The VII Membership Verification has shown that 6.10 % of the employees ( 9980 employees out of a total number of 1,63,820) has not participated in the membership Verification. This is very high absentee % for such an internal secret ballot, for which all unions have made extra-ordinary campaign for about two months. Of course, in all the verifications, there have been absentees.

The lower % of voting has an adverse effect on the results of the verification in BSNL, since the % of votes received by each union is shown as compared to the total votes, instead of the polled votes. Compared to polled votes, as is calculated in the Parliament, Assembly elections etc., BSNLEU has got 52.77%, NFTE 34.03%, FNTO 5.65% and BTEU 3.15%, while according to the declaration of the results based on total votes is only 49.56%, 31.97%, 5.31% and 2.0% respectively.

The unions from the first membership verification has been demanding that the % should be based on the polled votes only. The present results are already over. But at least from the next on wards, the method needs to be corrected. The recognised unions should take up the issue as many other methods to be corrected as pointed out in this blog, including the increasing of number of council members to 20, which was also demanded earlier.