NPA increase, Banks become loss making

The neo-liberal policies being implemented by the central government as also the corporate bias has increased the Non-Performing Assets(NPA), the loans not returned (mainly by the corporates and big business), more than double during the last 4 financial years, drifting the banks in to loss making instead of profitable as earlier. The details of the NPA and loss to the banks are given below:

NPA: 2014-15 = Rs. 4.37 lacs 2015-16 = 6.97 lacs 2016-17 = 8.40 lacs 2017-18 = 10.36 lacs

Profit / loss. 2014-15 = Rs. 37,534 crore profit 2015-16 = Rs. 17,990 crore loss 2016-17 = Rs. 11,369 crore loss 2017-18 = Rs. 87,356 crore loss.

The demonetisation, banks-merger, taking over the surplus amount with the banks by the government etc. are also responsible for the loss. Now the government has asked the RBI to hand over about Rs. 3 lakh crore (more than one third of RBI’s total balance) to the central government. To weaken and close the PSU banks and favour the private banks is the policy of the central government. It has to be resisted and defeated.

Congratulations! Kerala Government appoints committee reg. restoration of defined statutory pension.



Com. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister led Kerala LDF government has appointed a high level committee to look in to the restoration of the defined statutory pension for its employees, which was converted to New Pension Scheme (NPS) by the UDF government in 2013. The committee with Shri. Sathish Chandrababu, former District Judge (Chairman) and Shri.P.Marapandian, Former Additional Chief Secretary and Shri. D.Narayana, Director, Gulathi Institute of Finance and Taxation as members is asked to submit its report within six months. Though the Central Government passed the PFRDA Act and implemented NPS for its employees, the then Left Front Governments in Kerala, W.Bengal and Tripura did not implement the anti-worker-pensioner Scheme. However, the UDF government in Kerala implemented NPS, despite strong opposition from the employees and their organisations.

The central and state government employees under the leadership of the Confederation of CG Employees, and All India State Government Employees Federation have declared two days strike on 8-9 January 2019 demanding cancellation of PFRDA and restoration of defined statutory pension. The entire central trade unions are in support of the demand.

The LDF in Kerala has given  election assurance that it will restore defined statutory pension. It is as part of this fulfilling of the promise that LDF government has appointed the committee.

Hearty Congratulations to the Pinarayi Government for this pro-worker decision!

Privatisation of 6 more Airports


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All the airports in the country were under the government managed by the Airport Authority of India. As part of the new economic policy and so called liberalisation, the biggest and most revenue earning airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hydeabad and Kochi were handed over to private companies. The proposal to privatise Kolkatta and Chennai could not be implemented due to strong protests by the people and employees.

The privatisation under PPP ( Public Private Participation) is justified, that it will improve operation, management and development and the AAI / Government has not sufficient funds. This is only a lame excuse. The real intention is to hand over these airports to privatise to accumulate their wealth and make huge profits. Though some improvements are made, which AAI can also do efficiently, the charges for all services in the privatised airports have gone sky high with prices of coffee, tea, tiffins, meals as also prices of other commodities. While coffee/tea are available at nominal prices in the AAI controlled Kolkatta and Chennai airports, the passenger has to pay more than double of that amount in Mumbai and Delhi. Further, the corporates are getting huge rents for the buildings in and around the airports, which naturally would have been that of AAI.

Now, the Central Cabinet has decided to privatise six more profit earning Airports viz. Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram and Mangaluru. The profit of AAI will further be reduced due to this decision. After some time, it will be only loss making airports under the operation of the AAI.

This privatisation of airports has to be resisted and defeated in the interests of the people, the passengers and the employees.

Statues and Statues!

It seems that the NDA / BJP government at the centre and in the states are in competition to construct huge statues. The 182 metre high Statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel was inaugurated by the Prime Minister a few days back. Now Chief Minister, U.P. Yogi Adityanath has declared that he will construct a statue of Ram with 151 metres high. Many leaders may be thinking of constructing their own statues! (Mayavati and some others have done it earlier).

When the country is facing grim financial crisis and the prices are rising almost every day furthering the misery of the people, this huge amounts for construction of statues should have been used for the benefit of the people. Of course nobody will be against honouring the leaders of the country, but such huge expenditure can not be borne by the country.
It is also to be noted that when Kerala has faced unprecedented floods,landslides etc and has suffered a loss of more than Rs. 40,000 crores, the central government has only given help of Rs. 600 crore only.

All India Conference of BSNLEU at Mysuru from 17th to 20th December 2018.

It has been informed that the All India Conference of BSNL Employees Union, the mighty organisation of BSNL employees, will be held at Mysuru (Karnataka) from 17th to 20th December 2018. The Reception Committee at Mysuru led by Com. C.K.Gundanna, Circle Secretary Karnataka along with his team are working day and night to make the AIC a big success.

Delay in Pension Revision of BSNL retirees strongly opposed.

Though BSNL (absorbed from DOT) retirees are eligible for pension revision w.e.f. 01-01-2017, no orders have been issued so far. The III Pay Revision Committee has already submitted its report with 15% fitment, although with certain conditions like affordability clause. The pension is being paid by government and the government is taking pension contribution from the BSNL (for the maximum of the pay scale instead of the actual pay) which is much higher. Hence, there should be no delay in the pension revision. The BSNL employees are on struggle to get wage revision which is their due, waiving the unnecessary and unwanted conditions.

AIBDPA is on continuous struggle for getting the pension revision. Well attended dharna has been organised and thousands of Post Cards with the demand have reached the DOT from the AIBDPA members. We demand that the DOT / Government take immediate decision and pay the pension revision to the pensioners on the basis of 15% fitment as recommended by the III PRC on IDA scales.

Women entry in Sabarimala after SC verdict.


The judgment of the Supreme Court allowing women in 10 to 50 age also has been welcomed by the all India leaders of all parties including BJP, Congress, CPI(M), CPI and others. RSS leaders also welcomed the judgment. It was thought that all the political parties in Kerala also will welcome the same. But what happened is something else. Leaders of BJP, Congress etc. opposed and utilised the situation to create tension in the state opposing the effort of the state government to implement the SC verdict. In the name of bhaktas, goondaism was created in Sabarimala precincts by the RSS and right Hindutwa forces.

The opposition parties in Kerala are worried about the whole support given by the people of Kerala to the LDF government led by Com. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, who have dealt with the Okhy situation, floods and landslide natural calamities etc. and saved the valuable lives of the people. The relief work in Kerala was supported by the entire people and the creation of a better Kerala, a New Kerala is going on despite short of funds and a non-sympathetic central government who stopped willing help from other countries. General elections are coming and the opposition parties have started playing the ‘bhakti’ card to confuse the people and divide them on the basis of believers and non-believers.

The state government is only implementing the SC judgment, which it is bound to implement. Further this is a progressive judgment removing the discrimination between man and woman in the matter of temple entry. The SC has upheld the constitution and its high values.

The people of Kerala will not allow the RSS and the extreme right wing to implement their communal and casteist agenda in Kerala.

‘Sabarimala’, a symbol of communal harmony and it belonged to all and not just Hindus – Kerala High Court

OCTOBER 29, 2018

Kerala High Court observed that Sabarimala welcomed devotees from all faiths and was a symbol of communal harmony. While considering a petition seeking to restrict entry of non-Hindus in Sabarimala temple, the High Court of Kerala orally observed that Sabarimala belonged to all and not just Hindus.

The petition filed by T G Mohandas, Convenor of BJP State Intellectual Cell, contended that non-Hindus and non-idol worshippers cannot be permitted entry on the basis of SC judgment in Indian Young Lawyers’ Association case.

The Division Bench of Justice P R Ramachandra Menon and Justice Devan Ramachandran criticized the tone and tenor of the petition as tending to disrupt secular fabric of society.

The Court observed that Sabarimala welcomed devotees from all faiths and was a symbol of communal harmony. “Even persons without “irumudikettu”-the customary travel pouch carried by devotees containing offerings to Lord Ayyapa-could have “darshan”. The “irumudikkettu” was necessary only to enter temple through the holy 18 steps”, remarked the Court.(Press reports)

BSNL asks circle to provide details of casual labour.


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BSNLCCWF has been continuously pressing the BSNL management to ensure the provisions under the rules of the land to the casual labour engaged in the BSNL and who have been denied minimum wage as per VII CPC, gratuity, regularisation etc. After the strikes and agitations, CLC has also intervened.

As a result,now the BSNL Management has directed the circles vide letter dated 26-102018 to provide all the information regarding the casual labour and TSM pointing out that the lot of casual labours need to be properly regulated to meet the statutory and legal issues.

Circle Secretaries are requested to meet the CGMs and ensure that the details are furnished to the corporate office at the earliest. The help of circle secretaries of BSNLEU is to be sought for this.