The pension revision of the BSNL retirees is being delayed, as the wage revision of BSNL employees are being delayed. BSNL employees has already started serious agitation in the matter. The affordability cause of the III Pay Revision Committee recommendations is the reason. However, the BSNL management has written to DOT for approving 15% fitment and fixation of pay.

The case of BSNL pensioners is different. The affordability clause is not acceptable, since the payment is being made by the central government. As such, AIBDPA and National Co-ordinating Committee of Pensioners Association (NCCPA) have demanded that the government should immediately order pension revision with 15% fitment in the IDA pension as recommended by III PRC.

Some unions have demanded for pension revision for BSNL retirees on the basis of VII CPC recommendations. VII CPC has recommended CDA Pension revision. All along BSNL retirees have been on IDA pension and any change in the same will result in many complications, anomalies and confusions dragging the pension revision for years and years. Further, implementation of Option I / III will be almost impossible since there is no similar scales of pay and also similar jobs in the Government as that of in the BSNL. In such a situation, the BSNL retirees will lose the Option I/III fixation. There is every chance that the increased pension received by the BSNL retirees may be compromised in the CDA scale.

AIBDPA and NCCPA are demanding for increasing the pension revision and it is on the basis of the two pension revisions already implemented which has benefited the BSNL retirees more than the Government retirees.
We hope that all pensioners associations will come together for fighting and getting justice to the BSNL retirees.