The private  telecom operators and the corporate sector have been stating that the telecom industry was in much distress and difficulty in 2014, by the delay in auction of the spectrum, tax issue of Vodafone, Nokia etc. and also non-governance. Now their spokesmen are predicting that 2015 will be a good year since the situation is being changed lately. The issue of Insurance ordinance, Ordinance of Coal Mine Auction etc. has gladdened the corporate and big business.

What about BSNL and its workers? The aggressive implementation of the anti-labour acts, privatization and disinvestment of PSUs, PPP in Railways, Increase of FDI in Insurance sector are againt the people of this country. The Modi government will continue this line.

What the BSNL Workers can do to strengthen BSNL and make it a best service provider to the people. Maximum effort on the part of each and every worker is necessary.

While strongly opposing the anti-BSNL and anti-PSU policy of the government and the inefficiency of the top management, the workers and their organisations have to work as crusades for a better service to the customers despite equipment crunch and difficulties being created by the government and the management. Provide the best service with the available infrastructure and fight for getting more equipment  and infrastructure.

2015 is a crucial year in the revival of BSNL. The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations have planned for serious struggles for the Revival of BSNL and for better service. It is not a ritual one. The BSNL workers have improved the services, but  much more has to be done. It is a crusade and we have to involve ourselves for the important task.

LET 2015 be a Year of  Revivlal of BSNL. SAVE BSNL Campaign should be strengthened.