The DOT and the Communication Ministry is yet to grant permission to the CMD BSNL to hold wage negotiation w.e.f. 01-01-2017 to the non-executive employees. The III PRC report for the executives have been accepted by the government, but on the plea of the “affordability” clause in the report that loss making PSU can not be grated wage revision, the DOT has not granted any permission to start wage negotiation. It is understood that DOT and Minister are against wage revision in BSNL.

What neither the DOT nor the Ministry realise is that the employees in BSNL who got absorbed from DOT, were government employees, they were compelled get absorbed in BSNL with much assurances including high wages. To deny them wage revision now is a violation of the agreement made at the time of corporatisation.

Communication Minister and Secretary DOT have to rethink in the matter. The right of the employees for wage revision after long ten years can not be rejected.

We demand the government to direct BSNL Management to start wage negotiation at the earliest. This is only justice to the hard working employees.