We remember you Com. Kunhanandan!

It was two years back on this day, 14th June 2016, that you left us, after the fatal disease caught up with you. All were under the impression that you were improving, but fate decided otherwise.

Since your entry in the P and T Department, you have become an active worker of the union and within a few years became a beloved leader of the workers. You were sincere to the core and was never hesitant to express your opinion and point out mistakes, whenever and wherever they occur. Despite family responsibilities, you were always in the front of the activities and struggles. I still remember the various struggles and strikes with your great contribution. I remember your coming to Delhi and staying in the union office helping the CHQ in its most difficult times.

After retirement from service you have taken the responsibility of leading the AIBDPA, the organisation of the retired employees of BSNL as also that of CGPA, the Central Government Pensioners’ Association. Till you vacated the post in the last All India Conference of the AIBDPA due to ill health, you were the All India treasurer. I still remember our discussion at Tirupati AIC when I insisted to you to continue the post and your inability to do so. In fact, at that time I did not have an iota of information that you were not well. It came to my knowledge, when you became seriously ill and was hospitalized.

After retirement from service, you took up many responsibilities as part of your political commitment and earned the appreciation of the people in your area.

Whenever I came to Kozhikode from Delhi, you came to my home either alone or with your son and we had frank discussions. After AIBDPA formation, you took initiative in strengthening it. Kozhikode comrades still mention about the passion with which you wholeheartedly met all and strengthened the organisation.

Of course, you gave similar importance to the family. Your children seemed to be your close friends. Your close attachment to the family is never forgotten. Amidst busy engagements also, you found time to take the family for tours to many important places in India. You were a guide to many friends who wanted to go on tour.

Your life was never wasted. You have greatly contributed to the welfare of your family friends, comrades and the organisation.

We still remember you Com. Kunhanandan, as if you are amongst us. Your life continues as an inspiration for all of us, your family, friends and comrades!