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The 11 Central trade Unions which called for the 48 hours strike focussing the 10 demands they have raised have written to the Prime Minister on 23rd May 2013 seeking his intervention for settling the issues raised by them.

The Group of Ministers (GoM) headed by Defence Minister A.K.Antony, met with the Central Trade Union leaders on 22nd May, in which the leaders focussed the main issues of the strike as also pointed out in the 45th Session of the Indian Labour Conference (ILC) in which the Prime Minister was also present.

In the letter to PM, the CTUs stated:

” On being urged by the Central Trade Unions for concrete response on some of the demands like Minimum Wages of not less than Rs. 10,000, universal social security cover to all workers, assured pension for the entire working population, same wage for same work as regular workers for the contract workers in the respective ministry/establishments, concrete programmes for implementation of labour laws etc. Chairman of the meeting conveyed on behalf of the Group of Ministers that some time is needed for internal discussion and hey will revert back to the trade unions shortly within a month’s time.

“We like to impress upon you that all Central Trade Unions  in the country have been jointly pressing for these demands in the last three years or so through numerous memorandums and various programmes observed jointly throughout the country.

“In the context of the step for bipartite discussion with the Central Trade Unions already initiated  by you, we urge upon your effective intervention so that these long pending just demands of the workers are sorted out through dialogue with the forum constituted by you within a month’s time as urged upon by the concerned GoM, in the interests of the working people and the nation.”

While the central government is very quick to resolve even the unjustified demands of the corporates by modifying the Tax rules, why it is taking so much time for settling the just demands of the working class raised by them and on which about 12crores workers have gone on strike for 48 hours?