The year end – new year increased traffic as also Sabari Mala season has increased the monthly revenue of Kerala Road Transport Corporation Kozhikode Zone for December from the earlier month. The collection in December has crossed more than Rs. 30 crore, making it an average of Rs. one crore daily. Congratulations to the management and the workers for the achievement.

This shows that the ailing KSRTC can be made profitable. Due to financial stress and loss, KSRTC pensioners are not paid pension for the last 5 months, out of which one month pension is being paid. If all the unions/associations of the workers and the management jointly plan and implement them effectively, there is no reason why the PSU will not be in profit. KSRTC is providing service to crores of people and their goodwill will be there for a better service. The LDF government is in support of improving PSUs, unlike the centre.

In such a situation, the government, the Management and the Unions should sit together and work out things which will make KSRTC a pride of Kerala, better service and profitable.

Best Wishes to an improving KSRTC.