31 January 1943 will not be forgotten by anyone who has gone through the history of II World War. It was on this day that Hitler had his first major defeat in the II WW and which changed history and saved the world from the scourge of nazism and Fascism.
The axis forces of Hitler of Germany, Emperor Hirohito of Japan and Mussolini of Italy were advancing everywhere against the allied forces of US, Britain and USSR. The start of the IIWW saw Hitler attacking the nearby countries, the Britain and France etc. But the main enemy of the axis forces was the socialist country USSR. The German Army with lakhs of military and air force attacked USSR and captured a large portion of the country. The Red Army and the people fought with all their might.It was in Stalingrad that the most fiercest battle was fought. Major portion of Stalingrad was taken by the German Army.
Losing Stalingrad would have been a crucial victory for Germans and certain defeat for the young socialist country. The German military was far superior in numbers, equipment, armour and firing power. More than 2 lakh military and Air force personnel were employed by Hitler. Reinforcement was coming from the back lines. Though in lesser numbers and less armour The Red Army was committed and determined to fight to the last man, the last drop of blood to defend their beloved country. The people also was determined to defend their Soviet Country. Inch by inch, street by street they fought with the enemy and pushed them back. The defence of Stalingrad continued for months. At last the German army was surrounded. In these few months alone more than 2 lakh soldiers from both sides were killed in action. At last on 31st January, the German Army at Stalingrad had no other course, but to surrender.
It was the turning point in the II World War. The Red Army recaptured the soviet land, which has been captured and ravaged by the German Army and pushed them back to Germany and at last to Berlin, the capital of Germany. On 2n May 1945, the Red Army captured Berlin and hoisted the Red Flag there. The world was saved from the Nazi terror.
We can not imagine, what if the Nazi army was not defeated at Stalingrad! On this day, 71 years after the historic Defence of Stalingrad, my Red Salutes to the lakhs of Red Army and ordinary people who through their ultimate sacrifice have saved the world.