New Delhi, our capital city.


New Delhi was made the capital of India on this day, 1st April, 108 years back. After thorough discussion, the British rulers decided to shift its Indian capital from Calcutta to Delhi and the new capital, New Delhi was founded in 1912. Viceroy’s House, Legislatures, Ministry buildings, parks, roads etc. were built up to accommodate establishments in the new capital. It is a well planned city. The loss was for Calcutta. It lost the power centre.

More than 25 years I stayed in Delhi and was adjusted to the atmosphere. I could get a lot of friends and comrades and relish the period.

More about Delhi later.

1st April 2020, but no ‘Fools Day’.



Tomorrow is 1st April, which is also called as ‘Fools Day’. People will be fooled, pranks will be played, wrong information will be conveyed – all to celebrate the Fools Day.

But in the present grave situation, such pranks, foolishness and recklessness can not be done, since it may adversely affect the serious Lock Down and other activities connected with fighting the Corona virus.

Hence let us postpone the ‘Fools Day’ for next year, 1st April 2021.

BSNL releases Rs. 10,000 crores for exgratia etc. for VRS retirees



According to PTI, ‘State-run telecom firms BSNL and MTNL have released over Rs 10,000 crore for employees who have opted for voluntary retirement scheme’.

The report continues, “A total of 78,569 employees of BSNL and 14,387 staffers of MTNL have opted for the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) which closed on December 3, 2019.

“BSNL has released Rs 4,100 crore exgratia payment on Friday and Rs 4,900 Crore for leave encashment on Monday. Similarly, MTNL has also released Rs 1050 Crore towards payment of leave encashment, EPF, CPF and gratuity,” the communications ministry said in a statement on Monday.”

AIBDPA demands early payment of Medical Allowance, Reimbursement and CGHS lumpsum amount.


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Letter dated 30th March 2020 from AIBDPA to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD BSNL demanding early payment of Medical Allowance, Reimbursement and CGHS lumpsum amount.

Sub: Settlement of Medical claims of BSNL Pensioners.
Kindly refer to our earlier letter on the subject.
As pointed out, the BSNL pensioners are having a difficult time for the last many months due to non-payment of medical allowance as also settlement of medical claims. Many pensioners are unable to take treatment due to lack of funds. We are fully aware of the financial crisis of BSNL. We are happy that the situation is improving post-VRS and the salary of the employees is being paid update.
COVID-19 has put the pensioners to more risk as the aged are more prone to its attack. Every pensioner is at home as per direction of the government. They require urgent financial help.
Considering the above situation, it is requested that sufficient funds be immediately allotted for the medical claims and reimbursement purpose.
In addition, it is also requested that BSNL may kindly refund the lump sum amount paid to CGHS by the BSNL pensioners by allotting sufficient funds for the purpose.
Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary.




Lakhs of workers are affected by COVID-19 all over the world. More than 34,000 persons have died due to the pandemic. India is also affected seriously. 31 persons have died in India so far. Almost all the states are affected. The central government has declared Lock Down and people are expected to stay wherever they are. Special arrangements are made for treatment of Corona patients in all the states. The Doctors, Nurses and para medical staff are treating the patients despite the risk and they deserve our greatest appreciation and thanks. The police and security personnel are doing an excellent job, controlling the traffic, enforcing Lock Down etc. The youth in the country is doing all help.
The central and State governments are making all out efforts to control the epidemic and save maximum lives. Supply of medicines, food, arrangements for stay, arranging hospitals and wards for treatment etc. are being done.
Senior citizens above the age of 60 have been specially advised to completely stay at home, as they are more prone to the corona attack. We have to obey this direction and keep ourselves at home.
Yes Comrades, the country is facing one of the biggest challenges for decades. Funds are required by the Central / State governments urgently. The Prime Minister as well as the State Chief Ministers have called upon the people, to donate liberally to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund / Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
AIBDPA calls upon its members to liberally donate to the Relief Fund of the Prime Minister / Chief Minister. We have donated liberally in the earlier period of natural and other calamities, we should donate now also. The amount collected and donated may be intimated to the CHQ.
General Secretary, AIBDPA.


AIBDPA has called upon its members to donate liberally to the Prime Minister Relief Fund / Chief Minister Relief Fund liberally as in the past, when natural calamities have occurred.

This is our responsibility. The amount remitted to the Relief funds may be intimated to AIBDPA head quarters.

Contractual, Casual Staff will be Paid wages during COVID 19 Lockdown Period



Govt of India, Ministry of Finance has issued orders that contractual, casual and outsourced staff required to stay at home in view of Lock Down will be treated as ‘duty’ and payment made. BSNL should immediately pay the contract workers their wages at present as of the past one year. Order is given below:

March 24, 2020 admin

Contractual, casual and outsourced staff is required to stay at home in view of lockdown order regarding COVID-19 prevention and they shall be treated as “on duty” during such period of absence and necessary pay/wages would be paid accordingly

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 23.03.2020


Sub: Payment of wages to outsourced persons of Ministries / Departments and other organizations of Government of India during lockdown period due to COVID-19

As part of social distancing and isolation measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country, various State/UT Governments have announced lockdown at different places. Instructions have been separately issued by DOP&T regarding maintenance of essential services in Ministries / Departments.

Due to these measures, there is a likelihood of a number of contractual, casual and outsourced staff such as house-keeping staff etc. being required to stay at home, which under normal circumstances would result in deduction in their pay/wages. In order to avoid any undue hardships under the prevailing extraordinary circumstances, it has been decided that wherever any such contractual, casual and outsourced staff of Ministries / Departments and other organizations of Government of India, is required to stay at home in view of lockdown order regarding COVID-19 prevention, as announced by various States /UT Governments, they shall be treated as “on duty” during such period of absence and necessary pay/wages would be paid accordingly.

These instructions shall also apply to Attached/Subordinate Offices, Autonomous / Statutory Bodies of Government of India.

These instructions shall apply till 30th April, 2020.

COVID – 19. Senior Citizens should take care

In all the countries so far affected by COVID-19, more casualties are aged people, since they are comparatively weak and is prone to illness. Under this situation, they are to fully observe the Lock Down and stay at home. Light exercises, rest, timely food, reading, writing, seeing TV etc as also contacting friends and relatives over phone, visiting face book, whats-app etc. will fill the time and keep energy. One should not allow anxiety, dismay etc. to take over them.

We shall pass this crisis and reach normalcy.