Large scale protest actions of the working class are taking place throughout France. These struggles are being organised against the attack launched on pension that French workers are getting. According to the decision of the French government, workers must work for 43 years to earn full pension, or wait until they become 67 years old. Such measures are being taken by the French government in the name of saving France from the economic crisis. At the same time, the government is not imposing any burden on the rich and the corporates. The French working class is demanding to impose higher taxes on the rich and on the corporates. As per the call of the French Trade Unions, powerful rallies were organised on 23.03.2023. This is the 9thround of agitation called on by the Trade Unions. More than 10 lakh people participated in the rallies throughout France. The agitation of the French working class has become so intensive that, the visit of British King Charles has to be postponed. We, the Indian working class have to learn a lot of lessons on how the French working class is fighting for their rights.

(Courtesy: BSNLEU Website)