Black colour is unpardonably portrayed as some thing ugly, evil, wicked etc. A large number of words are there like Black market, Blackmail, Blackout, Blackleg, Black sheep, black art, black-list, Black mark, black money etc. in English and similarly in other language also.

Why black is discriminated like this? It is only to denigrate the human being whose skin colour is dark or near dark. It is to show the superiority of the white men who became the aggressors and captured free countries and kept them as their colonies. Most of these conquers were white and they despised the conquered people as black and dark. Thus dark became ugly, wicked etc.

However, animals, trees, inanimate things, which are black are appreciated – Black cow, Black dog, Black hair, black cloud, black marble etc. etc.

Black is a beautiful colour as other colours and the discrimination against it should be removed. Black and dark people are also very beautiful just like any other people including white coloured people.