Progressive journalist, free thinker and a strong critic of Sangh Parivar, Ms. Gauri Lankesh was brutally murdered in her house yesterday night. Bike-borne assailants put bullets after bullets and escaped immediately. 7 bullets have been found on her. She was returning from office and had got down to open the gate when the murderers shot her. It seems that the Sangh Parivar is behind the gruesome murder.

This is the fourth instance  of well known thinkers  and rationalists  who have been exposing the RSS and Sangh Parivar having been murdered. Comrades Narendra Dabolkar (Maharashtra) was killed on 20-08-2013, Govinda Pansare (Maharashtra) on 16-02-2015 and M.M.Kulbargi (Karnataka) on 30-08-2015. These sinister murders show how the Sangh Parivar eliminate those who expose them. According to the Home Minister of Karnataka, there is similarity in the bullets fired in all the above cases as per Karnataka Forensic Laboratory  test and the same has been confirmed by Scotland Yard.

Gauri Lankesh was a strong critic of the anti-people policies of the government and also that of the RSS / Sangh Parivar. She received many threats to her life earlier, but continued her crusade against injustice.

We strongly condemn the murder of Ms. Gauri Lankesh and  convey our condolence to the bereaved family and friends. We demand the government to take immediate action to catch the culprits and punish them.