Issues for Presentation by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations in the meeting with the CMD BSNL on 30th November 2013

(1) Procurement of equipment like Broadband Modem, Cables, Mobile lines etc.
While BSNL C.O. intimates that equipment like Modem, Cables, Mobile lines, Jointing kits, drop wires etc. are purchased and available, the heads of SSAs are stating that the same are not available with them. This contradictory position is untenable. Adequate equipment should reach field level to provide connections and maintain them effectively.

(2) Providing new landline connections.
The reports from field level indicate that although people apply for new landline and Broad band connections, they are discouraged by field level management stating that it is not feasible to provide the same due to lack of cable lines in that area. In some SSAs, the registration for new connection is made, but one or two months afterwards, the waiting list is wiped out stating that there is no feasibility.

This position is completely unacceptable. The responsibility of BSNL is to register and provide new connections and maintain them effectively. Whatever has to be done in this matter has got to be done.

(3) Providing new connections in new colonies/flats
In all the towns/cities, new colonies are coming with hundreds of houses/flats. They require telephone connections, landline/mobiles. The private telecom companies are maximum utilizing this opportunity by laying cables to these colonies/flats and immediately providing connections. BSNL is far behind in this respect.

BSNL should aggressively take up this issue, which will help in increasing connections and revenue in a big way.

(4) Fresh Recruitment of Staff.
While more than one lakh thirty thousand non-executives had retired since formation of BSNL, the recruitment, except in the cadre of TTA, has been almost nil. This has adversely affected the maintenance of the telephones and efficiency. Fresh blood is required in any organization to grow. The average age of the non-executives has already reached more than 50 years and one can not expect maximum efficiency, though they are well experienced.

Fresh recruitment in the non-executive cadres has to be taken on a fast-track basis.

(5) Discontinue Telephone Advisory Committees (TAC)
In the present circumstances when the telecom services are not monopoly of the government and many competitors are in the field, there is no necessity for the Telephone Advisory Committees, unnecessarily spending a lot of money. BSNL Management should take up the matter with government to get the TACs discontinued.

(6) Maintenance of Batteries etc.
It is reported from many SSAs that the batteries which are very important for the maintenance of the exchanges and BTSs, are in bad condition resulting in break-downs. This need to be attended on a fast track basis.

(7) Circulation/ Propagation of BSNL Plans for Subscribers.
Except in very few circles and SSAs, the new plans and projects of the BSNL are not given publicity and the people are unaware of the same. Even in front of the Customer Service Centres in many places, such information are missing. This has got to be done in an aggressive way.

(8) Meeting the subscribers at his/her premises.
There is urgent need of majority of the officers /employees to be in the field, instead of sitting inside the offices. BSNL should not wait the people to come to it, but instead should reach to the people. Meeting the subscribers at his/her premises and getting feed back from them will go a long way in better customer relations and for solving the problems their problems satisfactorily.

(9) One Window System for dealing with customers.
Now the subscribers/customers are feeling difficulty in conveying their grievances and issues and in many places, they are asked to meet several officials/counters for the same. The subscriber feels harassed. In all the customer service centres and offices, One Window System should be arranged for the customers’ issues.

(10) Roll –out Plans for LTE / 4G.
At present, the 2G services are completely unsatisfactory as per reports received from the field. There is a lot to be improved. In addition, the LTE/3G/4G have to be rolled out in a big way.

(11) BBNL and Role of BSNL.
As per the reports in the media, BBNL is going to become a full fledged telecom company. It is not clear what will be the role of BSNL in BBNL in the new situation and what will be the impact on BSNL. BSNL should get the priority status in BBNL, instead of being a silent partner.

(12) Works Committee at SSA level.
BSNL Corporate Office has already directed regular holding of Works Committees at SSA level as demanded by the unions. Despite reminders from C.O. , many SSAs have not yet started the process.

The Works Committee meeting is intended to discuss about the developmental programme, increasing efficiency etc. The field level staff with their experience will be able to give good suggestions on the above issues. The management can explain the actual requirement from the staff. Such discussion followed by concrete action will be effective both on expansion, maintenance and better customer relations.

The Works Committee has to be extended to circle level also, where a higher form of discussion, considering the entire circle, can take place.

New Delhi V.A.N. Namboodiri
30.11.2013 Convener, Forum