Number of Central Govt Pensioners as in August 2022
1. Defence 36,03,609
2. Railway – 14,82,223
3. Civil – 11,28,441
4. Telecom – 4,32,968
5. Postal – 3,28,999
Total 69,76,240
( As per Parliament Reply given on 03.08.2022).
The disturbing fact is that the number of central employees at present are less than 40,00,000, much less than that of pensioners.This is due to the undeclared ban on recruitment, unjustified reduction of posts, VRS/CRS etc. Now Agni Path programme in Defence will further reduce the number of defence forces. These anti-people programmes are being implemented while crores of educated youngsters are wandering seeking jobs.
It is a welcome fact, while the number of govt jobs and fresh recruitment in Centre and most states are being reduced, the number of new jobs and recruitment are increasing in LDF ruled Kerala State.