Kerala will witness a ‘Women’s Wall’ from the north to the south end of Kerala, on the national high  way, spanning about 600 kilometers, on the New Year day, 1st January 2019, for the cause of equal status, equal rights for women and end of discrimination against women. It is part of the  renaissance movement that helped create a new social order in Kerala. More than 50 lakhs of women are expected to participate.

In the background of the criminal activities of the Hindu fundamentalist forces led by RSS and BJP in Shabarimala against the judgment of the Supreme Court allowing entry of women to the shrine, the ‘Women’s Wall’ is a relevant popular response.

It is also against the conspiracy of the fundamentalist forces to take the society back to the position when the women had no freedom to go to school, can not properly dress and untouchability was practiced.

The LDF government has extended its support to the programme.Many political leaders, social activists, cultural activists, poets,women organisations, trade unions, students – they all support this action by women in their forward march for an equal status and right in the society.

BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF  Kerala units also have given call to participate in the ‘Vanitha Mathil’ (Womens’ Wall).

Let us make it a great success!