Three years are going to be completed after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister. It is certain that there will be a lot of advertisements and publicity about the achievements of the past three years.
But what is the reality. Unemployment has increased. 2 crore jobs were assured yearly, but not even 3 lakhs new job has come as per reports. Demonetisation has not unearthed any mentionable black money, but people have been made to suffer for months together. There has been no growth as assured. Freedom of expression is being attacked. Sangh Parivar decides what to eat and what to wear. Secularism is being attacked and communal tension growing. Labour laws are being changed to suit the employers and corporates. While corporates are granted subsidy and benefits to the tune of crore of lakhs af crores of rupees, subsidies to the poor are curtailed one after another. No action is being taken to curb the price rise. In fact, the government allows the oil companies to increase the price of oil, even when he same is coming down internationally. There are a lot still to mention.
What the Modi government is going to do about all these?