Stop Privatisation of HLL (Life Care) Ltd.


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The Central government’s move to privatise the HLL (Life Care ) Ltd. (former Hindustan Latex Ltd.) is ill-advised and against the interests of the country. This is the PSU which manufactures contraceptives and which has been effectively used for the last many years. The company is profitable. Thousands of workers are employed there.

In its eagerness to satisfy the  greed of the private corporates, this well running profitable PSU is being sold to the private. The workers and their unions have strongly opposed privatisation. Kerala M.P.s  have written to the Prime Minister demanding to keep the company as PSU.

The Central Government should drop the anti-people, anti-PSU move.


Prime Minister praises Kerala for full literacy – But what about other states?


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his recent visit to Kerala, has congratulated the Kerala people for the full literacy of the state. Well and good and thanks for the same.

But people want to know what action, the BJP governments are taking to spread literacy in its own states? If the reports are correct, many of these states are having more than 30-40% illiteracy.

The conclusion is clear. The BJP governments at the centre as well as states are not serious about improving literacy. They only want a facial makeup. They very well know that the people, the workers, the Dalits, the under-privileged – their voices will become stronger and fights will become mightier, which the government don’t want.

A great movement for literacy in the entire country is the need of the hour to empower the weaker sections of the society. The workers, students, teachers, employees, educationalists – all have got the responsibility in this task, in addition to the Government.

Dangerous moves of Donald Trump



Donald Trump after his election as the President of United States, is creating conflicts after conflicts which are danger to the peaceful relations between nations. The attack on Syria, the new immigration policy, withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on emission of greenhouse gases – the list is continuing.

The latest is the cancellation of agreement with Cuba, which was signed during the period of President Barack Obama resulting in better relations between US and Cuba, ending the economic blockade of about 6 decades.

As the most powerful country in the country, it is the responsibility of US and its President not to create hurdles in maintaining world peace. But what Trump is doing is on the contrary. The United Nations and the world opinion should put a stop to these acts of Trump, in the interest of world peace.


United Action a Must to Defend and Save BSNL

BSNL. the telecom PSU, fully owned by the government of India, is in one of the worst crisis, it had to face till now. Though NITI Ayog has denied that it has recommended strategic sale / closure of BSNL, the fact remains that something is moving in the corridors of power against the survival of BSNL.

All the earlier attacks like disinvestment, unbundling, VRS etc. could be defeated with the united strength of the organisations of the executives and non-executives with the full support of the workers and executives. Another such attack is in the offing now. In addition, in the name of loss, the government is trying to deny wage revision to the workers.

This is the moment to unite all the forces available at our command and to defeat the conspiracies and attacks against BSNL and ensure wage revision. Nobody can keep aloof from this historic task.

In the past we had done it. In future also we will fight unitedly to sava BSNL and its workforce.


‘Com. S.R.Nayak Memorial Hall’ in KG Bose Bhawan, New Delhi


The decision of the Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU held at  Thiruvananthapuram to name the hall in K.G.Bose Bhawan, New Delhi as ‘Com.S.R.Nayak Memorial Hall’ is appropriate and appreciable. It is not only to respect the feeling of the M.P.Circle who gave Rs. 15 lakh donation, but also is a tribute to the great leader, who spent his entire life for the organisation and defending the rights of the telecom workers.

Since the latter half of the 1970s, I had close contact with Com. S.R.Nayak, the rebel leader of the M.P.Telecom circle. In the various all India Conferences of the AITEE Union Class III ( E.III Union in short), we were part of the same group fighting for correct policy and democratic functioning in the union, under the leadership of Com.K.G.Bose and later Com. Moni Bose. He had to face severe harassment and punishments both  from the circle union as well as the Department for his union activities.

In the historic Bhopal All India Conference of E.III Union in 1991, he was elected as the Asst General Secretary. He was elected as the Circle Secretary of E.III Union and later as Circle Secretary of the BSNLEU M.P.Circle, in which post he continued for years.

In all the struggles he was in the forefront. He was a fighter and continued as such. He organised and brought many  active workers and leaders for the organisation. I have close connection with him for more than four decades. We have toured the undivided M.P.Circle more than once in connection with the membership Verification in the early period.

He left us forever on 8th August 2013 at a Delhi Hospital, where he was under treatment for some weeks.

It is a real tribute to Com. SR Nayak to name the Hall in the K.G.Bose Bhawan as ‘Com.S.R.Nayak Memorial Hall’.


Wage Revision is a Right – Nobody can stop it!

More than two lakh BSNL Employees have got the right to get wage revision w.e.f. 01-01-2017. It can not be denied on the basis of no-profit or loss. BSNL is a fully government owned company and its activities are based on the government decisions. It is implementing the social objectives of Connecting India, providing connections in lakhs of villages, where no private companies will dare to come since the connections are provided causing huge losses.

Further due to the efforts of the workforce and the management, the losses has gone down. For the last two years, there is operational profit. Loss accounted due to depreciation of the large assets of the company can not be a reason for the denial of wage revision.

BSNL Management has already brought these and other points to the notice of the DOT. But no guidance has been recived so far to start wage negotiations. There is no doubt that serious united struggles will have to be organised for achieving results. The agitational programmes, including the One Day Strike on 27-07-2017  called for by Unions/Associations has to be fully participated and made successful as the answer to the delay in wage revision.

‘K.G.Bose Bhavan’ inaugurated at Manjeri, Kerala.

A newly constructed building for the office of the NFPE at Manjeri,’K.G.Bose Bhawan’ was inaugurated by Com. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Kerala on 13th June 2017.  A large number of employees and public were present in the function. Many of the union offices of NFPE/BSNLEU in  Kerala are named in the memory of the great Revolutionary leader Com.K.G.Bose, who showed the correct path for forward march. It is worth mentioning here that the first Memorial to Com. KG Bose was constructed in Kozhikode as the office of the P&T Co-ordinating Committee which was named ‘KG Bose Mandiram’ and inaugurated by Com. Parul Bose, wife of Com.K.G.

Our hearty congratulations to comrades of Manjeri for their great effort!

WFTU solidarity statement with the people of Bangladesh



WFTU solidarity statement with the people of Bangladesh
Once again the working class and the poor people of Bangladesh pay with their lives the criminal lack of protection measures at the workplace as well as at the county’ districts where the popular strata live.

During the last week, 2 new incidents add tens of people in the never-ending list of victims. At least 25 people were killed during the daylong rainfall and the following landslide. Also 3 construction workers were killed as their platform collapsed.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 92 million workers in the 5 continents, expresses its solidarity with the Bangladesh working class and supports their fair demands for protective measures in all aspects of life.

However, while the protection of the workers’ lives is just an additional cost for the bourgeoisie’s budget, the workers have to satisfy their demands through militant, class oriented and relentless struggles.

The WFTU expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends. The WFTU supports the fair demands of the working class for more than 70 years and calls the workers in every corner of the world to continue the daily struggle for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man.

Signature Campaign against Privatisation of Kozhikode Railway Station


As part of the protest action under the ” Kozhikode  Raliway Station Protection Committee”, a signature campaign was started at the station premises today, 16th June 2017, against the move to sell the Railway land to corporates in the name of modernisation of the station. About 5 acres of railway land is being leased to private parties at the rate of Re.1 for a square metre for 40-45 years.


Large number of people have already signed the memorandum.









“If you are against the Government, you are against the Nation” – Gopalakrishna Gandhi



” Those connected historically and culturally to the idea of a Hindu Rashtra are, today, promulgating their passionately held philosophy in different ways, dispersed incidents, apparently unconnected, in ways that make a Muslim feel fearful, a Christian feel as light as a leaf that can be blown off by a single majoritarian breath, a liberal feel vulnerable, a dissident feel rattled. They make the cattle-trader afraid, the non-vegetarian at his meal declare it is not, please, Sir, not beef. They go to make the journalist feel hesitant, the farmer feel betrayed,  the Dalit and tribal feel insecure. Above all, any one hurt by administrative wrongdoing or dismayed by state policy feel afraid to say so far: If you are against the government, you are against the nation.”

This quotation is from the article “The anniversary of a divide” written  by Gopalakrishna Gandhi former Governor and Diplomat published  in “The Hindu” dated 16th June 2017.

Yes, the situation is grave with the Modi Government and the Sangh Parivar trying to change India in to a Hindu Rashtra and authoritarian.

Resist it with all our might and fight.