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It is reported that the Government is proposing to form a separate company for its tower business. BSNL has at present 61,622 towers scattered all over the country, which is the second largest. More towers are expected to be installed. The move is intended to probably to give it on rent/sharing and get some revenue.
This move will clearly reduce the revenue of the company. Another matter is about the employees. Many employees in BSNL will be required to be transferred to the new company. Most of them will be DOT employees already once transferred/absorbed in BSNL and whose service conditions etc. are changed once. Another transfer will create further trouble.
Further no discussion has taken place with the recognised unions or the Forum of the BSNL Unions/Associations in this matter. The move to form a tower company bifurcating will be suicidal for BSNL and its employees.
This proposal has to be opposed and defeated.