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It is reported that BSNL is proposing to monetise its land assets in Mumbai and Delhi and other parts of the country to make up for the loss of last four years and for development and expansion. Immediately the proposal is with regard to the 37 acres in Borivali, 6.63 acres in Santa Cruz, 25.5 acres in Deonar (all in Mumbai) and 1.48 acres in Sector -33, Noida and 0.84 acres in Sector-18 Noida (all in Delhi). BSNL projects to use these for housing and commercial purposes.
According to the reports, the assets of the BSNL land all over India comes to about Rs. 13,500 crores. (This can not in any way be correct. BSNL has land all over India, in all places in the centre of the towns/cities. The land value will be more than 10 times more than this at the least).
The question is how these lands will be used? Whether lease it or sell it? Or whether develop by BSNL and rent it?
We are of the strong opinion that these issues should be discussed with the recognised unions/Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations, before embarking on the project. The pros and cons of the entire project is to be decided and if it is to be implemented, it has also to be ensured that it has to be done in a very transparent way to avoid corrupt practices.