Modi Government continues its attack on the PSUs. The latest cabinet decision is to sell shares of (1) Telecommunications Consultants (India) Ltd (2) RailTel Corporation (India) Ltd. (3) National Seed Corporation (India) Ltd. (4) Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited (5) Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Limited (6) FCI Aravaly Gypsum and Minerals (India) Ltd and (7) Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd. The first 6 PSUs will be disinvested through IPOs and the last by FPO. Almost all these are profitable PSUs and functioning well. Some of them like TCIL has got a lot of awards in excellence.

Selling of shares will get thousands of crores of rupees to the government, but none of this will be utilised for the improvement or development of the company. Even if 25% shares are sold, the private corporates (share holders) get the benefit of even deciding the policy. They will utilise it for their own purpose. Well knowing that the government favours the corporates, the Director Board also will become more interested in the benefits of the corporates than the PSU. The result will be deterioration of the company which will go in to loss. Then it is easy for the government to sell it very cheap with all the valuable land, building, equipment etc. in the centre of major towns.

The government is not worried about the future of the work force. The government is not interested in the development of the PSU. It is only the workers and the common people of the country who will fight this exploitation of the nations precious wealth.

Participate fully in the 48 hours national strike on 8th and 9th January 2019 against the anti-worker, anti-PSU policy of the government!