After making 100% FDI in Railways, Prime Minister Modi is moving fast to privatise the Railways. While flagging of the first train from Meghalaya to Guwahati, PM stated that the Railway Stations should be privatised for modernisation. He also stated that Railways should leverage its properties by allowing private parties to build luxury hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

This is nothing but privatising the Railways, which is the property of the people. Railways has the maximum land assets and is the largest employing government department. The NDA government wants this asset to be handed over to the private companies according to its motto ” Business is not the business of the government”.

Privatisation means higher charges. Privatisation of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad Airports have shown how much the airfare as well as the prices for the sales, including tea, meals etc. have increased in these airports. The train travellers will be fleeced by the private companies. Train Travel will become just like Air travel with regard to costs.

We strongly oppose the privatisation of the railways. It is anti-people and selling the family silver. The assets of the people are gifted to private companies to increase their profits. This should be stopped.