Yesterday, I got a chance to attend a meeting of the All India BSNL-DOT Pensioners Association at Kolkata. It was a meeting of the leading comrades of AIBDPA in Kolkata which was urgently called to have interaction in connection with my visit. Com. Ananta Kr. Bhattacharjee, All India President, presided and Com. Supriyo Mitra, Circle Secretary, AIBDPA welcomed all. When I spoke, I narrated the struggles organised by the AIBDPA separately and also jointly with NCCPA, BCPC as also BSNLEU. During a short period, we could achieve the Pension Revision to pre-2007 retirees, Allotment of quarters to retirees, Braod Band connections on concession basis  and some other issues. At the same time, there are other major demands which have to be settled. The growth of the organisation through  out the country was narrated. There was active discussion. It was clear that the pensioners in Kolkata are completely well organised and strongly behind AIBDPA.

My hearty congratulations to the AIBDPA Kolkata Telephone Circle.