V.A.N.Namboodiri is the Founder General Secretary of BSNL Employees Union, the recognised union in BSNL, representing two lakh workers. He was the founder convener of Joint Action Committee of BSNL Unions /Associations of Non-Executives and Executives which fought many battles against disinvestment and for protecting the rights of the workers and also to save and improve BSNL.
Namboodiri is also the Founder President of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation having about one lakh workers. He is the Founder Adviser of the All India BSNL-DOT Pensioners Association and also National Co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Associations.
VAN was employed in erstwhile P&T Department. He joined the service on 2-9-1958 and retired in June 1996. He functioned as the Circle Secretary of NFPTE (E.III Union) and also as its Asst. General Secretary and later General Secretary from 1994 to 2000 till BSNL was formed. He was victimised several times for his union activities and for leading strikes and struggles.
V.A.N.Namboodiri, though belongs to Kerala, was in Delhi for 25 years from 1991 to 2017 to attend to the all India union activities and now is settled at Kozhikode. He is connected with progressive movements and CPI(M).He has written a few books – on the history of the P&T Trade Union movement, Struggles of the working class etc. Residence Address is: S-8, Alhind Elite Apartments, Nedungadi Gardens Road, Nadakkave, Kozhikode – 673011 (Kerala) Phone: 0495 2360700

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  1. E.P.Balakrishnan, Chennai said:

    Most of the writeups are very informative. To day is the fourth death anniversary of
    one of the greatest writer Com.Kadammnitta Ramakrishnan who was assosiated with
    P@T. TU and was victimised.There are some other coms who have been victimised
    during various struggles and become popular in arts etc.Writing about them will be usefull
    for ur viewers out side KeralaHope u will consider my request. Balakrishnan

  2. Why BSNL have a old 90’s type website?
    If BSNL losses, the employees will also loose.
    I think bsnl employees dont know that by not doing anything about a good website and not stopping bribing in spectrum & getting high data rates for 3G than private companies, will make the company to get huge losses.
    The immediate , affect will be on the bsnl employees.

    So, i request you to take action against it and ask higher officials to get a better website at bsnl.co.in

  3. International MAY Day story is defenitely enriching the workers

  4. suhas kalgutkar said:

    I m one of your aficionado. Long back in the year i read an article on trade union, wrote by you in your telecrusader. I was fascinated. But the actual meet has been possible only after January, 2004.

    Today whats going on in our orgnisation i hope you r well aware of it. In maharashtra everybody is in the race to make hay till the sun shines. Nobody is bother about the general rights and general issuues.

    Two non members of BSNLEU, who are executives (JAO) become circle level union executives.

    Who shall give justice?

    • Dear Comrade,
      In a trade union organisation like ours where there are lakhs of members with different backgrounds and different ideologies there will be different view points also. We have to take everybody with us based on the trade union outlook. The differences have to be discussed and sorted out. That is what the leadership has to do and which is being done also.

      • Sir , Dont you think your union should support jan lokpal bill?
        If all of the unions like yours join hands, it will be easier to get a strong anti corruption bill to help ourselves and our country.

      • Dear Murali,
        We fully support a strong Lok Pal Bill which can tackle the corruption and punisg the guilty. At the same time we want that a detailed discussion should take place so that the loop holes can be completely removed and a very strong bill is passed.

  5. Arumugam P said:

    VRS not only against the BSNL and old employees. it is also gainst the new employees. If a person retires on regular superannuation the post become vacant for promotion to the new employees. it the person opted VRS then the post become NULL. if VRS implimented in BSNL before 10 years, non of the BSNL TTAs become BSNL employee and also the gratuate engineers.

  6. You have assured to take up the issue of allowing grace marks to JAO exam very seriously in the last National conference. What is the present position of cases filed at variuos CATs.Why our union has maintained a devine silence in our websites and journals. I have written a number of letters in this regard to CHQ. But no reply.This is intolerable insensitivity towards members. Pl react.
    What about designation committee. What is the real problem to finalise it.
    Our union is always arguing that policy of management is the main reason for loss. I agree 75%. But in Kerala we could make profit.So truth is somewhat else. Why you are hesitating to reveal it. If the customer delight year was started some four years before the present situvation would have been different.
    We could not stop corportisation. We could not stop outsoursing in various field. Can we stop VRS. A good number of our staff is willing for VRS
    Arrear wef 01/04/1994 to Sr TOAs has been paid to all exept KERALA Circle.Why the profit making circle is made to tolerate this injustice.What is the stand of our union in this regard

    • Dear Comrade Keshava,
      Thank you for your comments. However, if you have been continuously going through our journals the above doubts would not have arisen. The questions are dealt one by one.
      The Union has been continuously taking the issue of grace marks for JAO examination. But the management has taken a strong position stating that no grace marks will be allowed for LICE to executive posts like JAO, JTO, Assts etc. Another sore point for them is that after grace marks were given to JTO examination in 2000 due to the continuous pressure of the Union, a large number of court cases have been filed demanding grace marks for other examinations. We are perusing the case even now, but management is also stubborn in the issue.
      Designation Committee is going to be reconstituted again after the issue has been raised inthe National Council.
      It is true that the anti-PSU policy of the government and the mismangement of the top level management is the main reason for the fallof BSNL. But workers have also a share. That is why from the inception of the BSNL itself, BSNLEU has been focussing on all these issues to ensure that BSNL should be strengthened. It is not all of a sudden, but all these years union has been propagating the message and taking efforts. But it is true that the majority workers have realised only now the seriousness of the problem and started reacting. We have to improve the position.
      Corporatisation could have been stalled or at least delayed if all the unions stoutly opposed it. Unfortunately, the recognised Federations NFTE, FNTO and BTEF agreed for the same after some assurances were given. Our union was a small one and not recognised and though we continued our struggle, it could not be stopped because of ths support of the majority unions. You have to remember that VRS could be stopped twice in BSNL even after the management took decision due to the strong opposition from the unions. Whether it could be stopped or not, the JAC is strongly moving against it.
      The union has been taken the issue of arrears several times but could not settle it so far.
      Thanks for the enquires.

  7. 1.Three years juniors to me of the same cadre(Sr.TOA) are getting more salary than me at present even after NEPP also. This case should be taken in the national level to set right the things. It happened in every cadre. If senior’s pay is fixed ‘at par with junior’ on the date when junior gets higher salary and also increment is given on usual increment date to the senior , then only this ‘senior getting less pay than junior’ will be rectified. This type of things never happened earlier and this is unusual also.Why such a small anomaly is not yet rectified?. If now VRS is impleted then we seniors will get less pension than those juniors and it will be there lifelong. Please get this anomaly cleared early.
    2. In the present scenario of BSNL proposed VRS is the best option. It is better to get the VRS implementation after our second promotion i.e. this 2011 promotion. So better to try for improvised one instead of apposing. What is the actual state of VRS?

    • Dear Comrade,
      We will certainly take up the issue. Regarding VRS, it is neither beneficial to the company, to the worker or the country as already mentioned in detail by me.

  8. D.SANKARAN said:

    Dear Comrade,

    i have seen your comment to the FNTO union . It is mentioned that in Kerala the retirement age is 55 years , whereas there was a continuous recruitment for more than 1.75 lakhs employees by the Kerala govt. i appreciate the govt for its motivation to engage more number of youngsters. If in BSNL the retirement age is reduced to 58 years , whether there will be any recruitment in BSNL to enable the youngsters to get employment opportunity. if your answer is “NO ” please dont encourage the BSNL for reducing the retirement age from 60 years to 58/55 years .

  9. sir.
    i am electrical contractual worker in west bengal circle ..malda ssa..
    long 5year working or my union BSNLCMU WEST BENGAL..
    my EPF cut out the salary..or ESI not existing..so Epf contribution ../
    ESI facility give me..so my malda ssa Secretary is not woring my metter.
    she also comet after sometime..loking this meter..
    she also comet i am casual labour my epf cut out..or esi facility not avilable..
    plz sir i respect to u..help me.. my esi available..

    • Dear Comrade,
      Please contact comrade Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation ( Mob: 9476124344 ) and explain to him your problems for settlement.

  10. Dir
    i respect to u..sir i am electrical contractual worker no work no pay..i am working 30day duty 8hr.every day. so contract pay 30day wages .. our duty 26days or off day duty 4days. so 4day off day duty will be dabwl pay..so help me..

  11. project tarang plans which facilities give to IT Employee pls give details to my mail i m IT EMPLOYEE

  12. Seshadri Mitra said:

    I am DRTTA 2008 batch from NE 1 circle and also a member of BSNLEU. I want to know why BSNLEU is not doing much about the wage revision issues of post 2007 TTAs although still a large number of TTAs are member of BSNLEU.the Union of the JTOs have solved their revision problem.But TTas are still deprived.I want to know Mr. Namboodiri why after having so many TTAs as your member BSNLEU is doing nothing for us.why no fitment is given to post 2007 batch

    • Dear Com. Mitra,
      The issues has been seriously taken by BSNLEU. It was discussed in the last National Council also.

      • Indrakesh Yadav said:

        Resected sir ! as i know that the Issue is only discussed and not brought in under any point of NCM “Agenda” and in NCM out of agenda there is no meaning of discussion……….

  13. Seshadri Mitra said:

    Earlier the difference between the salary of a JTO and a TTA was only around 3000 t0 4000 and now after the increment of JTOs(E1+5) it is aroun 8000. can u take up this issue why DRTTAs always suffer.In case of promotion also DRTTAs are the worst sufferer……….For a JTO to appear for SDE lice minimum service years is only 3 years …..for RM to TM ,TM to Rm ,only 3 to for years .BUT for TTA to appear for JTO LICE why the hell they required 7 years of service. Please Sir can u explain why is this discrimination. I am a Sincere member of BSNLEU

    • Indrakesh Yadav said:

      Sorry sir but you have to reply for above comment from Mr Seshadri Mitra ….why ? why ? why ? Is being TTA in BSNL is crime ?

    • Ajay Menon said:

      TTA is non-executive cadre whose responsibility is less whereas JTO is an executive cadre which comes with more responsibility. TTA’s can have work timing (10:00-1800) but JTOs has to work 24×7. RM to TM, TM to TTA are non-executive cadre promotions but TTA to JTO is a non-executive to executive promotion. So, 7 years of service is necessary to become an executive.

      • Promotions give motivation in service. Whether one is executive or non-executive, every official wants career progression and promotion. All jobs are important, whether executive, non-executive or administrative posts. According to the times and requirement priority is fixed. When there is cable fault, the Cable Jointer ( now TM) becomes the most important person who can only rectify the fault. When there is a line fault, the lineman (now TM/RM) becomes most important. Firemen will be sitting whole their duty time in the fire office without doing anything, but when there is a fire, they become the most important functionaries. Each job has got its importance. Think of the situation, if the scavenger or the sweeper is not there; or about the Railway gangmen, when there is a damage to the track. When they go on strike, the people realise their importance. Every worker is most important as that work is considered. Some executives feel that non-executives are not important. Some ITS officers feel that both executives and non-executives are not important. IAS officers feel the same about ITS. Some Ministers feel that IAS officers are their servants. In the society, everybody have got their aspirations and nobody is to be disdained or ignored. The service condition for appearing in the ESP/EST(Engineering Supervisor Phones/ Telegraphs which was the cadre from which JTO evolved ) was only three years. It was 10 years condition for appearing in the JTO and after the demand by the unions for 5 years, it was reduced to 7 years. It can be further reduced to 5 years or less. It is to be remembered that the officials are passing a stiff competitive examination.

  14. Iam From Tamilnadu,Iam working in Contractlabour at Coimbatore ssa for the fast 18 years,Iam create in one Blog ,for Tamilnadu Telecom contract workers union pls Visit Sir…………,



    Sir, My question is regarding transfers. I am TTA form AP circle.
    In our dept. I observed that the employees of all cadres except TTAs are being transferred to some other place on long standing basis. Why Long Standing TTAs are not getting transfers? in our SSA some TTAs are appointed before I born and still working in the same head quarter.

    • You can personally discuss all these issues with our Branch Secretary/District Secretary since the details are not known to me. Even if after taking up with at local level, if the issues are not solved you may take up with the Circle/All India Union.

  16. Indrakesh Yadav said:

    Earlier the difference between the salary of a JTO and a TTA was only around 3000 t0 4000 and now after the increment of JTOs(E1+5) it is aroun 8000. can u take up this issue why DRTTAs always suffer.In case of promotion also DRTTAs are the worst sufferer……….For a JTO to appear for SDE lice minimum service years is only 3 years …..for RM to TM ,TM to Rm ,only 3 to for years .BUT for TTA to appear for JTO LICE why the hell they required 7 years of service. Please Sir can u explain why is this discrimination.

  17. sir.
    i am contractual worker in UP(E) circle lucknow ..Mirzapur SSA..
    I am 10 years working in BSNL.i am also member begin union fromed in MIrzapur UP(E) Minimum wage order given in 2008 but till dated is not implinted. Please take the matter and sortout all contractual worker in UP(E) CIrcle Lucknow.
    Sir I respect to you help all contractual worker in UP(E). Please implitented minimum wage urgent.
    ashwini mani tripathi

    • Dear Comrade,
      We have takewn up the issue at corporate office and government and orders are issued years back. The field officers and contractors are not implementing. In your case of non-implementation, contact Com. K.R.Yadav, our vicePresident and Com. R.K.Mishra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU

  18. Dear Com Namboodiri,
    I am regularly following your blog. It is informative. I have put some of your posts on the face-book also.
    I am visiting Kerala in the last week of June 2012, along with 6 friends of mine. We shall be reaching Tiruvanthapuram on 29th June. We also wish to visit places associated with mass peoples struggles there, particularly Punnapra-Vayalar memorial.Will you kindly suggest some friend to inform us about these places and the route for reaching there. I know, your time is very precious and shall be thankful for this favour.
    Yours Comradely
    N.K.JEET Advocate (Ex-Distt Secretary AITEEU Cl-III Bathinda, Punjab)
    Distt Courts, BATHINDA
    E-Mail : nkjeetbti@gmail.com, Mobile: 94175-07363

    • Dear Comrade Jeet,
      Thank you for your helpful comments. I am very happy to hear from you after a very long period. It will be better if you can contact Com. K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Kerala for help in aranging your tour. His mobile No. is 94470 75858. He is at Thiruvananthapuram and will help you. Hope your activities continue as before.

  19. kumar puneet vashishth said:

    respected sir,
    My name is kumar puneet vashishth from sujangarh,distt-churu,rajasthan. Mere father Sr TOA(G) k pad par the jinki death 30.5.2010 ko hogyi. Ab unki jagah mene anukampa niyukti k liye apply kiya lekin abhi tak meri anukampa niyukti nhi huyi h aur bsnl ne mera case reject kar diya,ye bol kar k weitage point system k hisab se mere pariwar ki aarthik stithi deenheen nhi h,aur apke pariwar me member jyada nhi h, jabki sir meri mother ko CANCER ki bimari h jinke bare me b bta chuka hu, jiske chalte mere father ne kafi loan liya tha,aur bsnl kahta h k aapka khud ka makan b h, jo ki mene btaya k ye pusteni makan tha aur mere pitaji ek matra varish the jiske karan woh automaticaly unke naam hi hona tha. Iske liye b unhone loan liya tha. Mere father pehle se hi karz me the aur ab hum b karze me h, aur bsnl kahta h aap log deenheen nhi h. Sir plz mujh garib ki help kijiye, sir hamari halat bahut kharab h. Me sab jagah se haar kar ab aapki sharan me aaya hu. Plz sir madad kijiye. Sir mera aur mere pariwar ka future barbad hone se bachaye. Hamara guzara mere pitaji ki income se hi hota tha jo ab nhi rhe. Plz sir aap kuch kijiye ,Me aur mera pariwar apke hamesha aabhari rhenge

    • Kindly send all the details and your application to General Secretary, BSNLEU, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 1, Patel Road, New Delhi – 110011. We shall take up the case with the management.

      • kumar puneet vashishth said:

        ok sir, i send my file ur address. Thanks sir. Sir aapse meri vinti hai k aap mujhe aur pariwar ki takleef samjhe aur nyay dilwaye. Thank you so much sir.

      • Dear Comrade,
        When your letter is received, we will take necessary action.

      • Kumar puneet vashishth said:

        Sir maine toh aapko letter jo aapne bataya tha, kabhi registered post se bhej diya tha.

  20. bhawani shankar nayak said:

    respected sir,
    My name is bhawani shankar nayak th:- sujangarh -distt-churu,rajasthan. Mere father Danaram nayak bidasar me T.M k pad par the jinki death 22.6.2009 ko hogyi. Ab unki jagah mene anukampa niyukti k liye apply kiya lekin abhi tak meri anukampa niyukti nhi huyi h aur bsnl ne mera case reject kar diya,ye bol kar k weitage point system k hisab se mere pariwar ki aarthik stithi deenheen nhi h,aur apke pariwar me member jyada nhi h, lekin sir visiting repot me hamare pariwar ko garib darsaya gaya hai jo hakikat me hai sir hamare khud ka makan bhi nahi hai kiraye k makan me raharte hai …or mataji gale k rog se pidit hai mere pitaji bhi kafi lambay se bimari k karan unka nidhan ho gaya ab hamare pariwar me koi kamane wala nahi hai ….sir hamara pariwar s.c se hai garib pariwar hai sir plz help me kisi ne hamari madad nahi ki hai …plz plz sir hamara pariwar hamesa jiwan bhar aapaka aabhari rahega

    • Please send me a copy of your representation. I will try my best and will discuss with the management.

      • bhawani shankar nayak said:

        thanks you sir aapane hamare garib pariwar k liye samay nikala hamare pariwar aapaka jiwan bhar aabhari rahega aapane hamare dukh dard ko samja …..sir mujhe copy kiss pate pe bhejani hai plz mujhe address bataye plz plz help sir ……..thank you so much sir ……

  21. kaushal singla said:

    good work sir g for helping the needy peoples

  22. T K Manojan said:

    Dear Comrade
    I reached this blog today by chance, through an FB post by Com. Balu(CLT) which shared your article on Com KGBose. Very happy to note that you are going strong. Thank you for the insightful discussions.
    TKManojan (All India Radio. Kochi)

  23. The Senior TOAs % PGMT Nagpur said:

    As per the then prevailing orders, the Sr.TOA(G)/(P) being restructured cadre, on their OTBP promotion, the pay of the such officials was fixed in terms of 22(1)a(2) and they were not granted notional increment, however, these officials were merely granted the effect of placement. Under this arrangement the officials who had reached the next higher scale were only fixed in the higher grade without any financial benefit.
    Now as per the recently declared NEPP, the officials who availed the OTBP promotion between the period 1/10/2000 and 30/9/2004, their promotion was treated as First NEPP Up-gradation availed and as per the orders the case was not to be opened for Fixation of Pay.
    The officials who got first up-gradation (already availed) between 1/10/2000 and 30/9/2004 got their second up-gradation from 2007 to 2011. This time also these officials were deprived of the benefit of notional increment. In stead they got the advantage of one increment @ 3% in their pay scale. In this way, the officials recruited in the Department from 1985 to 1989 had to unnecessarily suffer financial loss, for no fault on their part.
    However, in case of the officials who were recruited in the year 1990 onwards got their First NEPP up gradation in the year 2004 and their pay was fixed by adding one notional increment. Thereafter, these officials are to get 2nd NEPP Up gradation in the year 2011. Due to the above facts, the juniors though working in the lower scale are drawing more pay that the senior officials placed in higher scale. For ex. Officials recruited in 1990 /1993 are getting basic pay as 22380/- and an official recruited in 1985/1986 are getting basic pay 21890/-
    It is understood that similar types of cases have cropped up in number of SSAs in Maharashtra as well as in many circle on the national level also. Therefore, it is necessary to give justice to the quite deserving senior officials who are facing severe embarrassing situation. While taking up the case with the higher officers, you may kindly explore the possibility that if the wordings mentioned in the Corporate office no.13-2/2010-TE dated 6/1/2011 NEPP clarifications at point number 17 stating “…There is no need to re-fix the pay of such officials ” are deleted/removed/dropped, it is hoped that this will certainly award justice to the officials facing aforesaid embarrassing situations.
    An urgent action at your level is requested to sort out the problems for ever.
    We are awaiting a line of reply from your side.
    (Mrs. M.M. Kapre) (Mrs. Vandana Mendhe) (Mrs. Archana Patrale)(Shri K P Mashru) (Shri M B Marathe)(Ms Sheela Rekhade)(Mrs. Manisha Kulkarni) (Mrs. Sushma Dixit) (Sanjay Deole) (Mrs. Meena Bhorkar)(Mrs. Shruti Shirole) (Mrs. Kavita Tikekar) (Mrs. Snehal Boxe) (Mrs. Anagha Gupte)(Mrs. Vijaya Shegokar) (Kundan Punjarwar) (Mrs. Sandhya Parashar)(Mrs. Gautami Kamble) (Mrs. Vijaya Deshmukh) (Mrs.Damini Mendhe)
    (Mrs. Renu Chaurasiya) (Mrs. Anita Panurkar)(Mrs Pradnya Fadanavis) (Ms V.C.Buradkar)

    All the officials are working as Sr. TOA in the office of PGMT BSNL Nagpur

    • Dear comrades, kindly send the issue with specific cases wiith all relevant records to CHQ. We will take up the cases.

      • The Senior TOAs % PGMT Nagpur said:

        Respected Sir,
        Thanks for your reply. We have forwarded our representations along with the comparitive statements yesturday by speed post.We request you to kindly look into the matter and give us justice.
        Wishing you a big success in the forthcoming elections!!!

      • After reaching Delhi it will be taken

  24. The Senior TOAs % PGMT Nagpur said:

    Respected Comrade Namboodiriji

    At the outset, kindly accept our heartiest congratulations for all your efforts in settlement of the issue of release of orders granting weight age of merger of 78.2 DA.
    Sir, while on the subject, we would like to just remind you about our long pending issue, which was narrated, vide our representation dated 25…../03……/2013………….
    We, the disciplined workers under your able guidance are always trying to give our best to BSNL for its prosperity and will continue to do so in future too. Hence it is once again requested to look into the matter personally and do the needful.

    Thanking you.

    Yours Faithfully

    (Mrs. Vandana Mendhe)(Mrs Manjusha kapre) (Mrs. Archana Patrale)(Shri K P Mashru) (Shri M B Marathe)(Ms Sheela Rekhade)(Mrs. Manisha Kulkarni) (Mrs. Sushma Dixit) (Sanjay Deole) (Mrs. Meena Bhorkar)(Mrs. Shruti Shirole) (Mrs. Kavita Tikekar) (Mrs. Snehal Boxe) (Mrs. Anagha Gupte)(Mrs. Vijaya Shegokar) (Kundan Punjarwar) (Mrs. Sandhya Parashar)(Mrs. Gautami Kamble) (Mrs. Vijaya Deshmukh) (Mrs.Damini Mendhe)(Mrs. Renu Chaurasiya) (Mrs. Anita Panurkar)(Mrs Pradnya Fadanavis) (Ms V.C.Buradkar)(Mrs.S.A.Gabhane)

    All the officials are working under % PGMT Nagpur.

  25. amit sharma said:

    Dear Sir.
    This is amit sharma from betul mp.
    my father name is dinesh sharma.he was employed of BSNL TDM betul MP As a motor driver.he was no more on last 24 November 2012 due to suffering from cancer.we did lots of effort for my father wellness.but we are not success.
    now we have nothing no any signal property no house /no plot /no any signal rupee.we expend All our savings in my father treatment and i am unmarried and our condition is very poor.and my mother is also very week.she also in tension.and sir i don’t want to loss my mom sir,
    i am Unemployed.
    i just request to you sir please.
    i have submitted all document for anukamppa in march 2013 in BSNL TDM betul mp office.But they told me my anoukampa niyukti ill depend on points.
    sir please do some thing in Process fast.
    In my family only 2 member me and my mom.and we are going to very critical condition.we have nothing.and in front of me very big responsibility
    i know sir you have very busy schedule.
    but when You Have little bit time kindly do something.
    sir i am not complenting .i just want to littil bit fast process.
    Thank you in advance

  26. Sr.TOA(G) and (P) of Nagpur SSA said:

    Respected Sir,

    Kindly find enclosed herewith a copy of the representation forwarded to your Delhi office.We request you to kindly look into the matter and give us the justice.
    Awaiting for a positive reply form you Sir.
    Thanking you!!!

    प्रति, माननिय कॉ.अभिमन्युजी, बीएसएनएलईयु, न्यु.दिल्ली
    सर, हमने आपको दि.22/3/2013 को हमारे निवेदन भेजे थे। तथा उसके उपरांत आपकी नागपूर यात्रा दरम्यान प्रत्यक्ष रुपमें भी आपको हमारें निवेदन की प्रतियाँ दी थी। जून 2013 में आपके दिल्ली ऑफिस के पते पर स्मरणपत्र भी दिया था। आपके ऑफिस के श्री.विजू से बात करने पर पता चला कि हमारी केस आपने प्रस्तूत की थी।लेकिन वह फाईल अभीतक वापिस ही नही आयी। श्री विजू के कहने के अनूसार हम फिरसे निवेदन की एक कॉपी आपकी जानकारी एवं आगे की कार्यवाही हेतू भेज रहे है। निवेदन है कि, हम 85-88 में टी.ओ.ए केडर में नियुक्त हुए कर्मचारीयॉको OTBPOTBP Promotion 2001 से 2004 के बीच में मिला। उस वक्त पे फिक्सेशन के समय हमे Notional Increment Notional Increment नही मिला। पे फिक्सेशन FR 22(1)aa(2) के तहत सिर्फ Placement Placement दिया गया था। यही OTBPOTBP Promotion NEPP Promotion ,NEPP के अंतर्गत हमारा पहिला अपग्रेडेशन माना गया और NEPPNEPP Guidelines Guidelines के अनूसार यह प्रमोशन availedAvailed होने के कारण Refixation Refixation नही किया गया।हमें दूसरा अपग्रेडेशन 2008-2012 के बीच में मिला। और पे-फिक्सेशन के समय NEPP NEPPNEPP Guidelines Guidelines के अनूसार फिरसे Notional Increment Notional Increment नही मिला । इसतरह दोनो अपग्रेडेशन के समय Notional Increment ent नही मिला । जबकी 1990 के बाद जिनकी नियुक्तियाँ हुई उन्हें 1/10/2004 को पहिला अपग्रेडेशन मिला और उनका पे फिक्सेशन Notional Increment Notional Increment देकर किया गया। एवं इन जुनिअर्स को फिरसे 2011 में दूसरा अपग्रेडेशन मिला। इसकी वजह से जुनिअर्स कम पे स्केल NE-9 पर होनेके बावजुद सिनिअर्ससे (जो जादा पे स्केल NE-10 पर है) जादा वेतन पा रहे है।नैसर्गिक न्याय में मद्देनजर कोई जुनिअर डीपार्टमेंटल परीक्षा पास हो कर जादा वेतन पाये तो वह उचित होगा,लेकिन बगैर किसी प्रमोशन के जुनिअर यदी पॉलीसी मे की खामी की वजहसे अगर जादा वेतन पाये तो वह सिनिअर्स पर अन्याय होगा। अत: यदि पहिले अपग्रेडेशन के समय Notional Increment दे दिया जायेगा तो हम सीनियर्स का वेतन जुनियर के बराबर हो सकता है। एवं Monitary benefits दुसरे अपग्रेडेशन के समय से दिया जाये।
    हम युनियन के काफी पूराने सदस्य होने के नाते आपसे नम्र निवेदन करते है कि, इस विषय को उचित स्तर पर चर्चा कर के तुरंत सुधारीत आदेश जारी करवाये। तथा NEPPNEPP Policy में आयी इस खामी को दूर/सूधार करे और हम सिनिअर्स को न्याय दिलाने का कष्ट करें। तथा इस विषय पर होनेवाली गतिविधियोंसे हमे समय समय पर अवगत कराने का प्रयास करें। धन्यवाद।
    नागपुर 15/10/2013
    संलग्न:- दि.22/3/2013 के निवेदन की प्रत. भवदिय, श्रीमति वंदना मेंढे,मंजूषा कापरे,अर्चना पत्राले,शीला रेखडे,मनिषा कुलकर्णि,सुषमा दिक्षित,मीना बोरकर,श्रुति शिरोले,कविता तोडकर,स्नेहल बोक्षे,अनघा गुप्ते,विजया शेगोकार,संध्या पाराशर,गौतमि कांबले,विजया देशमूख,दमिनि मेंढे,रेणू चौरसिया,अनिता पानूरकर,प्रद्न्या फडनविस,वी.बूरडकर,एस.ए.गभने, श्री के.पी.मशरू, एम.बी.मराठे,संजय देवले,कुंदन पुंजरवार….. प्रति:- अध्यक्ष एवं सचिव बीएसएनएलईयु नागपूर ,नम्र निवेदन के साथ की हमारे निवेदन को आपके Recommendations के साथ दिल्ली ऑफिस भेजने की कृपा करे।

  27. thatdoesntsoundright said:

    Dear Comrade,

    I know that most of the time people post more immediately relevant issues on this page. I just wanted to make a general comment.

    Why is it that all of these facts that are highlighted on your blog or by the trade unions, or by the CPI(M) not in front of the public? Why will they not realize the realities and exigencies of the situation and revolt against the bankrupt neo liberal policies of the bourgeois political parties?

    There was no article on the march of the trade unions in the mainstream media on December 12, nobody in Delhi even seemed to know about this. They, and I mean most of the middle class do not even know what trade unions are and what they seek to achieve. They will vote for anybody, but as soon as a Left party raises the hammer and sickle flag they shout “Communists” as if to equate us with criminals. If the Left does have massive support among the trade unions and the workers, then why have all Left parties been outvoted everywhere except Tripura?

    Everyday the day seems closer when trade unions will be banned like in Hitlers Germany, and the leaders of the workers put in jail. We have already seen the prelude to that in the case of the Maruti workers in Manesar and Gurgaon. The Supreme Court has declared that there is no right to strike and that workers going on strike must be “disciplined”. There is widespread violation of every labour law. Even if these labour laws were observed to the letter, they are in the manner of a few concessions to the workers, and do not give them the life of dignity that they deserve.

    India seems to lapsing into the wildness and anarchy of capitalism, and if this is not arrested we will go the way of a banana republic with fascists and maniacs for our rulers and corporate greed will overtake us all.


    • Dear Comrade,
      Your comments are well appreciated. The situation as you mentioned is the reality at present. This has to be changed. A real alternative to the present order of things is required. The Left has to seriously think about and work. The attitude of the ruling party, Congress, dramatically changed immediately after getting independence. The strike of the central government employees in 1960 was suppressed calling it as ‘Civil Rebellion’ and bringing Essential Service Maintenance Ordinance for the first time. Thousands were arrested , put in jail, dismissed, terminated and punished. In 1968 one day strike, the same thing happened, the only difference being that the ESMO was made it in to an Act ESMA. The change in one party rule at the centre changed the position some what. However after 1990s and the implementation of the neo-liberal policies, both the NDA and UPA has become more against the trade unions and service associations. All efforts are being made by the governments both at centre and states to curtail the rights of the workers. Maruti is one example. At the same time, the trade unions are also uniting to oppose these anti-worker policies. The struggles and programmes of all the 11 central trade unions together for the last few years have strengthened the momentum against the government policies. It is a positive aspect. While in Delhi, the monopoly press is completely ignoring these movements, but local press all over India, can not do that afraid of the adverse effect on their circulation.
      A 1974 – 77 situation is gradually developing in the country with the united struggle of the workers and the oncoming 2014 elections. The Left Parties and the trade unions should be capable of utilising that opportunity.

  28. KarthiK SM said:

    Respected Sir,

    Please let me know when next pay revision is going to happen.

    • BSNLEU has demanded wage revision from 01-01-2012 ie. after five years of last revision. Management has not agreed. The demand is still there.

      • KarthiK SM said:

        Respected Sir,

        BSNL is already in operational loss and it wage cost is already 49%.I dont think they will agree to give it w.e.f 1-1-12. I doubt about wage revision in 2017 also because of BSNL’s Finacial position. what is your say? Even if they agree,, How much hike we can expect and what is the formula which is going to be used this time for wage revision.

      • Dear Comrade,
        BSNL was in profit for 7 years and now is in loss for the last four years.every effort is being made to improve its services and financial viability. The workers are doing their work, which of course has to be improved.
        It is not the fault of the employees that DOT was corporatised in to BSNL. Workers have the right to get their justified demands settled. As such, while on the one side we will try to strengthen BSNL, and on the other side will make all out efforts on the demands of workers including early wage revision.

  29. Venkata Raviteja said:

    Respected Sir,
    Is there Jto notification for direct recruitment through open competition this year. We are waiting alot for jto notification since 2009. Please reply me sir when notification will release. Eagerly waiting.

    • I think that the recruitment will take place this year also. But so far notification has not been issued.

      • Venkata Raviteja said:

        Thank you sir for ur reply. Actually for the 5 years (after 2009) there is no Jto notification,. Being an Master of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering i am very much interested in communication (Telecom) field to work in PSU like BSNL. we are waiting a lot for notification sir. Is it sure sir, this year notification will come. Any expected month for notification. I request you on behalf of unions, please ask the management for jto direct recruitment notification through open competition this year.
        Thanking you Sir.

  30. Venkata Raviteja said:

    Sir, when will jto notification through open competition(external quota) comes this year. Eagerly waiting alot from 2009 onwards, Sir i request you to tell bsnl management on behalf of all bsnl employees union to release notification this year very soon. Please reply me.
    Thanking you sir.

  31. prashant chandrayan said:

    Dear sir,
    My father was expired on 19.04.2010 ( fathers name vijay chandrayan) , till now i had not got the Anukampa Niyukti in his place.
    My father is working in BSNL office harda and when he was expired he was on duty.
    My family is facing lots of problem due to jobless condition in home,we are leaving only on the pension my mother is getting from department, even family pension also department is stopping from this year.please help we are is very bad condition.

    Prashant chandrayan
    Harda madhya Pradesh.

    • Kindly contact our union circle Secretary, M.P. Com.H.S.Thakur. His Telephone No. is 09425393197.

    • Prashant Chandrayan said:

      Dear sir,
      After a long time of 9 years BSNL had called me you Anukampa Niyukti, all formalities i had completed, all papers i had submitted,dept. had called me to take your appoinment latter on 31.10.2015 , but when i reached to the office they had told me that due to some money scam happened in jabalpur circle for niyukti, department had again hold niyukties of all candidates of all circles and they told dept. had given this matter to vigilance dept.Even dept is not giving the exact time for resolution of this matter.
      Sir due to some illegal persons all are suffering.
      Sir please suggest what to do.

  32. Hi Sir,
    My fathers is a Telephone mechanic OFC BSNL,Microwave dept.He is suffering from Parkinson’s disease since last 6 years.Ths is a rare disease and resembles to paralysis.
    There is no treatment for this disease.He is not able to walk properly.He is anyway managing office with his best efforts.I would like to know , I being son can replace with his job or duties? I completed my graduation and looking for a job.We come from middle class family.Unable to tackle the situation. I request you to help me getting my fathers job.
    Thanks s a lot.

    • I am sorry to hear about illness of your father. Please convey him my wishes for early recovery. With regard to employment, even in cases of those wards of officials who passed away, it is most difficult to get the compassionate ground appointments since the vacancies are limited to 5% of direct recruit vacancies and there are very strict conditions. In fact not even 10% cases of death cases, we are not able to get the jobs.

      • Thanks for your response. I believe in near future mgmt /Union should incorporate changes in BSNL policies.If we look at singareni we can hear abt son replacing father job.Special consideration should be given for BSNL families. I hope you will fight for us in future.
        Syed Wasim

      • Thanks for your prompt response. As Mentioned earlier, My father is suffering from parkinson disease and is on medical leave for last 5 months.Doctor has advised to go for DBS(Deep Brain Stimulation) Surgery.Bsnl officer s says Bsnl can pay only30% of the cost.I am surprised why is this unjustice to employee in service.

        Also would like to check.Can i send case details to delhi as my father is complete bedridden and is in worse condition.Can i apply for Anukampa niyukti for replacing father job?

        I will share all the documents proving fathers health issues .

        Please let me know.If you can you take up the request?

        We come from poor family and i am graduate and jobless.I am okie to work in half salary for what my father was paid.

        Syed Wasim,
        +91 9985079303

      • I am sorry to hear about your father’s illness. Kindly send all details to me. let me see what can be done.

  33. shrekant Vijay yadav said:

    Dear sir
    Sir mere pitaji BSNL me job karate the unaki Deauty death 11/08/2005 me ho gayi aur mai be apply Kiya par muze Abhi tak reply nahi aaya

  34. shree yadav said:

    dear sir
    mere papa 11august 2005 ko expired hue Maine mere job me lite appilation diya tha phir BHI abhitak mujhe koe reply nahi aaya hai Abhi 9 sall hogaye please help me.

    • shree yadav said:

      Dear sir
      Office walo ne mera from rejection me dal diya kahte hai ki hamare pass proparty bahot hai par mera sirf 1 ghar hai aur meri Maa nufit hai sir plz help …….

  35. Venkata Raviteja said:

    Respected Sir,
    When will JTO exam (open competition) notification release. Very very eagerly waiting for that notification. From 2009 onwards no notification till now. 6 years get completed sir. Please request strongly BSNL board & its CMD for immediate JTO notification this year. We are so much willing to work as an bsnl employee. Please reply me.

  36. venkataraviteja said:

    When will JTO Open competitive exam going to conduct. From 2009 onwards no recruitment till now. Too much delay sir. We are eagerly waiting for notification to work with Bsnl. PLEASE request for early notification on behalf of employees union.

    • Yes Comrade. We will take up the issue.

      • venkataraviteja said:

        Respected Sir,
        As new JTO RR approved on 19 september 2015, i saw in our union site there are 12000 vacancies in JTO cadre. When will notification of Direct exam (open competition) release. In 2013 june JTO LICE was held. Till now there is no direct recruitment through open competition for 6 years. we are very sad for so much delay & eagerly waiting for notification. Lastly it release on February 2009. Please sir, we request you on behalf of union to ask Bsnl management & board to release JTO notification through direct recruitment.

      • The unions have already demanded for conducting of the examination on the basis of the new RR.

  37. Sir,

    I write this seeking clarification regarding the newly proposed JTO/JAO Recruitment Rules. It is learned that the new JAO RR will be on par with the JTO(T) Recruitment Rules 2014.

    As per column 11 of the proposed JTO RRs, it is stated that only the employees in the payscale of 13600-25420 (NE9) or above, and also who are having 7 years of combined service, can appear in the LICE. 

    If the same proposal is considered for JAO RRs also, a Sr TOA inducted employee whose pay-scale is NE7 (10XXX-20XXX) currently will be eligible after only 21 years in service (ie 8yrs for NE7toNE8, 8yrs for NE8toNE9 and 5 yrs residence period in scale NE9). The same is currently 10 years of regular service in Group C cadre irrespective of pay-scale. When a TTA is eligible to appear for JTO exams in just 7 years, this new proposal extends the tenure for eligibility of Sr TOAs and TMs to 21 years. This disparity is very demoralizing and unjustifiable and must be reconsidered. 

    Also to be noted is the fact that as per current recruitment rules TMs and SrTOA will be eligible to appear for LICE in 10 years if he possesses required qualification.

    So kindly look into this and bring these matters to the concerned before the proposed JTO/JAO Recruitment Rules are amended.

    • Kindly send the issue with details to the General Secretary, BSNLEU, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 1/2151, New Patel Road, New Delhi – 110001 with all the details for taking up with the BSNL Management.

  38. Prashant chandrayan said:

    Respected sir,
    My self prashant chandrayan,my father was working in BSNL harda (M.P.) and was dead in 2006.
    after almost 9 year department had informed us that my my recuirtment order for anukampa niyukti came all formalities for recuirtment ie completed by self.at last dept had called me for giving joining latter on 31.10.2015 but on the same day they had showned me a news paper cutting mentioning a money scam on recuirtment process in jabalpur devision and due to that all the recuirtment process is on hold for further notice..Now dept. Is telling that the case is with vigilance team but nobody is telling how much time will it will take to resolve.
    sir please guide me in this matter. Will it again take 9 years.
    prashant chandrayan

  39. Prashant Chandrayan said:

    Thanks a lot sir for guiding me.

    Prashant Chandrayan

  40. Dear Sir,

    Bsnl has rleased examination calendar one month back in that mentioned Direct JTO exam notification will be released on April and exam will be on July16 but now Ldce TTA to JTO promotional is going internally so direct JTO exam will be happen as per the examination calendar else it is likely to be postponed that means after the all three exams of LDCE JTO exam as per year wise vacancies.

    I am eagerly waiting for JTO exam last six year. Please update me sir. When outside candidate will get notification for JTO exam for this year.

  41. venkataraviteja said:

    Respected Sir,

    So sad to hear JTO (External Exam) is going to conduct through GATE 2017. Since 2009 onwards ( for 8 years) we are very eagerly waiting for JTO notification. Since GATE exam need proper time for preparation as it is tough exam conducted by IITs. So many students get suffered with this decision. Please go for Open competitive exam for this time of recruiting 2510 JTO and not through gate exam.
    Requesting you on behalf of Bsnl Unions, Please ask CMD, HR not to conduct through GATE and conduct through open competitive exam as previous format for thi time.

  42. venkataraviteja said:

    Respected Sir,
    So sad to hear JTO External exam going to conduct through Gate 2017. As so many students get suffered with this decision as there is no sufficient time to prepare gate conducted by IIT. We are eagerly waiting for 8 years (since 2009) and there is no prior intimation of changing exam pattern.
    On behalf of bsnl unions , we request you to ask CMD, HR and recruitment board to conduct through previous pattern (open competitive exam) this time and not through Gate 2017.

  43. SATISH NAIR said:

    Sir, I am satish k JE sringeri working in Bsnl chikmagalur karnataka circle, I am from kerala malappuram near nilambur.
    Sir I need your help, I am bring few worst experience in my work place sringeri chikmagalur district are.
    1) the few higher officer in chikmagalur have No humanity they are giving mental harassment to me by giving work pressures.
    2) in sringeri when I reported for duty I am only person working as JE technical person, I did all kinds of jobs like LL faults, BB faults, leased line, 2G,3G BTS, OFc work, battery, power plant, Dslam, NOFN, OFFICE WORK, SAP, Clarity, CRM, CDR, MARKETING ACTIVITIES ETC. Taken responsibility on my shoulders given my best services to BSNL Chikmagalur. but No Proper guidance given to me, and I faced all kinds of harassment both mentally and physically, I complaint orally to union in chikmagalur district but no action on this officer.
    3)after all this issues, my father is also rtd BSNL employees worked 33years of service for bsnl he is a heart patient settled in kerala malappuram.
    4)i need look after my old age parents along with my career, so I decided to bring my parents to Bangalore to settle their take care of father health and my career, so applyed temporary transfer under rule 9 from sringeri taluk chikmagalur district to Bangalore TD since when I applied this officer are blocking my transfer my giving some reasons which not all related to my transfer.
    5) still today my transfer application is pending in GM office chikmagalur, I complaint giving to district secretary and circle secretary they are pursuing but this officer orally giving some reason and delaying the transfer without forwarding to higher levels.
    6)I need a transfer immediately because my father health not in good condition but this officer as No humanity.
    7)suddenly today without consulting me they transferred me to transmission given order today. I have lookafter two taluk which as 25 BTS towers, telephone exchanges and other services as said above. How and what basis they are harassing me like this by giving more and more work load?
    8)my health gets spoiled, my parents are fora way more than 15 hours journey required to reach their. Who is careering me?
    9)where as for executive level getting transfer from one district to another district /circle after 2 years, why not for Non executive?
    10) for my transfer they saying No substitute so No transfer is given, who should provide substitute for an employee?
    11)In chikmagalur ssa No proper BSNL transfer policy implemented, higher officer as they like they are giving transfer to employee who are close to them but others like me saying No substitute so No transfer, this kind of discrimination is happening many years.
    9)humbly requesting you sir kindly do needful at your end.

  44. Deepak Lal Srivastava said:

    I am Deepak Sr TOA(G) from BSNLEU, Bihar. Sir it is to intimate that prior to implementation of NEPP, the 1st promotion was granted in the scale of 7100-10100
    but after implementation of NEPP it has been downgraded to 6550 – 9325.
    Sir it is in case of Sr TOA(G) who were in the scale of 5700-8100,
    Sir it is requested to kindly take the necessary effort to solve the problem please

  45. Suhas Buddhisagar said:

    Respected :
    I am 68 retired from BSNL in 12 /2009. Please consider following :
    Privatization of BSNL, MTNL is a wrong choice inview of large assets, trained staff in nook and corner, loot policy of private operators.
    It is better to merge them in DOT, give wide powers and functional statutory independence.
    We have a very good example of DOP, it has
    secured even banking licence and making all round progress.
    This will satisfy all unions, employees, and customers, put private operators in check, create good image like that of Postman / post master to our line staff.
    You are a respectful personality and can help /persuade authorities to take a wise decision.
    Suhas Buddhisagar Nasik

  46. Sir.l am a bsnl rtd emplye l did not get my medical bill for one n half year sir pl do somethimg

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