Cities standstill due to traffic jams.

Almost all the big and small cities in the country faces severe traffic jams, causing loss of time and unnecessary harassment to the people. Lakhs of new vehicles, mainly cars, are joining the existing number of vehicles. Despite many suggestions and recommendations, the situation has not improved, rather worsened.

Loss of time, difficulties, harassment, more pollution, higher expenditure, increasing accidents, road rage – what is the remedy? The central and state governments, experts, people’s representatives, manufacturers – all have to think about and find out solutions to this menace.

Delay in payment of wages to BSNL Contract workers

Many complaints are coming that the wages of the contract workers engaged in BSNL are  are not being paid for months together. This is painful and objectionable.

The workers are doing their duty and working hard to maintain the services. Agitations have started in many Districts against non-payment.

BSNL Management should ensure that regular payment is made to the contract workers.  BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU has already taken the matter with the Management.

IT Returns post De-monetisation – Utter Confusion in the Government



The Prime Minister in his Independence Speech stated that additional 56 lakh people have filed personal Income Tax returns from 1-4-2017 to 5-8-2017.

Economic Survey released on 12th August says 5.4 lakh new tax payers were added.

On May 17, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely stated that 91 lakh tax payers have been added post demonetisation.

Ministry of Finance informed Parliament that 33 lakh new tax payers have been added as on 1st August 2017.

These statements are all from responsible persons of the government, but are entirely different numbers. It shows that the neither the Prime Minister, nor the Finance Minister nor the Finance Ministry has any correct picture of the post demonetisation situation. It is clear that the number of new tax payers are increased according to their own fancy to show higher and higher number.

The clarifications issued by the Income Tax Department to justify the various claims has no relevancy at all. Not only demonetisation has caused immense misery to the people, but they are again cheated of the correct information.

No wonder. When there is no commitment to the people, all this will happen.

Red Salute to Comrade P.Krishna Pillai


19th August 2017 is the 69th death anniversary of Comrade P.Krishna Pillai, one of the founder leaders of the Communist Party in Kerala. He left us on 19th August 1948, at the young age of 42 years, due to snake bite, while working under ground to avoid arrest.

Com. P.Krishna Pillai was affectionately called as ‘COMRADE’ by all his comrades, friends and followers. From very young age’ he was attracted to the freedom movement and became part of it, through Congress. It was only natural for him to become a Communist and a leader. He led many struggles against untouchability, injustice and for the cause of the workers. He was brutally assaulted several times by the police and was jailed. He was one of the best organisers, the party has ever seen. He laid the foundation for the Communist Party in Kerala.

On this 69th death anniversary, various programmes are organised state wide in his memory. He will always be  an inspiration for fighting against injustice and for the upliftment of the downtrodden, especially in the present situation, when the ruling classes ares aggressively implementing the neo-liberal policies and intolerance.

Red Salute to Comrade Krishna Pillai!

There is no justification to deny wage revision to workers in loss making PSUs

Public Sector Units were formed since 1947, to improve the infrastructure, for industrial growth and with many other objectives for a welfare society. Profit-making was not the motive, but almost all the PSUs were posting profits.

It is only due to the neo-liberal policy adopted by the government, which is really anti-PSU, that many of the PSUs became loss making. The workers are not responsible for this. In fact, in most of the PSUs, the productivity has increased, as in BSNL, due to the efforts of the workers.

If you take BSNL, it has posted more profits than loss during the entire 17 years period. It may be with other PSUs also.

The Government should, therefore, order for wage revision for employees in all the PSUs, overriding the recommendations of the III Pay Revision Committee.

BMS also opposes disinvestment of PSUs, but no joint action with other Central Trade unions.

Brijesh Upadhyaya, General Secretary BMS has called upon the BMS workers to organise ‘March to Delhi’ on 17th November 2017 demanding equal pay for equal work, social security for all workers and against disinvestment of PSUs etc. But it is also reported that BMS will not join the joint programme of three days dharna of the 10 Central Trade Unions – INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, UTUC and LPF along with All India Federations mostly on the same demands being organised from 9th November 2017.

A joint programme by all the Central trade unions including BMS is the need of the hour. It is to be noted that all the CTUs including INTUC and BMS organised joint programmes on the workers’ demands while Congress was in power.

Powerful Struggles alone can build an alternative – Sitaram Yechury


” Secular Democracy in India has never come under such a severe strain as we are witnessing today. Only the fighting unity of the Indian patriots can overcome this challenge and take India forward towards the creation of a better India for our people. It is this unity in struggles of the vast majority of our people which will create the alternative people’s narrative to the current Modi narrative.” – Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary, CPI(M) in ‘People’s Democracy’ dated 13th August 2017.

Stop Manual Scavenging, the most degradation of human beings.


Of course, there are laws in the country against manual scavenging. But in actual practice, it still continues in many parts of the country. Human beings are compelled to do this degrading job. Recently, in two incidents in the Delhi and a nearby place a total of 7 workers have been killed while cleaning the sewers. There are clear orders that machines should be used for the cleaning, but the Contractor and the Engineer of the Delhi Jal Board compelled them to clean it manually.

The government should order an inquiry in the matter and punish the culprits. The families of the dead workers should be financially compensated.

BJP got 89% of Corporate Donations!


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BJP has created history by managing to get 89% of the total political donations from the corporates in the country.
According to the report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), BJP got Rs. 705.81 crores ( in the donations of more than Rs. 20,000), while Congress got only Rs. 198.16 crore, NCP Rs. 50.73 and CPI(M) 1.89 crore. The total of such donations is Rs. 956.77 crores.

The corporates have donated maximum to BJP and they will ensure that they get maximum favours from the government. The decisions taken during the three years after Modi came in to power clearly show that the Corporates have been showered with benefits more than hundred times for the donation received from them.

This government is certainly a Government of the corporates, for the Corporates, by the corporates! Working class and the people at large has to realise this naked truth and fight for getting justice to the common people and the downtrodden.

PPP not suitable for Metro and Light Metro – E.Sreedharan


The decision of the central government to make private participation mandatory for all metro projects has been severely criticised by E.Sreedharan, who has been the architect of most of the metro projects in the country.

Metro is a service to the people and not based on high profits. That is why the Delhi Airport Metro line which was handed over to Reliance did not function well and Reliance left it and escaped. Now again it has started running.

The government decision making private participation mandatory in Metro projects is sense less and has to be abandoned. Metro system can not be destroyed by the love of the government for the private corporates.