The government of India has slapped Rs. 11,000 crores on Reliance industries owned by Mukesh Ambani for stealing gas from the nearby ONGC fields. The stealing and cheating was found years back, but the UPA government did not take any action. This was well known to the NDA government also, but it also did not take any action. Now that the the matter has become public after the enquiry report, the government was compelled to take action and hence the slapping of the present penalty. It has been reported that the entire gas storage in the ONGC field has been wiped out by the Reliance through its nearby Reliance oil field. There was objection even when the government field was allotted to Reliance.

Cheating and stealing by ordinary people are crime and they are arrested and jailed when caught. But Mukesh Ambani, even after cheating and stealing gas worth Rs.11,000 crore, not only goes scott free, but is honoured and respected by the government and the politicians!