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The United Nations Organisation (UNO) came in to being on 24th October 1945, 68 years back. It was formed by the five major powers US, Britain, USSR, China and France with support of another 46 nations.
It was immediately after the II World War, that the UNO was formed. This war was the most fierce war so far, which took away the lives of crores of military and common people. In the end of the war, US dropped the Atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroying these two cities entirely with the people.
UNO was formed to maintain international peace and promote co-operation in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems.UNO have many subsidiary organisations.

During the last many years, especially after the collapse of the USSR, there is the opinion that UN is being unduly pressurised by the US for taking certain decisions which actually crate conflicts in the world. The UN was not able to stop the Afghan, Iraq, Libya wars by the US. However, UN is the only organisation, which can do something to save peace in the world at present. It should be strengthened and converted in to a strong organisation capable of maintaining world peace.