Every month about thousand workers are retiring from the BSNL on superannuation. Many of the senior comrades of the union are also among them.

On this day, 31st July 2012, I have the information  about two such senior leaders of the BSNLEU who have retired.

One is Com. P.Asokababu, Dy. General Secretary of BSNLEU and who was an office-bearer of the All India Telecom Employees Union, then AITEU (N) and BSNLEU during the period from 1994. He is a wholly committed comrade who have made big contributions to the union and have been fully at CHQ for the last two years and have contributed much to the wage revision, promotion policy etc. ( Please visit BSNLEU website for details). He retired from Vijayawada.

The second is Com. Chaniara, senior leader of BSNLEU in Gujarat. A very committed leader who was always in the forefront of the movement, his contribution is well appreciated by all. He had worked in many posts including Circle Vice-President.

I convey my Best Wishes to both of them for a continued service to the working class and toiling masses. I also wish them a fully active healthy life!

My Best Wishes to all those retired today from BSNL all over the country! I thank them all for the excellent work done for the BSNL and the union!