The government is proposing to form a Tower Company, out of BSNL. It means that all the 97,000 and odd towers of BSNL will be kept separate, a few officers will be allotted to the new company, the towers will be shared and the profit will be with the new company. BSNL will loose even the funds that it is getting from the sharing. Another method to bleed BSNL. We can not accept this position. There is no need for a separate tower company.

BBNL was formed bifurcating BSNL in the same way for running the broadband service. Broadband is profitable and it has been formed as a separate company. Our demand is that it should be merged with BSNL  and formal position restored.

Whether merger of BSNL with MTNL or formation  of new companies out of BSNL are being done with only one single purpose; somehow to put BSNL out of service. The government could not put BSNL as a sick company so far. The merger as well the formation of new companies by bifurcating BSNL has the same target; to make BSNL sick and privatise it. We can not allow this.

Hence no merger with MTNL; No bifurcation to Tower Company; merge BBNL with BSNL.