The U.K. Home Office has stated that there are up to 13,000 people working as slaves in U.K. This is based on the assessment of the Police, UK Border Force, Charities and the Gang Masters of Licencing Authority.

The slavery victims include women forced to Prostitution, domestic staff, workers in the fields, factories and fishing boats etc. More of the slave victims are from other countries like Albania, Nigeria, Romania etc. trafficked in to UK.

In UK, as stated above, there are about 13,000 slaves? What is the number of such slaves in India? If the above criterion is taken, the slaves in India will run into crores.Whether the government has any idea about how much it will be ?

Earlier, the foreign invaders kept Indians as slaves. But now the Indian rulers, themselves, are keeping other Indians as slaves. This has to be changed. Nobody should be slaves. All should be free citizens, not only to cast vote, but also financially free.