BSNL and MTNL declared as “Incipient Sick” – Communications Minister.

A report in the press on the above matter is reproduced below:

“The Government has entrusted state-run BSNL with various telecom network projects around Rs 25,000 crore in works, Parliament was informed today.

The big projects include laying of optical fibre based network dedicated for use by Defence worth Rs 13, 334 crore and Rs 6,500 crore for execution of second phase of BharatNet Project, as per details shared by Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha in Rajya Sabha today.

“Optical Fibre Cable based Network for Defence Services (NFS Project) has been given to BSNL on nomination basis at the cost of Rs 13,334 crore. For execution of BharatNet project, government has provided Rs 5,744 crore in Phase-I and has earmarked Rs 6,500 crore in Phase-II for BSNL,” Sinha said.

The state-run firm has been awarded rolling out mobile networks in uncovered villages in Arunachal Pradesh and two districts of Assam at an estimated project cost of Rs 1,975.38 crore, implementation of transmission-media plan for North Eastern Region at an estimated cost of Rs 295.97 crore, laying of submarine optical fiber cable project at the cost of Rs 1,900 crore for providing connectivity to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (ANI) and augmenting of satellite bandwidth in ANI and Lakshadweep Islands at an estimated cost of Rs 120.49 crore.

“Work of setting up of 25000 Wi-Fi Hotspots at Rural Telephone Exchanges at the cost of Rs 940 crore has been given to BSNL on nomination basis,” Sinha said.

He was replying to question over revival of state-run telecom firm BSNL and MTNL
Both public sector telecom firms have been incurring losses continuously since Financial Year 2009-10 and as per Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) guidelines, both CPSEs (Central Public Sector Enterprises) have been declared as “Incipient Sick”, Sinha said.

“Consequent upon declaration of BSNL as “Incipient Sick”, action has been initiated by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for preparation of a revival/restructuring plan for BSNL as per DPE guidelines. Three Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) have been requested to submit their willingness for undertaking a study and preparation of a revival/restructuring plan for BSNL,” the minister said.

An internal committee of DoT is examining the recommendations of the report prepared by the consultant to decide the path of financial, human resources and corporate restructuring for revival of MTNL.

The MTNL consultant has recommended reduction in retirement age from 60 to 58 years for employees, voluntary retirement scheme , debt restructuring and synergy in operations of MTNL and BSNL.

Besides this, the recommendation for MTNL should focus on customers and defend current revenue besides generating additional revenue through network capex investment, asset monetisation – ease, Sale of real estate, buildings, lease or sale of mobile tower, fiber, copper and active equipments, Sinha said. ”

Memorandum by Tripura Left Front Committee to the CEO, Tripura

March 8, 2018


Following the election results came out on 3rd March 2018, the unprecedented terror, physical torture, attack on the houses of left supporters mainly targeting the CPI(M) leaders, workers, its offices and its mass organisation offices have been let loose all over the state. The 19-Charilam A/C area is also not spared of such terror and destruction. Rather, aiming to win this seat without least contest, the BJP miscreants are intensified their terror turning the situation in this constituency area to be a worst one. The following facts will help you to realise how grave is the situation prevailing in that A/C area at present:

List of party offices ransacked and looted and occupied.

1. CPI(M) Brajapur Branch Office set on fire

2. CPI(M) Lalsinghmura LC office set on fire

3. CPI(M) Ramchara Branch Office, ransacked looted

4. CPI(M) Parimal Chowmohani Branch Office ransacked looted

5. CPI(M) Herma L.C. Office ransacked looted

6. CPI(M) Sutarmura Branch office ransacked looted

7. CPI(M) Aralia Branch office ransacked looted

8. CPI(M) Bishramganj District Committee Office forcibly occupied

9. CPI(M) Charilam LC office forcibly occupied

10.RSP Bishramganj District Office burnt to ashes

11.RSP Local Office at Charilam ransacked

Name of TMSU office occupied

1. TMSU Bishramganj Office Branch

2. TMSU Charilam Branch

List of houses of leaders and workers, attacked, ransacked and looted

1. Durjoy Debbarma of Bangshibari

2. Angor Debbarma

3. Sudhan Debbarma

4. Shibacharan Laskar of Brajapur

5. Paresh Debbarma of Ramnagar

6. Fulkumar Debbarma of Ramangar

7. Surajit Debbarma of Ramnagar

8. Krishna Debbarma of Herma

9. Sahadeb Debbarma of Herma

10.Ranjit Debbarma of Rangmala

11.Basanta Debbarma of Rangmala

12.Subhas Debbarma of Rangmala

13.Buth a Debbarma of Rangmala

14.Chabita Debbarma of Rangmala

15.Ratan Debbarma of Rangmala

16.Ranjit Debbarma of Rangmala

17.Nishikanta Debbarma of Rangmala

18.Sukumar Debbarma of Rangmala

19.Sushil saha of Madrasa

20.Kajal Debnath of Madrasa

21.Sukhlal Das of Madrasa

22.Suniti Das of Madrasa

23.Kanulal Saha of North Charilam

24.Billal Mia of North Charilam

25.Alamgir Hussein of North Charilam

26.Paresh Nama of of North Charilam

27.Jyotsna Paul of North Charilam

28.Arun Saha of North Charilam

29.Apan Saha of North Charilam

30.Narayan Chakraborty of North Charilam

31.Tapan Das of North Charilam

32.Khitish Debnath of North Charilam

33.Pradip Das of North Charilam

34.Lalit Das of North Charilam

35.Sentu Das of North Charilam

36.Sanjit Das of North Charilam

37.Naraan Debnath of North Charilam

38.Rabindra Debnath of North Charilam

39.Niranjan Sarkar of North Charilam

40.Nimai Bhowmik of North Charilam

41.Malina Debnath of Chechmai

42.Maniklal Chakraborty of Chechmai

43.Mantu Debnath of Chechmai

44.Pramode Shil of Chechmai

45.Narayan Debnath of Chechmai

46.Kanak Debnath of Chechmai

47.Shrabani Chakraborty of Chechmai

48.Pintu Debnath of South Charimal

49.Nakul Debnath of South Charimal

50.Rakhal Das of South Charimal

51.Shambhu Majumder of South Charimal

52.Sudip Chakraborty of South Charimal

53.Samir Debnath of South Charimal

54.Bishnupada Chakraborty of South Charimal

55.Jhulan Acharjee of South Charimal

56.Prantosh Debnath of South Charimal

57.Parimal Das of South Charimal

58.Anil Debnath of South Charimal

Name of the party leaders and workers physically assaulted

1. Muslem Miah of Madrasa

2. Minar Hussein of of Madrasa

3. Kajal Debnath of Madrasa

4. Suklal Das of Madrasa

5. Suniti Das of Madrasa

6. Nirmal Das of Bankumari

7. Jalil Hussein of Aralia

8. Suman Debnath of Aralia

9. Kanulal Saha of Netaji Colony

10.Kalpana Saha of Netaji Colony

11.Joydul Hussein of Fakiramura

12.Prantosh Saha of Fakiramura

13.Chandan Das of chechrimai

14.Kumode Sukladas of chechrimai

15.Apu Das of chechrimai

16.Khokan Sarkar of of chechrimai

17.Pintu Debnath of of chechrimai

18.Hira Mohan Debnath of chechrimai

19.Ratan Sukladas of chechrimai

In addition to the above fact, not a single booth office raised by the CPI(M) in 19-Charilam (ST) constituency area remains intact. All these were demolished and removed. The police administration is aware of all these incidents. The forcible occupation of CPI(M) District Committee office and arson of RSP District Office at Bishramganj took place on the eyes of the police of Bishramganj PS which is close of these offices. BJP miscreants are in frantic search of our party candidate Palash Debbarma who is practically hiding at present.

We are sure, you will agree with us that, this is not a situation conducive to hold election in the said 19-Charilam (ST) A/C in a free and fair manner. For the purpose of extracting a true popular mandate of any election, pre-requisite is the prevalence of normal peaceful atmosphere so that the electors come out to vote without any fear. Such a situation is quite absent in 19-Charilam(ST) area at present.

In view of the above situation, we urge upon you to take up the matter with the Election Commission of India to postpone the election until restoration of normal situation in that area.


Press Information Bureau
Government of India

07-March-2018 19:21 IST

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval to release an additional instalment of Dearness Allowance (DA) to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) to pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2018 representing an increase of 2% over the existing rate of 5% of the Basic Pay/Pension, to compensate for price rise.

This will benefit about 48.41 lakh Central Government employees and 61.17 lakh pensioners.

The combined impact on the exchequer on account of both Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief would be Rs.6077.72 crore per annum and Rs.7090.68 crore in the financial year 2018-19 (for a period of 14 months from January, 2018 to February, 2019).

This increase is in accordance with the accepted formula, which is based on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

New Rs.10 Note?

RBI to Issue New Rs 10 Note in Chocolate Brown Colour. Here is What it Looks Like New Delhi: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is going to issue new Rs 10 notes under the Mahatma Gandhi series with chocolate brown colour as the base. The new note will bear the picture of the Konark Sun Temple. The apex bank has already printed around 1 billion pieces of the new note, according to people familiar with the matter.The design was approved by the government last week. The change in design in the old Rs 10 note was last made in 2005. In August last year, RBI had introduced the new Rs 200 and Rs 50 notes under the Mahatma Gandhi series.( Press report)

Telecom Policy 2018 – More benefits and packages for private companies?

Government is finalising the Telecom Policy 2018. The government has taken note of the demands of the private telecom companies and so called experts in telecom sector. Of course, the government will   not have time to consult with the BSNL staff unions, who have much stake in the BSNL and its improvement.

As in the case earlier New (National) Telecom Policies, it is expected this time also, so many benefits and concessions will be granted to the private telecom companies and BSNL will be kept in chains.

BSNL Unions and Associations have to immediately intervene and ensure that sufficient safeguards and support to BSNL are included in the Telecom Policy 2018.

CITU protests demolition of Lenin Statue

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) strongly condemns the brutal attack on the left activists and offices in Tripura being unleashed by the RSS- BJP hooligans just hours after the results of the Tripura assembly elections are out.

The BJP which has aligned with the separatist forces and used money and muscle power to win the elections has unleashed a reign of terror on the members and supporters of the left parties and CITU, attacking their houses and offices throughout the state. Over 1500 houses were attacked. Hundreds of people were injured in the attacks. Hundreds of houses were set on fire. Hundreds of offices were attacked and captured. The attacks are still continuing.

These attacks are attacks on democracy. They once again demonstrate the utter contempt of RSS and the BJP for democracy and democratic institutions. They expose the anti national character of these organisations which had no qualms in joining the separatist forces to come to power.

CITU demands that the concerned authorities intervene immediately and stop these heinous attacks on democracy at once.

CITU stands in solidarity with its cadres and with the cadres, rank and file of the left and democratic organisations who are bravely resisting these attacks. CITU is confident that the left and democratic forces who braved the terrorist, extremist and separatist forces in the past would defeat these forces of terror with the massive support of the people this time as well.

CITU calls upon all its affiliated unions and members, and the entire working class to protest these attacks on democracy. It urges them to join enmasse the solidarity actions being organised across the country by the left organisations and democratic peace loving people.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

Massive protest against demolition of Lenin Statue in Tripura

Kolkata, March 6 : The Entire 736 State Conference delegates attending the 25th State Conference of CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee halted their conference, today afternoon, and came to open roads in Kolkata, staging a huge rally alongside progressive commoners and Left activists , on a call given by CPI(M) to protest against the barbaric demolition of Lenin statue by the RSS –BJP fascist forces in Tripura .
The rally was led by CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury , party Politbureau Member Prakash Karat , Brinda Karat , Left Front Chairman Biman Basu , Party State Secretary Dr Suryakanta Mishra , Party Politbureau Member MA Baby amongst others .(Courtesy: Ganashakti).

Lakhs of workers and people of Kerala will participate in the protest demonstration today, 7th March 2018, as per the call of the LDF.

Wage Revision, the right of the Workers; Pension Revision, the right of the Pensioners

Continuous struggles were conducted and are being conducted for wage revision by the BSNL employees under the leadership of BSNL All Unions and Associations. After the Massive Parliament March by the employees, in which AIBDPA members also participated in hundreds, the discussion with the Secretary DOT and the discussion with the Communications Minister Shri Manoj Sinha, the latter had assured that the demand of the employees will be taken up with the government. CMD BSNL had already requested the DOT for permission to start wage negotiation with the recognised unions. These are important steps. But continued pressure will be required for achieving the demands.

In the case of DOT Pensioners, the pension revision is ordered w.e.f. 01-01-2016 on the basis of the recommendations of the VII CPC. The revision is implemented / being implemented to all the DOT retirees as also the Option III.

In the case of BSNL absorbed DOT Pensioners, we have demanded that the pension revision should be made on the basis of the fitment recommended by the III PRC w.e.f. 01-01-2017, as was done last time on the basis of the recommendations of the II PRC / wage settlement w.e.f. 01-01-2007. Since the government is committed to pay the entire pension, there is no justification for delaying the matter.

The revision should be in IDA and not in CDA as some comrades have demanded. Demanding for the VII CPC formula is not beneficial and is full of complications and implications which will result in umpteen anomalies, which will divide the pensioners in to several groups. Pension revision as per PRC is the method implemented so far and any shift to CPC method will further complicate the issue and delay matters. Pensioners can not wait. They want pension revision without any further delay.

At the same time, we want that the wage negotiation also take place immediately and we will support all the struggles being organised by them.

Organise International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018. – Message from CITU

“Defend Women’s Democratic Rights”
International Women’s Day 2018.
As we celebrate International Women’s Day we take stock of our conditions at present and the host of
challenges confronting us.
In India we are facing an all out attack on our rights, not only as women and citizens, but most crucially, on
the Indian Constitution itself, by the ruling BJP and its mentor – the RSS. Our rights were won with the
active participation of women, along with workers, peasants, students, toiling people and other sections in
the anti –colonial struggle for freedom, in pre Independence times. The struggles have continued and
have intensified, in the past twenty five years, during which period our rights have been eroded by the
pursuit of neoliberal policies adopted by successive governments at the centre. During the past few years,
this process has been accelerated by the forces of communalism, which seek to impose the Hindutva
ideology on us and turn our country into a Hindu Rashtra.
Women are being recast in the traditional roles of wives and mothers, while their economic and social
contribution is being suppressed by the right wing forces. The leaders of the RSS and fringe elements are
pronouncing fat was on what girls should wear, where they can go, whom they can talk to, whom they can
marry, how many children a woman must have etc. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said that women should
not go out for work but give birth to children and look after house. Elected representatives of BJP are
publically giving speeches against the women’s freedom to choose their education livelihood and whom
they can marry. Inter religious marriages are termed as “love jihad’ and opposed openly. Couples are
being murdered and it is justified by right wing political leaders. These are all utilised to advance vote bank
politics based on communal and casteist divide.
The fundamentalists in other religions are also reciprocating with similar kind of fat was against the
Even as wives and mothers they are denied rights, domestic violence is on the increase and sex selective
abortions continue unabated. Violence against women and children has been increasing steeply with
scant regard for the right of women to a safe environment at work, in public spaces and in the domestic
Other bourgeois parties and leaders also have patriarchal views on women’s role in society. In the
discussion of violence against women such people often argue that ‘women shall not go out late’, ‘shall
not wear such clothes’ etc always putting the blame on the victim.
Women cannot face these attacks, cannot gain equality without economic security. This is the cornerstone
of our struggle for progress and emancipation. But it is this very crucial economic security which is under
severe attack, by the corporates and their cronies in government, in a crisis ridden capitalist system. In
India the changes in labour laws have reversed the gains made through decades of struggle by the
working class and the rights of women workers have been curtailed, all in the name of “Ease of doing
business”. The Union Budget 2018-19 is another illustration of pandering to the corporates under a veil of
populist slogans.
It is equally important to fight the patriarchal ideology. It is very important to fight the ruling ‘hindutva’
forces and expose them to defend our democratic rights as citizens.
All over the world, in many countries, right wing forces and regimes are rearing their ugly heads, but at the
same time the resistance to them from the working people is also growing apace. There are anti
imperialist struggles taking place in different countries. We stand firmly in solidarity with the struggles of
women and people for their democratic rights, the world over.
This past year has witnessed unprecedented, huge struggles of scheme workers, workers and employees,
farmers and the peasantry, in our country, of which we have been a part. Some demands have been
achieved but there are many more to be won. It is important to assert the equal democratic rights of the
women and girls at every field. Resistance at all levels shall be developed against the patriarchy and
politics of hatred to defend the unity of the people. It is important to bring to focus, the real issues of the
We pledge to continue our efforts to unite the widest sections of women and the working people in our
own country for even bigger and wider struggles. We reiterate our commitment to continue our fight until
we achieve our goal of emancipation and a society free from exploitation, carrying on the glorious
traditions of International Women’s Day.
Long Live International Womens Day!
Long Live Working Class Unity!
Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)