Yesterday night while travelling from Thiruvananthapuram to Kozhikode in Mangalore Express, I had a disturbing experience. It started at 20.50 house from the capital city. I was in the Sleeper compartment. By the time the train reached Kottayam, everybody was fast asleep.

At Ernakulam some four or five passengers got down and some others got in. They had reservations in the nearby berths. They were in their middle ages and well dressed. Instead of settling down and going in to their berths for lying down and sleeping / taking rest they started talking rather loudly about about so many small-small issues. They were not stopping at all. Most of those sleeping were disturbed and woke up. But nobody requested them to stop, hoping that they will stop talking and go to sleep. But not so. Out of courtesy and to avoid unpleasantness, nobody complained about their misbehavior. I thought once or twice to speak, but controlled myself.

Fortunately they got down at Thrissur. Everybody was happy and smiled at each other. This was a bad experience and I lost my sleep thinking about it. Are we too patient and accommodating ?