1977 May.

Have you heard about Warrangal chillies? They are famous – for its size, red colour, and very hot. I was in Delhi and wife at Calicut. When I informed her  that I was going to Warrangal to attend CWC meeting of E.III(N) Union, she told me to bring some chillies. Fine.

After reaching Warrangal I told Com. J.Sampath Rao, Circle Secretary, who was organisng the CWC, about my wife’s request. Before proceeding, two words about Sampath Rao. A great organiser and leader, who have a big heart and always think big in every aspect. When the CHQ was worried about how to raise funds for purchasing a car for union, he offered and within months collected and handed over Rs. 1.75 lakhs, the cost of purchasing a Maruti 800 Car. Tours with him was always interesting. Everywhere, members will surround him to speak to him and I think he knew each and every worker in the whole of A.P.  A large number of workers will be with him to immediately act upon what he says.

Coming to the point. When along with Delhi comrades, I have boarded the train back to Delhi, Sampath Rao and some other comrades came to the compartment and put a big sack under the seats and said ‘your requirement’. They were immediately gone as the train started. I understood what was in the sack. I only wanted maximum one kg, but this was one full sack.

After some time, there was the sharp smell of the chillies. It spread all over the compartment within no time. Delegates with me understood what was in the sack. Passengers were asking where from the smell was coming. I had apprehension whether I will have to throw it away. After some time every body was adjusted to the situation.

Some lady delegates from Delhi were with us. They were very much interested about the chillies. After getting down at Delhi station, we opened the sack. There were three covers inside to prevent the smell coming out  but still strong smell. Distributed chillies to all. After a few days on going to Calicut, I gave the chilly packet to  my wife. Of course she was happy.