Complaints from many BSNL customers are reaching me with regard to non-functioning of telephones, cable faults not repaired, no Modem for broadband etc. I am trying my best to see that these complaints are attended to, by contacting our circle Secretaries/District secretaries. Once the complaint is attended to, some of these subscribers contact/email me and convey their thanks.

During the travel in Air India, the staff brought some  forms and requested our feed back on the service. It seemed a good idea to find out what is the opinion of our customers about BSNL. I do not know whether any portal is there by BSNL C.O. to which people can complaint and get immediate action.

If yes, well and good. If such a system is not there, my suggestion is that BSNL Management can install a portal for this purpose and take immediate action for settling the complaints. I hope the BSNL Management will consider such an option so that we can know the ground reality and help our customers.