Yes, I am Eighty! I am Happy!

I have completed eighty years of age by today, 24th July 2018. (The date of birth in the official records is 12th June 1938. The mistake was not corrected in time.) It means that about 29220 days have passed after I was born. It is a microscopic small period in the nature of things, but taking the average longevity of an Indian, it is something to be proud of.
The question is not how many years you lived, but how much service you have done to the society. I cannot claim much, but I have the satisfaction that at least I have made efforts in this direction. During this period I could meet a lot of people, young and old, and they have made my life happy and pleasant. My comrades and colleagues made my life cheerful and active. Difference of language, region did not come in the way of making friends.
I am a happy husband, father and grandfather, though I cannot claim that I have done full justice to them. I could not be in close contact with family and  relatives since I was away at Delhi for a long period, but they understand me.
My main weakness has been forgetting things, names of friends, relatives and comrades. This have pained me and might have pained many. But most of them understood my short memory and excused me. My memory seems to be weakening further.
When one looks back, he/she can find so many mistakes committed; we learn from the past experiences.
I have not completed my work; there is much more to be done. The only way is to continue your activities till you can.
My Warm Greetings to all my friends, comrades and well-wishers, who made my life happy and worth living!

(N.B. By the way, there is  good news! central pensioners who crosses eighty get 20% increase in pension. Income tax exemption is increased to Rs. 5 lakh.)