The sad truth has once again been confirmed. In the secular democratic republic of India, untouchability is still being practiced by about 25% of the population. it means that about 30 crores of people are still accepting this worst practice against humanity. This is based on the joint report of the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) and Mary Land University of USA.

The situation varies from states to states. The untouchability is being practiced maximum   in the Hindi belt. Madhya Pradesh tops the states with 53%, followed by Himachal Pradesh (50%), Chhattisgarh (48%), Rajasthan and Bihar (47%), U.P.(43%) and Utharakhand (40%).

While in India , the average is 25%, in Kerala it is only 2%. Kerala has the least number of people practicing untouchability. But even that is too much to be tolerated.

What the Modi government will do to improve the situation? Will it take any action at all to remove the same? Will the Party which follows the Manu guidelines on caste (Manusmriti) take any action at all ?

It is not the government alone, but the entire people should take this as a challenge and remove this black blot on the face of the Indian Republic.