AAP after forming the government in Delhi is moving fast. Within days it has issued orders of free supply of water, reduction of charges for electricity and paying Rs. one crore to a police constable died while discharging his duty. All these are part of implementation of the Election Manifesto. The Ministers have not occupied palacious govt. bunglows like Ministers of congress and BJP. They are available to the people to meet.
But whether the Congress and BJP allow such pro-people decisions to be taken uninterruptedly? The reason – it will show the previous governments in poor light. Whether Congress will allow CWG scam to be enquired, in which the earlier govt.is directly involved. At any stage, the Congress can withdraw support. The BJP will be continuously opposing the AAP government.
Hence the AAP’s moving fast on decisions is the best policy. There need not be any compromise for continuing in power. How much welfare measures the government implement, more people will be in support. Continue with your programmes which will benefit the common people.