‘No propsal to merge BSNL-MTNL – Communications Minister

“There is no proposal to merge BSNL and MTNL. We had appointed a consultant to revive MTNL, who has given some recommendations. We are working on it,” the Communications Minister stated on the sidelines of a conference here.
But what is your plan for reviving both BSNL and MTNL? Naturally, no reply.

The government should plan to strengthen both the BSNL and MTNL, its own companies.

Remembering Com. Moni Bose

19th May 2018 is the 8th death anniversary of Com. Moni Bose, veteran leader of P and T employees and the first patron of BSNLEU. He left us on 19th May 2010.

Since his entry in the the P and T department in 1945, he has been fully engaged with  the union activities along with his elder brother and historical figure Com. K.G.Bose. He was terminated in connection with the 1949 strike and was never taken back in service. But his life was fully dedicated to the service of the P and T workers and led the movement as Circle Secretary of E.III Union W.Bengal Circle. In 1991, he was elected as the General Secretary of  E.III Union, defeating Com.O.P.Gupta, who has been the GS Of the union since its inception in 1954. Later he was elected as the President in 1994. Com. Moni fought for the correct policy and against revisionism.

I had been closely connected with Com. Moni Bose for more than four decades. After death of Com.K.G.Bose in 1974,  the leadership of the progressive section in the union fell upon Com. Moni and he led the movement for years. We were elected All India President and General Secretary in the Bhopal Conference in 1991 and had a close relation in our fight for the right of the workers. Com. Moni returned to Calcutta in 1996 after vacating the post of All India President, but continued his activities there. He was appointed as a member in the Pay Commission appointed by W.Bengal government for the state employees.  (Life history of Com. Moni Bose and his activities  are narrated in the book ‘Great Leaders of P and T TU Movement’ authored by me).

Moni Bose Day is being observed all  over India as per the call of BSNLEU by organisisng meetings, seminars, trade union class etc.

On his 8th death anniversary, we remember him and pay our respects. Red Salute to Com. Moni Bose.

Nepal Communist Party formed after merger – A welcome Move


In a very welcome move,  Nepal’s two major Communist  parties declared their unification and launched the new communist party on Thursday.

The ruling Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninist) (CPN-UML) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) announced their unification as Nepal Communist Party at a press conference at City Hall in Kathmandu Thursday evening.

CPN-UML Chairman K.P. Sharma Oli and Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal signed the agreement and declared the merger and formation of a single communist party in the Himalayan country.

The new party has been registered at the Election Commission after the CPN-UML and the CPN Maoist Centre dissolved their respective central committees.

The latest political development came after the seven-point party unification deal which was formally signed by the top leaders of both parties in Feb. 20. (based on press reports)

Rs 11,330 crore for the Network for Spectrum (NFS) project, over and above Rs 13,334 crore already allotted

The government approved higher budget allocation for laying of alternate communication network for defence services in turn for release of spectrum held by the armed forces, as part of the decisions taken by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Wednesday.

The committee approved enhancement of budget by Rs 11,330 crore for the Network for Spectrum (NFS) project, over and above Rs 13,334 crore already approved by the Cabinet Committee on infrastructure in July 2012.

Stop this horse trading in Karnataka – CPI(M)


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly opposes the time being given to the BJP to indulge in naked `horse trading’ and the use of money power to muster a majority in the Karnataka Assembly when the officially declared results have shown that the BJP does not have a majority in the recently-concluded elections.

The Governors appointed during the current BJP government’s tenure have, in the past, followed the principle of swearing in a government on the basis of post-election arrangement between parties which have a majority in the Assembly. In the elections to the Goa Assembly in March 2017, which has a strength of 40, the Congress won 17 while the BJP won 13. The BJP, however, was invited to form the government after a post-election coalition with other parties. Likewise, in the Manipur Assembly elections in 2017, which has a strength of 60, Congress had won 28 and BJP won 21 seats. But BJP was asked to form the government on the basis of a post-poll arrangement. In the elections to Meghalaya Assembly in March 2018, out of the total strength of 60, Congress had 21 while the BJP had only 2. The BJP, however, was invited to form the government by the Governor on the basis of a post-poll arrangement which showed a majority.

In this instance in Karnataka, post-poll Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) alliance has a clear majority in the Assembly of 222 MLAs elected. The same principle must be adopted in Karnataka like it was done in the above state elections and the Chief Minister-designate of the post-poll coalition must be sworn-in and asked to prove the majority on the floor of the House in accordance with the verdicts of the Supreme Court immediately. Delaying this would only mean that the Constitutional office of the Governor is being misused to buy time for naked `horse trading’. This is blatantly anti-democratic.


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) expresses its outrage and strong condemnation at the death of 58 Palestinians killed by the Israeli armed forces at the Gaza-Israel border fence.

The Palestinians have been holding marches to the border to demand the return of the people to the lands from which they were evicted by Israel.

The opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, in complete violation of international law, on that day has emboldened the Israeli forces to resort to this brazen attack.

This brutal massacre of Palestinians must not only be condemned but action taken against Israel for this grave human right violations. The Government of India must strongly condemn this barbarity by Israeli forces. The UN Security Council must act in this regard.

FCI Employees hold protest to Demand wage revision


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“Nationwide, protest demonstrations were organised by FCI Employees Association (CITU) on Friday in many states against the lackadaisical attitude and nefarious design of Government missionaries on pending wage revision of FCI Employees.

The DPE in its office memorandum of 8th round wage negotiation for unionised workmen in respect of CPSEs has not permitted Food Corporation of India (FCI) to commence wage revision process for its employees till now by saying that the government would not provide any budgetary support for any such wage increase, and FCI would have to bear the entire financial implications from their own resources.
Dr. A Sampath MP inaugurated the All India Protest at Regional Office, Trivandrum, Kerala. While addressing the protest MP informed that as per High Level Committee report already FCI Operations are under the threat of Privatization. It is a serious threat to the existence of FCI and food security of the nation. Subsidy received every year by FCI was lower than claimed for from the GoI. On an average only 67 per cent of subsidy claimed was released by the GoI over the last five years because of which FCI had to borrow from other costlier means of finance. Details of Subsidy is attached for ready reference 1. FCI had to pay huge amount of interest on funds raised from external sources, as it did not get the food subsidy reimbursement in time from the Government of India (GoI). It will also affect the day to day operations of Food Corporation of India.

The primary duty of FCI is to undertake procurement, storage, movement, transportation, distribution and sale of food grains. Now FCI had 14556 Category III & IV employees as on 31 March 2018 against the sanction of 27345. A shortage of 12789 personals. The newly joined employees are resigning from FCI due to meagre income and difficult working atmosphere compare to other PSUs. The last wage revision was taken place before 10 years, i.e on 2007. The volume of the work as compared to the year 2007 has increased manifold. Now the turn over per employee handled is five folded. Dr A Sampath Mp told that nothing can replace manpower, proving food security to the nation is an important job and necessary personals should be recruited and the employees should be paid a good wage similar to the central government employees. Denying legitimate demand of FCI employees are unjustifiable.” (Press report)

The struggle of the FCI workers should be fully supported.

Modiji keeps people away from the reality by giving a new slogan everyday – Sitaram Yechury



“CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury today accused the Narendra Modi government of keeping people away from the reality and called upon all secular parties to join hands to oust the NDA government at the Centre.
“Like Manmohan Desai’s formula films, People do not find time to think about the slogan given the previous day,” Yechury said at a seminar on “Role of Left in Current National Situation”.
Alleging that giving slogans was a strategy of Modi, he said, “The prime minister did not speak on the current situation of the country while campaigning in Karnataka. He often speaks on (Jawaharlal) Nehru and (Sardar Vallabhbhai) Patel instead of saying what he has been doing.”
Yechury alleged that anti-romeo squad and private armies like cow protection groups were being raised and constitutional institutions attacked.
The country’s unity was in danger, he claimed.
Minority communities and Dalits were being attacked in the BJP-ruled states, he alleged.
The senior CPI(M) leader also denounced the Modi government’s economic policies.” (Press Report)

BEFI takes the struggle to the streets – BSNL Unions too.



The PSU Banks are under attack from the government as well as the corporates. In the name of NPA or unpaid loans, the Banks are criticised, forgetting conveniently that these loans of lakhs of crores of rupees are the creation of corporates and corrupt top management of the banks who dance to the tunes of the government. The workers are under threat of loss of jobs due to merger of banks etc. And at the same time the workers are blamed for all these.

It is to inform and educate the people of all these and to save the banks, that BEFI has taken to the streets. The 24 hour programme by it at Kozhikode Mudalakkulam maidan on 11/12 May 2018 was a great success with the support of trade unions, service associations etc. A lot of information on the attacks on the various PSUs and other institutions could be gathered.

This is the correct approach in the present situation. The people have to be mobilised against the wrong policies and actions of the government. From tomorrow onward BSNL workers are also in the streets with the same approach.

Congratulations to BEFI and BSNLEU and other unions for approaching the people for support and co-operation!




New Delhi : Earlier, this week, Muneeza Hashmi, the daughter of legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz wasn’t allowed to speak at a forum in New Delhi, where she was officially invited.
According to a report in News 18, Hashmi was listed as a speaker at the 15th Asia Media Summit which was held in Delhi between May 10 and 12 but wasn’t allowed to take part. According to the report, when Hashmi reached the hotel she was told there was no booking in her name.
She was later informed by the director of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development that she wouldn’t’ be allowed to speak. PIB chief Sitanshu Kar said he wasn’t aware of any such incident while co-host and IIMC director KG Suresh said: “We have no role in this. Logistics was not being looked after by us.”
Hashmi was to speak on May 10. This led Muneeza’s son Ali Hashmi to tweet tagging the PM’s Office and Sushma Swaraj and ask: “This is your Shining India? My 73- year-old mother, daughter of Faiz, denied permission to participate in the conference after being officially invited. Shame.”
Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan wrote: “Shame on the Modi government for deporting Daughter of Faiz Ahmed Faiz from India and stopping her from participating in the Asia media summit in Delhi. Faiz was not only an outstanding Urdu poet but also a staunch opponent of the military rule in Pakistan.” (Courtesy: Ganashakti)