Several investigations have found out that the continued and increased global warming has become a threat to the mountains and mountains of icebergs in the Antarctica and some of them have started drifting in to the sea. This will mean that they will move again and will start melting which will raise the sea level all over the world submerging the entire coastal areas. It is estimated that since 1992, Antarctica has lost three trillion tonnes of of ice. Oceans are rising by 0.13 inches every year at present. It may increase if the global warming increases and if the massive glaciers of West Antarctica float away and melt, the water may rise up to 11 feet, which will be a big disaster.

But despite all these valid information, US and other developed countries are reluctant to reduce their greenhouse gas which is much higher than the developing countries. They are trying to put the onus on the developing and poor countries. To avoid a catastrophe, all the countries should jointly plan and act for the future generations. (With inputs from The Hindu)