.N.Guruprasad,(Circle Secretary) and K.J. sanalkumar (Tresurer). A 13 member Circle Womens Committee with Com.Lusy Isac as Convenor was also elected. Resolutions were adopted on important issues.

The Reception Committee with Com.V.Rajendra Babu (Chairman) and N.Sasidharan Nair made excellent arrangements for the successful conduct of the conference.


Demonetisation had serious adverse impact on India – former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan


Washington, Nov 10 : Demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) are the two major headwinds that held back India’s economic growth last year, former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has said, asserting that the current seven per cent growth rate is not enough to meet the country’s needs.

Addressing an audience at the University of California in Berkley on Friday, Rajan said for four years — 2012 to 2016 — India was growing at a faster pace before it was hit by two major headwinds.

“The two successive shocks of demonetisation and the GST had a serious impact on growth in India. Growth has fallen off interestingly at a time when growth in the global economy has been peaking up,” he said delivering the second Bhattacharya Lectureship on the Future of India.

A growth rate of seven per cent per year for 25 years is “very very strong” growth, but in some sense this has become the new Hindu rate of growth, which earlier used to be three-and-a-half per cent, Rajan said.

“The reality is that seven is not enough for the kind of people coming into the labour market and we need jobs for them, So, we need more and cannot be satisfied at this level,” he said.

Observing that India is sensitive to global growth, he said India has become a much more open economy, and if the world grows, it also grows more.

“What happened in 2017 is that even as the world picked up, India went down. That reflects the fact that these blows (demonetisation and GST) have really really been hard blows…Because of these headwinds we have been held back,” he said.

While India’s growth is picking up again, there is the issue of oil prices, the economist noted referring to the huge reliance of India on import of oil for its energy needs.

With the oil prices going up, Rajan said things are going to be little tougher for the Indian economy, even though the country is recovering from the headwinds of demonetisation and initial hurdles in the implementation of the GST.

Commenting on the rising Non-Performing Assets (NPA), he said the best thing to do in such a situation is to “clean up”.

It is essential to “deal up with the bad stuff”, so that with clean balance sheets, banks can be put back on the track. “It has taken India far long to clean up the banks, partly because the system did not had instruments to deal with bad debts,” Rajan said.

The bankruptcy code, he asserted, cannot be the only way to clean up the banks. It is the only one element of the larger cleanup plan, he said and called for a multi-prong approach to address the challenge of NPAs in India.

India, he asserted, is capable of a strong growth. As such the seven per cent growth is now being taken granted.

“If we go below seven per cent, then we must be doing something wrong,” he said adding that that is the base on which India has to grow at least for next 10-15 years.

India, he said, needs to create one million jobs a month for the people joining the labour force.

The country today is facing three major bottlenecks. One is the torn infrastructure, he said, observing that construction is the one industry that drives the economy in early stages. “Infrastructure creates growth,” he said. Second, short term target should be to clean up the power sector and to make sure that the electricity produced actually goes to the people who want the power, he said.

Cleaning up the banks is the third major bottleneck in India’s growth, he said.

Part of the problem in India is that there is an excessive centralisation of power in the political decision making, he said.

“India can’t work from the centre. India works when you have many people taking up the burden. And today the central government is excessively centralised,” Rajan said.

An example of this is the quantum of decisions that requires the ascent of the Prime Minister’s Office, he said.(Courtesy: Ganashakti)

Struggles by BSNLCCWF for payment of wages

Agitated workers organised dharna programme at Amritsar in Punjub circle.

Deepavali is a festival of light. But it has been complained that the contract workers are yet to get their wages since months together in so many circles in BSNL for which they are in dark position in festive season. The contract workers in Amritsar SSA reacted on the issue and organised a dharna programme on 6th November, 2018 at GMT office. BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU organised the massive demonstration before GMT Office. As a result the administration intervened on the issue and arranged a tripartite meeting on 12th November, 2018. It was also ordered the contractors to make the adhoc payment of Rs.5,000/- to the workers before Deepavali. BSNLCCWF CHQ conveys red salute to the leadership and members to conduct the right struggle in right time.

Dharna programme at SSA HQ in Assam circle.

Massive demonstration programme held at the SSA level HQ where a good numbers of casual contract labours attended to focus the anger of casual and contract workers on their genuine demands. BSNLEU members also attended the programme. It is reported that agitated workers are taking full preparation for the mass hunger strike on 20th November, 2018 at CGMT office. (BSNLCCWF website)

Organise massive rallies on 14th November 2018 – AUAB

Organise 14th November rallies massively, and as preparatory to the forthcoming strike.
As per the call of the AUAB, massive rallies are to be organised on 14.11.2018, demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018, on the issues of 3rd pay revision, pension revision, allotment of 4G spectrum and payment of pension contribution on the actual basic pay. It must be specifically noted that, in the meeting held on 02.11.2018, between the AUAB and the Secretary, Telecom, not much progress was seen in the main demand of 3rd Pay Revision. In this connection, all leaders and comrades are requested to make note that, the AUAB has already informed the Secretary, Telecom, that, strike would be organised if the demands are not settled by 30.11.2018. Hence, all circle and district unions are requested to take every step to ensure the total participation of the Non-Executives and Executives, in the rallies to be held on 14.11.2018. It is also requested to display maximum number of banners, flex boards, etc., to attract the attention of the general public to our demands, most importantly issues related to allotment of 4G spectrum, the pro-private policies of the government, financial revival of BSNL, etc.

(BSNLEU Website)

All AIBDPA units are requested to make necessary arrangements for maximum participation of pensioners in the rally.

Modi Government’s Disastrous Demonetisation – Sitaram Yechury

Com. Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary CPI(M) has issued the following statement:
On the second anniversary of demonetization, the Indian economy is yet to recover from the disaster imposed on our economy and the people by Prime Minister Modi.

All the claims that it would unearth lakhs of crores of rupees of black money and end corruption have proven to be utterly false. On the contrary, with 99.4 per cent of the banned notes back in the system, it is clear that demonetization has, in fact, been the avenue to convert black money into white helping the most corrupt. On the other hand, crores of people dependent on daily cash transactions have been devastated and more than 35 lakh workers in the unorganized sector have lost their livelihood. Similarly, the SMEs have suffered a huge loss in revenue. Nor has there been any impact on terrorist activities due to funding crunch as claimed by Modi at that time. On the contrary, official data reveals that incidents of terrorist attacks have more than doubled.

The CPI(M) also condemns the shameless defence being put out by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who is equally responsible for the mess in the Indian economy. In its ongoing campaigns across the country, CPI(M) units are taking these facts

Note ban destroyed the livelyhood of the people _ Sitaram Yechury


On the second anniversary of demonetisation, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury Thursday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi through note ban had “singlehandedly” destroyed the livelihood of people and the economy of the country.

The government’s demonetisation move was a disaster for the economy and the people, the CPI(M) general secretary said.

On the Modi government’s prediction that demonetisation would end black money, corruption and terminate terrorism, Yechury claimed that the Indian economy is yet to recover from the impact of note ban.

“Modi and his minions claimed demonetisation will end black money, finish corruption, terminate terrorism, and bring only digital transactions. Two years later, Modi is silent. The truth is that he singlehandedly destroyed the economy, lives and livelihoods,” he tweeted.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday made a strong defence of the note ban move, saying it resulted in formalisation of economy and increased tax base, with the government earmarking more resources for the poor and infrastructure development.

Yechury claimed that five years ago, Modi had promised Rs 15 lakh in every Indian’s bank account, but those who got huge amounts are the ones who looted banks and fled the country.

“They want you to forget that Rs 15 lakh for every Indian was promised by Modi. It was exactly five years ago. Those who got Rs 150000 lakhs are the ones who looted the banks and then were allowed to scoot from India (sic)”, the CPI (M) leader said on Twitter.

The CPI(M) polit bureau in a statement alleged that all the claims of the Modi government that demonetisation would unearth lakhs of crores of rupees of black money and end corruption have proven to be utterly false.

“On the contrary, with 99.4 per cent of the banned notes back in the system, it is clear that demonetization has, in fact, been the avenue to convert black money into white helping the most corrupt”, the party said.

The Left party also alleged that crores of people dependent on daily cash transactions have been devastated and more than 35 lakh workers in the unorganised sector have lost their livelihood.

“Nor has there been any impact on terrorist activities due to funding crunch as claimed by Modi at that time. On the contrary, official data reveals that incidents of terrorist attacks have more than doubled,”the CPI(M) said in the statement.

On the finance ministers statement, the CPI(M) alleged that he too was equally responsible for the mess in the Indian economy. (courtesy: Ganashakti)