Homage to Kayyur Martyrs


March 29th 2017 is the 74th anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrades Madathil Appu, Koyithattil Chirukandan, Podora Kunhambu Nair and Pallikkal Aboobacker who were hanged by the British rulers for organising the kisans against the exploiting landlords and the hated British rule. They are the  Kayyur Martyrs who inspired generations of people and workers to fight against the British Government and later the Indian government which continued the anti-people policy.

Red Salute to the Kayyur Comrades! It is our duty to continue the struggle for the cause of the people, which these martyrs have shown by sacrificing their lives!

Don’t attack the food habits of peoples, animals


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All the meat shops and abattoirs in U.P. are on closed and on strike against the decision of  Yogi Aditynath Government to ban beef and also punish the ‘offenders’. Beef is the food of a large number of people and restrictions and ban on the same will adversely and badly affect their lives. This also affects the animals like lion, tiger etc. in the zoos.

Brute majority in the elections is not a licence to start anti-people, anti-animal drive and cutting short the employment of thousands of people.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has stated that the action is only against those not having valid licences, but in practice it is against all who deals with beef, meat etc. as alleged by the affected traders and people.

The UP government should stop this unwarranted attack on the people without any delay.

End this Injustice to Casual Labour



There are about 3,000 casual labour, mostly recruited through employment exchange in DOT and now working in BSNL, who have completed about 25 to 30 years of service and are still not regularised. They were fully eligible to be regularised as per  the agreement between the Federations and the government at the time of formation of BSNL in 2000. It was only due to the delay and negligence of the field level management in sending the details to the corporate office that these casual labours were denied regularisation.  The plea of the Corporate office that they can not now be regularised in view of the Supreme Court judgment in a 2006 case is without substance. Casual labour have been regularised as a special case in many central government departments even after 2006. BSNL can also do the same.

It is only justice and correct that all these casual labour should be regularised with out further delay so that they will get better wages and pensionary benefits for their long period of serving the nation.


50% of casual labour service to be counted for pension – SC



The Supreme Court ordered that 50% of service of the casual period should be counted for pension, after the worker is regularised. The judgment was delivered in an appeal filed by the Railway Department against the decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal that the full period of casual service should be counted for pension and other benefits, after the worker is regularised.

The judgment was delivered by the Bench consisting of Justice A.K.Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan.

WFTU statement on the World Water Day



For the WFTU the water is a public good, a valuable natural resource subject to absolute protection of its quantity and quality, which has to be provided with special care for the balanced satisfaction of the modern popular needs and for the maintenance of nature.

The WFTU and the class oriented trade union movement struggle and demand to put into practice, that “water for human use” is not a merchantable product, it must not fall within the meaning of food and should be provided adequately, under the direct responsibility of each government, equally to all citizens of the dominion, as a public good, not being amenable to the “laws of market” and ruled by the rules of health engineering.

WFTU .Secretariat

‘40% jobs will be lost by 2021 due to Automation’ – Experts


Automation is continuously taking away the jobs of the workers. It is stated by experts that by 2021, about 40% of the existing jobs will be lost worldwide due to automation. And 25% out of this will be in India.

Unemployment in India has been continuously increasing. If the existing jobs are also lost, the situation will become  very serious.


Bifurcation of BSNLEU A.P.Circle in to A.P. and Telangana Circles

The Khammam Circle Conference of BSNLEU held on 25-26 March 2017 has taken decision to bifurcate the circle union in to A.P.Circle Union and Telengana Circle Union. Comrades P.Asoka Babu and J.Sampath Rao have been unanimously elected as the Circle Secretaries respectively.

Hearty Congratulations to the new circles and the office-bearers!

Merger of SBI and Affiliated Banks – 10% Staff will be reduced



The merger of the 5 affiliated banks – State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur and State Bank of Patiala as also the Bharatiya Mahila Bank with State bank of India (SBI) will result in reduction / retrenchment of about 10% of total staff. This was stated by none other than Rajnish Kumar, Managing Director SBI.

Despite strong protest from the Bank Unions, the merger will be effected from 1st April 2017. Many of the the merged SBI Branches will be closed and the staff relocated. According to the SBI top executive, there will a total staff of about 2,77,000 workers post-merger ( SBI – 2,07,000 plus Merged Banks – 70,000). Within two years about 10% of this staff will have to be reduced according to him.

The closure of branches and reduction of staff will mean less service to the public and more incentive to the growth of private banks. In the name of merger, the neo-liberal pro-corporate agenda of the government is being implemented. What happened with the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines is not forgotten by the public. The new entity became loss making as also a lot of problems arose.


‘The First Indian War of Independence – 1857-1859’


This is the caption of the book which is published incorporating the many articles written by Karl Marx during the period of 1857-59 assessing the various developments in connection with uprising of 1857-59, which the British rulers called ‘Sepoy Mutiny’. It was not a  mere mutiny by the Sepoys, but was part of the great struggle of the people against the British rule.

It is surprising how such detailed information about the movement of the army, the recapture of Delhi and Lucknow by the British, the resistance put by the Indian Sepoys and rulers and above all the review of the entire situation has been explained by Marx, sitting far away from India.

Karl Marx was in full sympathy with the First War of Independence. His articles have been referred in many of the various books / articles published in 1957-58 in connection with the centenary of the great uprising.

A.P.Circle Conference started

The Fifth Circle Conference of BSNLEU got started at Khammam today, 25th March 2017. This is the biggest telecom Circle in India, both in number of employees as also in number of BSNL Employees Union. However the circle union will be bifurcated in to A.P. and Telangana circles in this conference, since BSNL has already bifurcated the same.

Com.Mohan Reddy, Circle President, BSNLEU presided in the open session.Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri Founder General Secretary inaugurated.Coms. Sai Babu, GS CITU Telangana state, P.Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, P.Asokababu, VP BSNLEU,J.Sampath Rao Circle Secretary and other leaders addressed.

More than 700 comrades are attending. The Conference will continue tomorrow.