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It has been reported in the press that the Defence Forces are having difficulty due to the non-roll-out of the OFC network, which has been entrusted to DOT, who in turn has allotted the project to BSNL. It was to have been completed by now, for compensating for the release of important spectrum by the Defence to DOT.

BSNL is reported to have floated tender for the OFC in 2010 which was cancelled. Another tender in 2012 was also cancelled. The result is that the network is not rolled out so far.

It is necessary to find out why this important work is not done and who is responsible. The report puts the blame on BSNL. But what is the reason is to be found out. Further the BSNL Management should take immediate action for finalising the same, since it is concerned with Defence.

Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has written to CMD BSNL with copy to Secretary DOT in the matter.