It was on the 31st of July 1959, that the President of India, on the advice of the Prime Minister dismissed the democratically elected EMS Government even before completing half of its tenure. It was a shock to the ruling Congress that in Kerala the Communist Party got majority in the 1957 elections. It could not tolerate this defeat and made all efforts at horse trade of MLAs and other methods to cause fall of the government. It completely failed in even getting a single MLA from the ruling party or the independents supporting it.

The Communist Government with Com. E.M.S.Namboodiripad as the Chief Minister enacted much very important progressive legislations in the fields of Land Reforms, Education etc. which changed the entire situation in the state in favour of the common people and the toiling masses. The rich and the vested interests were desperate. The communal forces could not digest these progressive reforms. A ‘Vimochana Samaram’ was organised by all these disgruntled elements with the support of CIA and its funds to topple the Ministry, but again it failed. US Ambassador at that time confirmed later about the money given to the anti-government movement.

It is in this context that the Central Government directly intervened and dismissed the government misusing Article 356 of the Constitution. The Congress government later utilised this authority of to dismiss many other state governments opposed to it. The dismissal of the Kerala government was nothing but a murder of democracy.

53 years are over after that, but the shame and guilt of the same still hangs on the Congress. Kerala can never forget or forgive this assault on democracy.