I am herewith reproducing a news received from the Circle Secretary Kolkata Telephones with regard to the inauguration of Union Building:

In accordance with the decision of the Circle Union new building inaugural ceremony held on 29th July 2012. In a very big gathering of more than five hundred workers All India President of BSNL Employees Union Com. VAN Namboodiri hoisted the union flag.  After garlanding the Martyrs column and  observing  silence to pay due homage to the Martyrs, Union office inauguration ceremony started. Com. Biswanath Chatterjee as proposed inaugurated the new union office. Circle Secretary delivered a welcome speech. Com. P Abhimanyu, General Secretary BSNLEU  could not attend the function due to some urgent union work at New Delhi. Circle Secretary, Saibal Sengupta  read out the greeting message sent by the GS.  Com. Sisir Bhattacharya, the senior most leader initiated the ceremony by his valuable speech. Com. Shib Sankar Roy, JT. Convenor 12th July Committee delivered his speech.   Com. VAN Namboodiri, All India President BSNL Employees Union, the Chief Speaker addressed the mass. He appreciated the organisers and workers for their disciplined act and adept performance which brought this success. He also expressed that the Calcutta Telephones Circle with its past glory of fight from Olympia House would be able to upkeep the tradition of undaunted struggle from this new union office.  Alok Nandi, Deputy GS FNTO. Dilip Saha, State Secretary SNEA,  Subhasis Mitra , Asst. Secretary AIBSNLEA, Amit Gupta, leader AIBSNLEA,  D K Sahoo, Circle Secretary, AIGETOA, Timir Bhattacharjee, Circle Secretary, AIBSNLOA, Shyamal Ghosh, cIrcle Secretary, NFTE BSNL. Assistant Circle Secretary from SNATTA addressed the house.  Alok Nandi announced that he will donate Rs. 5000/- Shyamal Ghosh said that he will donate Rs. 1000/- and Amit Gupta declared that he will donate a wall clock to our union. Howrah District Secretary, Com. Prabir Dutta handed over Rs. One lakh twenty four thousand plus to the Circle Treasurer Com. Tushar Mukherjee. Many a comrades donated to union building fund. Com Animesh Mitra, GS BSNL Co ordination Committee, Com. Pijush Roy, GS CG Co ordination Committe, Com. Manab Sensharma, GS CG Pensioners Co ordination Committee, Com. Tapash Ghosh, Secretary General BSNLCCWF, Originator Com. Supriya Mitra, Ice breaker Com. Biswanath Chatterjee, Com. Ananta Kr. Bhattacharjee, All India President, AIBDPA, Com. Adhir Kr. Sen, Vice President, BSNLEU CHQ  and Shri Tamonesh Chandra on behalf of the landlord made their deliberations. Decoration, Sub Committee comrades  Manisha Biswas, Asit Bose, Samar Sarkar, Reception Sub Committee Comrades Ash Md Khan, Subrata Majumder,Bhajan Sarkar, Transport Sub Committee comrades Jayanta Ghosh, Ashoke Sengupta worked effectively. A very good delicious dish was served under the Leadership of Comrades Paritosh Dutta, Swapan Biswas and Nipen Sikdar with  suitable support from Bidhan Nagar District Comrades who cooked food and made all arrangements for lunch.Com. Subhasish Roy, Convenor of all functionaries supervised every affairs.  Many a organiser and members including non regular and retired workers put their support for successful conduct of the inaugural function. The entire programme was presided over by our respected  Circle President Com. Aghor Sikdar.

Congratulations to Kolkata Telephones Circle union and its workers!