The 41 Ordnance Factories in the country which has been manufacturing equipments for the defence are are in danger of closing down or privatisation. The first step in to bring private participation. The private companies have been clamouring for permission to enter in to the much profitable defence market. Lakhs of crores of rupees are spent every year for defence production and purchases.

The government has issued directive to the army to 87 items for its use from the private companies. It has called for the details of the items of the defence productions and also the land owned by it. The meaning is clear. It wants to hand over a good portion of the defence production and land to the corporates and private business.

The security concerns are being ignored. Workers interests as well as that of the country are given a go-bye. Yes, every day, it is being made clear that this is a government of the Corporates. Completion of three years by Modi is being celebrated by attacking the Defence Ordnance Factories.