New Year 2019 is only two days ahead! The wage revision of executives and non-executives, which is due from 01-01-2017 is yet to be decided. Two years have already elapsed without any decision, despite continued pressure and agitation by the BSNL Unions and Associations under the united banner of AUAB.

The delay is mainly due to the affordability clause in the DPE guidelines and recommendations of the III Pay Revision Committee. If BSNL has gone down from its high profits to loss making, the major responsibility is on the government itself, which through its anti-Policy and decisions have made it to the present position. Further it is a fully government owned company and the responsibility for payment of wages is its responsibility. The government can not evade that solemn responsibility.

The cut throat competition and consequent lowest telecom rates has made all the companies in the telecom sector, including the corporates, in to loss. These corporates continue their existence only due to the huge loans taken by them from the banks and not paying them back. BSNL has no such loans.

The AUAB deferred the indefinite strike to start from 3rd December 2018 only the assurance of the Communications Minister to attend to the issues seriously. But the government and the DOT  is lethargic and even after almost one month, the decision on wage revision is not taken.

Patience has got a limit. The workers are impatient and is demanding for early wage revision. The government, DOT and BSNL should act and act immediately in this matter.