It was in October 1946 that the peasants and workers in Alappuzha area revolted against the dictatorial rule of Travancore Dewan Sir C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer and took to arms against the government’s forces. It is stated that more than 400 people were killed by the police. The first massacre took place in Punnapra on 24th October and the second at Vayalar on 27th October 1946. Some of the comrades who participated in the revolt are still alive like Comrades V.S.Achuthanandan, Chandranandan etc.
As usual every year, the anniversary of the revolt is observed with the participation of thousands of people this year also.

My Red Salute to the Martyrs who showed the path of revolt and resistance! Let their martyrship be our inspiration for the fight against imperialism and neo-liberalisation!