Com.K G Jayaraj ,General Secretary met Dr.Mahesh Shukla Member (Services) and Smt.Roshni Sohni , DDG ( Estt) at Sanchar Bhawan on 09-11-2022.

The meeting was in the backdrop of the meeting held by Member(S) with the representatives of BSNL/MTNL Pensioners organisations on 17-10-2022 on pension revision and release of record of discussion.

The following points were clarified by Members ( Services) as sought by the General Secretary.

1 Pension revision is possible only as per 3rd PRC and the proposal of the DoT is based on it.

2. Pension revision will be delinked from wage revision.

3. Necessary approval of the nodal ministry for suitable amendment in the CCS(Pension)Rules, 2021 for delinking and notional fixation is being sought.

Member( S) also stated that pay scales of non -executives are required for further necessary action. General Secretary pointed out that along with the memorandum submitted by AIBDPA pay scales of Non-Executives of BSNL approved by the Joint Committee of both BSNL management and representatives of recognised unions was enclosed. But Member (S) stated the pay scales are to be approved by the BSNL Board.

General Secretary demanded that the new proposal should be for 15% fitment as entire liability is of the Central Government . Further the government has already collected pension contributions at the maximum of the payscales.

General Secretary also had a separate meeting with Shri.Manish Sinha, Member (Finance). The issue of reduction in pension due to arbittrary cut of LPDs by CCAs was discussed and the letter in this regard was handed over to him. He assured to do the needful in consultation with the Controller General of Communication Accounts.

All the three officers were invited to our AIC being held at Mysuru on 20th and 21st December,2022.