Thousands of people joined in the sit-in protest to condemn snatching of democratic rights of the people in the state for over past two and a half year. At the call of Left Front, the protest held at the Rani Rasmani Road near Esplanade, Kolkata which started at 1 PM and continued till 5 PM. Biman Basu, Surjya Kanta Mishra and other Left Front leaders were present in the sit-in protest.

The Left Front had organized a public meeting at the same place to propagate its agenda of protest where Biman Basu, the Chairman of the Left Front committee, while presiding over the public meeting had condemned the state sponsored attack on Democratic rights.

The sit-in and the public meeting avowed the rejection to the state government’s policy of curbing democratic space in all possible way. The protest movement took score of the age of anarchy in the educational sector that has been observed by the ruling party and its agents from the day of coming in to being of the TMC government. The growing number and magnitude of attacks on women of this state has already put the question of social security of women at high alert. Yet the state government is observing uninterrupted inaction to address or settle those alarming issues. On the contrary their agents are sometime being vocal to make women themselves feel as guilty as if they are the one who are to behave themselves to stop this social degeneration. The leaders and activists present at this protest movement condemned the killing of the student leader Sudipto Gupto in police custody and rejected the state governments fabricated trials to misinterpret the murder as an accident. The distress tale of democracy in this state has more chapters as the people of this state are compelled to witness a spine-chilling reign of terror that has been unleashed by the ruling party and accordingly supported and supplemented by the state administration. Numerous events of false cases against left activists and leaders are being charged upon every now and then where from the day this government has took office, the people have witnessed 138 of left leaders, activists got murdered and no one was arrested or faced police probe. The Saradha scam had ruined many people of their hard-earned savings yet the state government has not filed a single case against the convict of this scam. Names of ruling party leaders and even the CM have always been attached with the fraud cheat-fund company Saradha, even when a ruling party Member of the Parliament is arrested by the police administration the names of other leaders and even the CM have come up once again. It is visibly impossible for any state controlled institution to observe neutral probe of this case, hence the demand of CBI probe on the Saradha scam case echoed at this protest again and again.

The leader of the Opposition of West Bengal Assembly Surjya Kanta Mishra and other Left Front leaders were present at the sit-in protest and they addressed in the public meeting and took score of all aspects of anti-democratic installations being observed in this state.