50th Anniversary of the historic one day token strike of 19th September 1968


50 years are over the historical one day token strike of the Central Government employees which took place on 19th September 1968.

It was a strike which shook the government and the country. More than 30 lakhs of CG employees participated keeping the country to a standstill. The P and T workers with their strategical position in the Communication sector ensured that the entire machinery of the governments, both at central and states was paralysed.

It was a struggle for the dignity of labour, for the 15th ILC approved Need Based Minimum Wage, for full neutralisation in cost of living through Dearness Allowance and such other demands. The demands were well understood by the workers despite the false propaganda of the government.

The Indira Gandhi Government used the hated Essential Service Maintenance Ordinance and other such anti-worker ordinances to suppress the struggle, instead of conceding the just demands of the workers. The workers did not flinch; they had the bitter experience of the 1960 strike which was treated as ‘Civil Rebellion’ and tried to be suppressed by then then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The workers had understood the real policy of the government, which was only to support the rich and ignore the justified demands of the workers.

It is to the credit of the Communist Government in Kerala,  headed by Com.EMS Namboodiripad, who declared that his government will not use the ESMA against the striking government employees, despite the central government warned him that failure to implement ESMA may result in dismissal of his government.

Thousands of workers were arrested, jailed, terminated, suspended, dismissed and heavily victimised. NFPTE and other CGE unions were derecognised. For the first time after the formation of the united organisation, NFPTE in 1954, a fake union was floated, which later became FNPTO to serve the interests of the ruling political party.

In Calicut, Kerala, where I was working at that time, 44 temporary employees were terminated, 95 suspended and almost all the active workers charge-sheeted and punished.  I was out of service for about three years and was reinstated after transfer to another division. This was the case with many of the leaders and active workers and even ordinary members.

Many years have passed since then. The workers are now getting DA automatically, whenever there is an increase in the cost of living. Strike victimisation has come down. Usually only dies-non is issued for participation in the strike, except in isolated cases. Recognition of the union is not withdrawn. But still we are to get Minimum Wage implemented as per Dr. Akroyd formula which is around Rs.26,000 at present and the VII CPC has recommended only Rs. 18,000. The struggle of the CG Employees will continue for justice. BSNL employees, who were part of the CG Employees earlier, always keeps close connection with the CG employees including very cordial relations of the unions/associations.

On this 50th anniversary of the historical strike, I pay homage to the martyrs of the 1968 September 19th Strike. The great leaders who led the strike, the workers who implemented the call – we remember all of them, some still in the movement, all of them retired and some already no more with us. I will always remember those comrades who were part of this great struggle and contributed for a better future for the working class.

This loot should end – Participate in the Hartal on 10th September


The Petrol, Diesel and Cooking Gas prices have gone up and is further going up every day, while the international price is coming down or is static. It is only due to the exorbitant taxes that is imposed, that the prices are going sky high. The Modi government has no qualm to loot the common people to fill the coffers of the corporates like Mukesh Ambani.

Give the government a strong jolt by participating in the hartal on 10th September 2018.




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The Left Parties and many other parties have jointly decided for a Nation wide Hartal on 10th September 2018 against the soaring prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas. The petrol price has gone up to Rs. 84 for petrol, which is almost double after Modi Government has come in to power. Even while the price of crude oil, worldwide is coming down, the petrol price in India is increasing, to satisfy the lust for money of Corporates like Reliance, the biggest oil company in the country.

We fully support the Hartal intended to compel the government to reduce the petrol, diesel, cooking gas prices.

CEC meeting of BSNLCCWF held at K.G. Bose Bhawan on 6th Sept. 2018


The Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation (BSNL CCWF), held at K.G. Bose Bhawan on 6th September, 2018. On 5th September the open session held at CTO Sabhagarh in presence of good gathering of general members who came from the nook and corner of the country. Delegates came from 16 circles and participated in the discussion of CEC meeting at K.G. Bose Bhawan. 26 CHQ office bearers and circle Secretaries attended the meeting. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri presided over the meeting and com. Animesh Mitra placed the draft report for discussion. Com. Tapas Banarjee, Finance Secretary, reported the financial position particularly the subscription collection from the circles for the year 2015, 2016 & 2017. After threadbare discussion  trade union action programme has adopted in the CEC meeting: (BSNLCCWF Website)




Coms.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor, K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary and G.B.Salakki, former CHQ Treasurer met Shri.S.K.Jain, DDG (Estt), DoT on 06-09-2018 and had a detailed discussion on BSNL pension revision. General Secretary informed the DDG on the feedback he got from DP P&PW when he met the Director and other officers on 30-08-2018. The delegation urged the DDG to forward the reply to the Pension Department and the DDG stated that it is being processed.

Thereafter, they met Shri.Ravi Kant, Member (Service) and apprised the position and requested his intervention in sending the reply to the Pension Department and early settlement of pension revision. The Member (Service) assured to do the needful. (AIBDPA Website)

DA Right of W.Bengal government Employees, Calcutta High Court

Kolkata, Aug 31 : The Calcutta High Court today held that dearness allowance (DA) was a legal right of West Bengal government employees.

A division bench comprising Justices Debasish Kar Gupta and Sekhar Bobby Saraf set aside a State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) order that had said that DA cannot be claimed as a right by the state government employees.

The bench held that the employees’ claim for DA as per the central government DA rates would be decided by the SAT, which was asked by the court to rehear the issue.

It also asked the tribunal to decide whether the state government was justified to pay differential rates to its employees posted at Delhi and Chennai.

The division bench observed that the central government fixes DA of its employees across the country at the same rate without discriminating on the place of posting.

The court said it cannot be said that employees in Kolkata were affected differently from inflation compared to those posted in Delhi or Chennai.

During an argument of the case, the state Advocate General had claimed that DA was not a right of the employees, but a benevolence on the part of the government.

Observing that the tribunal had not considered the two issues properly and not invited affidavits from the state government with regard to its claim, the bench directed the West Bengal government to file an affidavit before SAT within three weeks.

The petitioners will be at liberty to file their reply to the state government’s affidavit within another week after that.

The bench also directed the tribunal to hear the issues relating to the rates of DA to be paid to the employees expeditiously without unnecessary adjournment and to conclude hearing in the matter within two months excluding holidays.

The Confederation of State Government Employees had moved the SAT, claiming disparity in rates of DA paid by the West Bengal government and the central government to their respective employees.

The SAT had held that DA was not a right of the state government employees and as such it could not question the rates at which it was paid to them.

The HC observed that as the government accepted the Fifth Pay Commission recommendation of 2009 that said that DA was part of salary and a legally enforceable right. (Courtesy: Ganashakti)

Central Government should handover the Relief Amount to Kerala Disaster Relief Fund

Employees of Central government  and central PSUs, outside Kerala are also donating one day salary to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief  Fund. But his amount is directly taken in to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. This is unwanted and unjustified. The central government should not try to rob what is given towards Kerala relief Fund.

The central government should change its policy and hand over the amount to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Com.D.K.Dhaktod, NCCPA Vice-President passed away.


Comrade D.K.Dhaktod, Vice-President, National co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Association (NCCPA) passed away at Nagpur at 8.00 P.M yesterday. Comrade Dhaktod’s life is an inspiration to all. His commitment, dedication, sincerity and humbleness will always be remembered. His contributions to the movement of employees and pensioners are great. He held the responsibilities of General Secretary of P&T Audit & Accounts Employees Association during the formative stage of that militant association. Along with comrade S.K.Vyas, he took all leading role in strengthening the united ‘Joint Action Committee’ of all Audit and Accounts Associations of various departments to reach victory on vital demand of parity will always remain green in memory of thousands of accounts employees. He played his yeoman role in the movement of confederation of CG employees. He was the Chairman of Nagpur CGPA organisation that has a great role in uniting all pensioners under NCCPA. He was the Chairman of Vidharba Coordinating committee of Pensioners Associations. Despite his health, he hosted the National Executive of NCCPA at Nagpur recently. His presentations in our meetings were up to the point and vital. His contributions in the united meeting of various pensioners’ organisations in framing the common memorandums of Pensioners before successive pay commissions were memorable. His concerns to the suffering pensioners and family pensioners exhibited in his every action is an inspiring example for everyone to emulate. We have indeed suffered irreparably in his passing away.
Whenever he used to come to Delhi to attend the meetings of NCCPA, which were held usually in D-7, Telegraph Quarters, where I stayed, we used to talk about the old times, the struggles of the CG employees etc. He usually came along with Com. B.P.Petkar, who is also from Nagpur, since moving alone was difficult at his age.

Red Salute to Com. D.K.Dakhtod!

Homage to Com. V.V.Dakshinamoorthi Master

31st August 2018 is the second death anniversary of Com. V.V.Dakshinamoorthy Master, veteran Communist , who passed away this day in 2016. He was the Editor of ‘Deshabhimani’ for many years, have been Member of the State Assembly, District Secretary of CPI M), Kozhikode, State Committee Member and so on. He was a good speaker and writer. But most importantly he was an expert in teaching Marxism- Leninism to more than two generations. He was simple and his dealings with others were also comradely. I had close connection with Murthy Master for more than 3-4 decades. When he used to come to Delhi for committee meetings etc, we used to meet and discuss personal and political issues.

Red Salute to Com. Murthy Master!