Kashmir – M.P.s of foreign countries can visit, not M.P.s of India

In order to show that everything in Kashmir is under control, M.P.s of foreign countries are brought to Kashmir and selected places are shown.

By denying Indian M.P.s to visit Kashmir, it is clear that Kashmir is still not normal. It is many months since the situation got out of control, after abrogating Article 370 concerning the special constitutional provisions to the state.

The Supreme Court order to re-examine the curbs on internet etc. is a slap on the face of the central government. Centre should remove the curbs put on Kashmir and bring normalcy.

What is the working plan after 78569 officials will leave on VRS in BSNL? – Immediate action plan required.

By 31st January 78,569 officials, more than 50% of the total staff, will be retiring from BSNL. In addition, hundreds will be retiring on superannuation. With such a large reduction of work force, how is BSNL going to function? What is the working plan that is prepared by BSNL management?
Nothing has been made clear. Some orders and press statements are issued. But what is the present position? Only 20 days are left now for the large scale VRS retirement.

To avoid difficulties in serving the customers, immediate action plan is needed. It should be prepared in discussion with the staff side / unions and associations. There is hardly any time to finanlise.

Three Decades valiant Struggles against privatisation of Telecom /BSNL – 1


Three Decades valiant Struggles against privatisation of Telecom /BSNL – 1

(A note on the sustained struggles organised by the Unions in Department of Telecom and later in BSNL, against corporatisation, privatisation and closure of the govt. telecom services since 1991, when the New Economic Policy of Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation (LPG) started being implemented in India. This will be serially published).

Telecom is one of the most important infrastructure and service which helps to speed up development and growth of any country. During the last century, technological advances have been fantastic and telecom sector was no exception. In fact, the changes in telecom sector were beyond comparison.
At the time of Independence in India in 1947, there were only about 80,000 or so. India was far behind the developed countries. By 1980s, India was catching up, due to introduction of new technologies and expansion programmes. Magneto, Central Battery, Automatic etc. systems changed for electronic exchanges. Underground cables were laid all over the country. Number of employees rose to about 4.5 lakhs. The telecom revolution was going to start.
The combined Postal and Telegraphs Department was bifurcated in to Departments of Posts and Telecom. Telecom Commission was formed subsequently with more powers. Telecom became a highly profitable sector, with introduction of newer and newer technologies. Vast expansion was expected.
The collapse of USSR and consequent weakening of Socialist system changed the entire world scenario. Capitalist countries, with USA at the head, started dictating terms and conditions for other countries to follow. The trimurtis – International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and World Trade Organisation (WTO)- worked as effective tools for the implementation of the new capitalist order.
Discarding its earlier motto of, ‘Socialist Pattern of Society’, the ruling Congress party had already shifted to the neo-liberalisation policy of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG). Massive Indian markets were opened for the MNCs to enter and garner huge profits. The greedy eyes of the MNCs have already focussed on Telecom, which was fully under the central government.
Athreya Committee Report -1991
The Athreya Committee, which was appointed to study the restructure of Department of Telecom, submitted its majority report in 1991, recommending corporatisation of telecom services as also privatisation. There was strong protest and outcry from the telecom workers and their unions. They very well understood that corporation / privatisation will be not only bad for the workers, but bad for the entire country. The entire telecom workers went on a successful One Day Token All India Strike on 31 December 1993 against the recommendations for corporatisation and privatisation. The government was compelled to shelve the proposal for corporatisation and privatisation for the time being. This was a big victory for the struggling workers.

(Will be continued).

AIBDPA leaders meet M.P.s on Pension Revision

As per decision of the CEC of AIBDPA, District leaders of AIBDPA, Kozhikode met Members of Parliament , Shri M.P. Veerendra Kumar and Com. Elamaram Kareem and presented Memorandum to be submitted to Prime Minister on Pension Revision and requested them to take up the matter with the Prime Minister for early settlement. The demand is that the govt should immediately ensure Pension Revision wef from 01.01.2017 to BSNL retirees with 15 % fitment, as the maximum recommended by the III Pay Revision Committee.
Though Shri Veerendra Kumar was not well and was undergoing treatment, he met the delegation, received memorandum, read it and assured that he will take up the matter with central govt.
Com.Elamaram Kareem M.P.was very busy with attending meetings in connection with the agitation against CAA, but still he graciously met us near the meeting place, received the Memorandum, enquired details and assured the delegation that he will take up the matter with government.
Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor AIBDPA, Chandran, Dist President, Balan Punnassery, M.K.Prabhakaran, K.G.Sanjeevan and Rajagopalan consisted the AIBDPA delegation.

Organise Dharna/Demonstrations on 7th January in support of 8th January Strike – AIBDPA


AIBDPA has called upon its units to organise dharna / demonstrations on 7th January in support of the One day General Strike on 8th January called by the Central trade Unions, except BMS, against the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the govt. including denial of minimum wage, privatisation of central PSUs, taking away of hard won gains through sustained struggles etc.

Implement the programme successfully.

Condemn attack on JNU students.

It is widely reported in the press about the cruel and dastardly attack on the JNU students, including girls, by RSS-BJP-ABVP hoodlums, who entered the campus with sticks, hammers, swords etc. Many have been hospitalised. This is being done with the support of the Delhi Police, who is under the centre, and the Vice-Chancellor.

Outrage over the attack has been manifested in demonstrations, dharnas, rallies etc. all over the country demanding serious action on the culprits and resignation of the VC.

We strongly condemn the attack and demand the government to take immediate action to arrest the culprits and dismiss the Vice-Chancellor of JNU for his dubious role.

India get isolated on CAA


There are serious agitations and actions against CAA in India since the bill has been adopted. Likewise, protests also take place in many foreign countries protesting against the act by the government, which discriminates citizenship on religious basis.India is getting more and more isolated on this issue. The prestige India has got among world nations is on the decline.

Free/ Concessional telephones to BSNL/DOT retirees.


AIBDPA had taken up the issue with BSNL management  of providing free/concessional mobile connection to retired BSNL and DOT employees wherever residential land   line connection could not be provided due to technical non-feasibility, particularly after closure WLL exchanges. After continuous discussions and persuasion, now BSNL has issued the order;


BSNL Pensioners welcome agitational programmes by AIBDPA.


Very good support is being received for the agitational programmes planned by Central Executive Committee of AIBDPA on the issue of Pension revision for BSNL retiree w.e.f. 01-0-12017. The programme is being organised to involve the entire BSNL pensioners on a massive campaign and putting pressure on the government to accede the rightful demand. The programme includes:

1. Submission of Memorandum to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, signed by tens of thousands of pensioners.All pensioners, irrespective of union/association of BSNL/DOT to be approached and signature obtained. It is beneficial to all.
2. Meet all the Members of Parliament and request to take up the issue with the government. A copy of the Memorandum also to be given and matters explained.
3. Massive Hunger Strike on 12th February 2020 in front of the CCA Offices in the circles.
4. Massive March to Parliament on 12th March 2020 being participated by thousands of pensioners.

AIBDPA leaders are approaching all pensioners to get the memorandum signed for being given to the Prime Minister. The more the number of signatures, more pressure on the government. In this connection, I am remembering how the BSNL workers took lakhs of signatures on the Memorandum to the Prime Minister, in a lorry with full of big packets received from the Circle Unions. Not even a single M.P. should be left out. All the M.P.s should be met by our leaders at local level and request them to take up the fully justified matter with the Government. Start the work now itself, without waiting even for one day.