Censor Board of India has granted permission to release the film ‘Padmavathi’ with change of name to ‘Padmavath’ and 5 modifications / cut. The changes are made along with the condition that before screening, an announcement should be made stating that it is not based on history. These conditions and restrictions are based on false premises and are completely against the freedom of expression. It is clear that there is full backing of the BJP government to such restrictions.

Mahabharatha and Ramayana are the greatest two epics of Hinduism. There are hundreds of variations to both written by great saints and authors. All are well read and appreciated. The epics or history is written according to the available information and also the view point of the author. The idea of god itself was denied by certain writers of earlier ages. Cinemas are produced and novels / stories written with partial historical facts and further imagination. ‘Davinci Code’ and such famous novels are example. Of course, the Christian Church organised seminars explaining their position, but there was no demand to ban it.

Intolerance to different opinions and expressions and suppression of the same is unsuitable in a democratic society.