Option I and III recommended by the VII Central Pay Commission has slight differences between them, but it is somewhat similar to the One Rank One Pension Scheme partly implemented for the defence pensioners. In simple language, the pension of the present pensioners will be revised and refixed on the basis of the pay of the official in the same post/grade who is retiring now and getting pension on the basis of the present pay scale. This decision is to remove/reduce the discrimination between the present pensioner and the earlier pensioner who have retired from the same post/grade.

In such a case, how Option I/ III can be fully implemented for BSNL pensioners, if pay revision is not implemented for BSNL employees? The cadres in government and BSNL are different and pay scales are different. How comparison can be made between BSNL pension and government pay scale?

The only solution is pension revision of BSNL retirees on the basis of the III PRC with 15% fitment. Give support and solidarity to the struggle of the employees for a good wage settlement, which will benefit the pensioners in implementing Option I / III.