It is not only the opposition leaders, but many leaders of the BJP including their former Finance Minister Yeshwant Sinha have expressed their unhappiness over the economic down trail. The fact is that despite many assurances and announcement of many new programmes, neither employment has increased nor GDP. The demonetisation and introduction of GST has hit the people hard. There is unhappiness in the BJP cadres also.

The Modi impact is losing ground. Rajasthan BJP government had to concede all the demands of the Kisans after their mighty demonstration and protest rallies with participation of lakhs of people. The anti-worker new labour codes being introduced has angered even BMS, whose leaders have issued statements of protest. The university students are protesting against the curbs on campus freedom. The trade unions are organising Maha Dharna in Delhi for three days w.e.f. 6th November with lakhs of workers’ participation.

Yes! The change has started. The change shall continue. When assurances are not implemented and the miseries and sufferings are increasing, there will be strong reaction from the people.